What you’re about to see is a textbook example of denial. RNC co-chair and election denier, Michael Whatley, does not want to even entertain the possibility that the GOP nominee might not be there for his coronation in mid-July. But incredibly, it was a Newsmax host who pointed out to him that this might in fact be the case. Whatley just keeps insisting things will be the way he wants them to be. No wonder he’s an apostle of Donald Trump. That’s Trump’s Alice In Wonderland take as well, that everything will be the way he wants it to be and not necessarily the way that it is in real life.

And yes, if you sense an echo, you have heard this before.

Eerily enough, Whatley and Finnerty had a nearly identical conversation on Newsmax earlier this month. In the weeks that have followed, it’s still unnervingly unclear precisely what plans have been made if Trump’s sentencing on July 11 goes a certain way.

In other RNC news, the ACLU and a group called the Coalition to March on the RNC are suing the city of Milwaukee over ordinances that limit where protesters are allowed to gather. The city met with protesters in federal court on Monday, but no agreement was reached.

Milwaukee has sought to create a preliminary security zone stretching for blocks around the stadium, and the Secret Service are developing a smaller interior zone. “The security plan for the 2024 Republican National Convention, to include the security perimeter, is still in development,” said Secret Service Spokesperson Alexi Worley, per WISN. For all anyone knows, the Secret Service won’t need to be in attendance at all.

Here’s what the conversation last month sounded like. Hey, I got it: How about the RNC has the convention on Riker’s Island? Isn’t that the simplest solution of all? And the delegates could be housed in cells along with the nominee? I think it’s a tremendous idea. Evidently, Michael Whatley has kicked it about in his own mind as well.

The new abnormal, folks. A few years ago even this conversation would have been unthinkable, now we’re talking about Trump accepting the nomination from prison and hell, maybe even winning the election and governing from prison. That would be a great look for America, wouldn’t it? King Charles, Justin Trudeau, et al., could come and see Trump on visiting day and conduct diplomatic relations that way, with a telephone on each side of the glass.

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  1. Holding the convention at the prison is such a good idea – specially since on current trends, many of his supporters are going to end up joining him there later. Might as well give them a preview.

  2. Nah. Rikers authorities would never allow it.

    Prison officials already bemoan the fact that so many inmates leave the prison better able to commit more crimes (and with less chance of being caught again). Why would they want to expose the hardened criminals already in their walls to be exposed to the grifters and groomers and truly despicable criminals that call themselves “MAGA Republicans?”

  3. I vote they hold it from their headquarters…HELL! There are already millions of nazis placed there by the heroes of WW2. I think Trump will be disappointed to find out HELL already has a king.

    • “Hell Hath No Fury”, like an OLD-too-heavy man, awash in an over-full diaper, sloshing around, stomping his feet, in a hissy-fit, because someone stole his pacifier … Also, the warden won’t let him continue to take his usual daily dose of drugs … 🙂 🙂

      He will face SO MANY restrictions, like when to eat, like everyone else, WHAT choices for food he will have … POOOR OLD TRUMPTY, in new bright orange jumpers, will look good, in any more Court proceedings, “Oh look over there, that orange buffoon is sound asleep again !!”,.


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