Ignorance is bliss

Every time you think that the GOP can’t possibly get any more stupid, they keep diving deeper, and redefining the meaning of the word. And the idiots have the funny habit of being idiots just when it hurts the most. Like stepping on a rake immediately after having a vasectomy.

We’ll dispense with the more minor stupid first, and fairly quickly. Right now, pretty much everybody with 12 functioning brain cells is so goddamned sick and tired of 2020 they’re ready blow a gasket. A recent poll showed that even 63% of Trump’s base supporters, while they still wubs dem some Donald, isn’t sure he’s the man they really want at the top of the ticket next November. That’s a flashing red warning light for Traitor Tot if somebody else comes along in the primaries that catches their eye. But that’s for them to decide, I got no dog in that fight.

Now to the main event. As I type this, we’re all sitting around waiting for a Trump appointed, ideologically far right, strongly pro-life Texas district court judge to decide whether or not to pull the plug on the national sale and distribution of an abortion pill that has only been FDA approved for a lousy 22 years. Let’s be clear. This pill has fewer, and less dangerous side effects than Tylenol. I think we all have a pretty good idea of how the decision is going to go.

To their credit, the DOJ is ready to go immediately ready to appeal the decision, and ask for a temporary stay to block the ruling from going into effect until the appeal is heard. But if just the specter of this doesn’t have senior GOP leadership soiling its Depends, it damn well should. It’s Deja vu all over again.

Those who do not learn from history are stupid, and deserve another spanking. The Trump bastardized Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v Wade right in the run up to the 2022 midterms. But who cares? Certainly not the GOP, they were ecstatic! They had finally delivered on a 50 year campaign promise to the far right Evangelical base, and took for granted that the memories would fade by election day. Like a 17 year old with a bottle of Jack and the car keys, they street raced to pass the most restrictive abortion laws possible.

It turned into a debacle. Even deep red states passed pro abortion measures in 2022, and rather than memories fading, the Democrats made sure it was a white hot front burner issue for the election. In what should have been a wave year, the GOP actually lost a seat in the Senate, and won such a piddly majority in the House that it’s basically ungovernable, especially for a spineless wimp like Squeaker Cavein McCarthy. Even His Lowness was moved to state that the GOP blew their response to the abortion issue.

And here we go again. Follow the timeline. Whenever the decision comes down, the DOJ will immediately appeal the ruling, asking for a stay on it going into effect. Let’s just say March 3rd. Once that’s done, given the snails pace of the US Appellate court system, it will be at least September before the case is heard, with a ruling not likely much before October. And whichever side loses will automatically appeal it to the United States Supreme Court.

Which be necessity means a spot on the spring docket, which begins in February. Regardless of the hearing date, a decision from the court is unlikely to be made public much before the end of May, or more likely early June. God knows the SCOTUS loves to milk the suspense. Which is six freakin’ months before the 2024 election.

The GOP thought that the reaction to overturning Roe v Wade was bad? B-b-b-baby you just ain’t seen n-n-n-nuttin’ yet! From the date that the arguments are made in court, the Democrats are going to be like a pack of hyenas. They’re going to fundraise off of it, motivate voters with it, motivate the grassroots to beat the bushes with it, and ho9ld the GOP’s feet to the fire with it every chance they get. Even the 18-24 voters, normally motivated by gun control and global warming are going to show up to protect their freedom of choice.

This is what happens when you not only let the inmates run the asylum, you give them weekend passes off campus. For 50 years the GOP used abortion as a motivational tool for the far right Evangelical base, always feeling secure that they’d never have to deliver because of the courts constitution. But then the Pudgy Poltroon turned the tables, and now the inmates are filing their own cases in court, outside the control of the GOP, no matter how damaging the results may be for the party.

And if this national tragedy goes down the way I think it will, The Democrats won’t lose seats in the Senate, they’ll gain them, as well as gaining a durable majority in the House. And Biden will have no choice. His mandate will be crystal clear. Codify abortion into law. And the natural byproduct of that will be to reform the Supreme Court, to keep this insane bullshit from taking place over and over again. Every civilization carries the seeds of its own destruction. The same thing goes for political parties. And the issue of abortion will be that seed for the Republican party.

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  1. If there’s a benevolent force in the universe, may it play out just as you described. In Greek tragedy, every hero has a tragic flaw. We all know the Guns Over People party has no heros, but tragic flaws abound. Hopefully one will be their undoing.

  2. I think it is more like CTE, not a,rake in the dangly bits. If we could actually see her brain, I’d bet it has more holes than Swiss cheese.


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