Nothing like threats of violence coming from the pulpit, from a man who claims to be proselytizing the same religion as the Prince of Peace. “Pastor” Jackson Lahmeyer has done exactly that. Seems the good Christian has taken umbrage to a rumor of a “national lockdown,” first we’ve heard of it, which he describes as a time period where people would be forced to wear masks and presumably stay home unless absolutely necessary. Lahmeyer isn’t having any of that COVID-19 restriction nonsense. No Sir, you try to shut down his weekly sermon he will simply have a nightly sermon, until the last man, woman or child in his flock keels over dead, we assume.

What’s that you say? Isn’t “thou shalt not kill” one of the ten commandments? We guess that somebody rewrote the Republican bible. Maybe go ask Mike Pence?

Here’s what Republican Jesus used to teach. Ask Mike if this is current.

Lucifer was supposedly cast out from Heaven because he was telling the other angels that they could live free from the law of God. Lahmeyer is now telling his flock that they can live free from the CDC, which technically, yes they can. If they don’t want to get vaccinated they can live — or die — with the consequences. I guess that is an exercise of free will. A rather stupid one, but don’t let anybody force a life preserving cure on you when you can retain the choice of a painful death. No, you stand up for your rights like Lahmeyer is telling you to do.

Just what we need in the Senate, this guy and a hole in the head.

You thought David Koresh and his Branch Davidians were bonkers. Now you’ve got Lahmeyer and his Branch Covidians. Or Covidiots, more appropriately.

Let’s see where we are by the end of the year and if the Delta variant has wreaked havoc in the south. I don’t wish harm on these people but if they are so willfully stupid as to ignore a plague and refuse to get vaccinated, in the face of people who used to believe like them testifying from their death beds that they were wrong, then maybe this is evolutions’ way of thinning out the population. The smart shall inherit the earth because the idiots decided to commit suicide over “principles” associated with a fabric rectangle and a couple of injections. Fine. Maybe that’s how it will go down.

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  1. And the Lord spake unto the Son of Jack saying “Take thou thy holy AR120s and Ak47s and smite the unGodly who want to keep you alive. When they are vanquished, then thou and thy flock can quietly die in peace.”

  2. I have a weekly happy hour with my friends, and we’ve been discussing religion on the right a lot lately. None of us get it. There is just no way to truly embrace a fundamentalist evangelical value system and then also embrace Trumpism and the GOP agenda.

    They’re in literal direct opposition to one another, and not in an abstract way. The Bible is pretty clear – don’t follow someone who is greedy, selfish, dishonest, etc. Domt mock and demean people. Be kind and patient.

    What we’re trying to figure out (without success) is how people rectify these things in their heads. How can they watch a mob beat cops to death and think that’s Christlike? How can they see Trump’s blatant dishonesty and cruelty and think God is speaking through him?

    It’s a mystery I don’t think I’ll be able to solve. For me, it’s the downfall of American organized religion’s moral standing in the world.

    • Mystery is our collective origin, process, & destiny. I majored in Religion at UNC with a minor in anthropology. People usually don’t seek much beyond their comfort. In dealing with the Bible, & most other Religious texts, folks think way too simplistically all the way around. That includes idiots who appoint themselves as ‘prophets/experts/mouthpieces’, & those who outright dismiss the history because of these false teachers. The truth is always more nuanced, complex, & ultimately unknown concerning things that can’t be answered. Hell, everyone who has a belief system that includes ‘God, Allah, Yaweh’ says God not only is the origin but made everything. The speed of light is 186,000 mile per second. Powers our need for speed in our mediums. It will go around the earth 7x in one second. We now know it would take 26,000 years, at that speed to reach the center of our galaxy. Scientists estimate there are 350 BILLION galaxies. We are the speckiest of specks. Scholarship not only answers questions but exposes truth & facts. Mystery remains. It always will. These ‘experts’, including you, including me, don’t even know where we are, much less the nature & mind of ‘God’. Sounds like blasphemy to me.

  3. Their “right” to not wear masks and not be vaccinated ENDS where my right not to be infected with a deadly disease begins! Yes, I have been vaccinated, and will get a booster if it is recommended by my physician.
    Man invented religion in order to control his fellow man!

    • Lol! No, man invented government to control his fellow man as you so vividly illustrated with your comment of where MY rights end. You get your rights from the government, I’ll continue receiving mine from the Lord…

  4. They think the “image of god” means physical appearance. I say it’s the ability to imagine new things and then create them in reality – like vaccines against new diseases.
    They are so unimaginative and uncreative and *literal-minded*.

  5. I’m sure that comment won’t be posted because that’s just how the “left” operates; censor those who don’t follow the sheeple mentality.

    • Funny coming from someone who ignores reality in favor of the fat fascist nazi loving cheeto rapist & every word that falls out of his ASS. By the way snowflake it’s ur sore losing pussies that try to cancel & censor even your own Republicans who expose ur fearful leader’s lies. He lost. U lost. Get lost. Or u could try being a grownup. Nah. Not gonna happen.

    • Funny coming from someone who worships a pathological liar & believes conspiracy theories. Christian? No phucking way. Read Jesus’ description of people that follow liars. John 8:42-47. Bet u watch the propaganda station with pampered rich white supremacist tucker, heir to frozen shit sold as food, Swanson frozen dinner. Get a grip on ur way to he’ll. Bless ur little pinheaded soul.


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