We’re all familiar with the Peter Principle. I’m now wondering if something beyond the Peter Principle should be named with Nikki Haley in mind. I’m thinking of the Nikki Nostrum, which would be a phrase intended to be hard hitting and make an impression, whereas the only person it hits hard is the speaker and the only impression it makes is right in their own big mouth. Nostrum is a great word. It means: “a medicine, especially one that is not considered effective, prepared by an unqualified person, “a charlatan who sells nostrums” That is Haley to a tee, and it well describes everything that comes out of her mouth. Here is the Nikki Nostrum in question which is unimpressing and mis-influencing others right now. (If this is brand new information to you, Haley wants to pledge her 97 delegates to Trump. She has not been invited to the GOP convention but she’s bending the knee, as anticipated.)

Here’s the curve ball that Haley is trying to throw and which is going absolutely nowhere:

  1. She was to be the antithesis of Trump;
  2. She was a throwback to a former, saner version of the GOP, one which never would have nominated Trump;
  3. She was to be a return to a calmer, better time before Trump;
  4. What did she turn out to be? You guessed it. A Trump tool, nothing more, nothing less.

That’s why she’s getting the pushback that she is.

“Better her than Donald Trump,” replied Deborah Posey. “Donald Trump and MAGA has ruined the Republican party. Miss the old days before the party got hijacked.”

“I would vote for Nikki is she were running but Biden, Kamala or Anyone else is going to get my vote!” replied X user U.S. Citizens for Ukraine. “Trump is not the future he is a path to the end of America!”

“Respectfully,” added X user Blue Lion Politics, “[you] said the same thing about Trump.”

Reports of Haley’s announcement were met with equal enthusiasm.

“Ugh,” replied Jennie Pitney. Added Ross Carey, “She is just a complete fraud.”

That is the long and the short of it. The Republican convention starts next week. Donald Trump will announce a vice president. Conceivably it could still be Haley. Maybe that’s the last minute play she’s hoping for. I don’t think so. There is too much footage of her saying very negative things about Trump. And you can argue, so did Tim Scott and some of the others who ran for president but Haley’s barbs stood out more, ergo they’re going to be that much harder to hide.

So far as we know, at least what the press is reporting, it’s a three-way between Marco Rubio, Doug Burgum and J.D. Vance. If that’s the case, the dog murdering Kristi Noem will be crying in her beer and Elise Stefanik will have debased herself for nothing. But it could be one of them. Or, it could be Haley. Only one thing is certain in the Trump circus world and that is that nothing is certain. Once you adopt that unpredictable, anything goes kind of a philosophy, then you’ll understand how Trump does it. If Walt Nauta mentions Nikki Haley two minutes before Trump gets on stage, Haley’s name could be the one that comes out of his mouth.

And make no mistake: as much as Trump wants and needs a circus atmosphere, something unexpected like that could happen.

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  1. How about the ‘Nik-Hal’ Principle.
    It’ll slot right in and alert the reader, to the fact, in line with your “… one thing is certain in the Trump circus world … nothing is certain … [but] that unpredictable, anything goes kind of a philosophy … you’ll [then] understand how Trump does it …”

  2. ‘A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris.’

    Nope, I’m not seeing any downside here.

    Unlike voting for Trump.

  3. Trump.would prefer not to have a,Veep. Unless that Veep.is prepared to.dress,as a,Dallas Cowgirl, shake pompoms,,and dance while leading a loud cheering sentence. How do those guys look in cropped tops and booty shorts?. If the VeeP didn’t have to be eligible for Prez and thus a naturally born citizen, Fat Donnie Donuts would probably choose Melania.


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