It’s interesting how the crazies in our culture, the fringe people who take up weapons and break laws, so often get elevated to folk hero status. We saw that with Kyle Rittenhouse and now it looks like Ashli Babbitt is the next in line. This metamorphosis is made possible by enablers within the ranks of GOP lawmakers, and Paul Gosar did the honors today in Congress for Babbitt, while questioning Christopher Wray of all people.

You can hear the surprise in Wray’s voice as he tries to reason with Gosar, telling him that the matter has already been examined by the internal affairs division of the Capitol police. This has nothing to do with the FBI but Gosar won’t have it. He’s got to have his soundbite material for right-wing media, that’s all that this display is.

And the “lying in wait” part would be almost comical if Gosar wasn’t describing literally the worst day in our nation’s history. Video exists of many rioters smashing glass and entering the doors and windows of the Capitol. Babbitt was one of them.

If Gosar is looking for Babbitt’s “executioner” I suggest trying a New Jersey retiree named Donald Trump.

The crowd was given repeated orders to back down. Maybe Babbitt didn’t hear them or maybe she didn’t care, because she was too busy living her QAnon fantasy, but in all events, a cop warning someone to back down does not equate to lying in wait.

And of course the obvious madness of this is that if Gosar wants this level of detail, by all means, Congressman, persuade your fellow Senate Republicans that a January 6 Commission is just what is needed.

And Gosar knows it. He must want the QAnon vote badly to be doing this. This is 180 proof bat guano on stilts and steroids.


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  1. Isn’t the white privledge response to such an incident, “Well, if she had obeyed police instructions and not broken the law then none of this would have happened.”???

    Wray should have told the Gosar asshat that he had the opportunity to vote for a complete and thorough investigation of this and other incidents related the the seditious acts of 1-6-21, but considered the incident of little to no importance so he declined to do so……and bud, that one’s on you. *pointing at gosar*…..Next…..

    • Wray is also trying to keep his own rear (and the FBI’s collective rear) covered, because they should have known about this stuff from the information they already were (supposedly) collecting. They had informants in at least one of the militia groups: were they telling the feds anything but lies? If they weren’t informing, then WTF were they doing?

  2. It’s clear Frump had everyone stand down except his troops trying to execute a coup. Everyday more bodies float to the surface.

  3. The failure to heed information that was coming in days, maybe weeks before is why we need a commission to study the insurrection, and how they can be better prepared in the future. Jan 6 may be the first but it won’t be the last.

  4. She knew very well that what she was doing was very wrong. She deserved what she got. However, I feel sorry for her family.


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