Full Disclosure. I have no idea what Spotify is. And since it apparently has something to do with social media, I’ll never find out either. Also, up until a couple of days ago, I had never heard of Joe Rogan either. Turns out he’s just another bottom feeding misinformation scumbag like Alex Jones. Live and learn I guess.

The reason I now actually know this shit is because, a couple of days ago I saw a report that said that Hall of Fame rocker Neil Young, formerly of Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young was pulling all of his content from Spotify. And the reason was that, as someone with 12 functioning brain cells, he chose not to share a platform with a lying piece of shit like Rogan.

Ouch! That had to hurt. And of course Rogan immediately copped a mope and went off on his high horse about censorship. He needn’t have bothered. The next day Spotify came out with a statement wishing Young well, and would hold his place for him, hoping for his early return. Their decision was to stick with Rogan because He brought in more revenue. Multi generational rock icon vs scum sucking liar. If you ever look up Spotify in the dictionary, don’t expect to see the word integrity anywhere in the definition.

Sometimes I feel like a total schmuck for even having to retell this lame shit, but I’m doing it for a reason. Rogan, a virulent anti vaxxer, among his other non existent qualities, had to take a victory lap. He told his drooling, brain dead audience about a man who had been on the waiting list for years for a desperately needed heart transplant. A possible match was found, but the hospital refused to proceed with the surgery when they found out he was unvaccinated for Covid-19. Rogan viciously slammed the hospital and doctors for playing games with a man’s life just to indulge in some vaccine shaming.

What. A. Total. ASSHOLE! I just happen to know a little bit about this particular subject. The daughter of one of Teri’s best work friends desperately needed a liver transplant. To be clear, this was pre Covid. But just like the other dude, she spent years sweating out the waiting list for a possible transplant match. And one day, They found one!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I literally spent hours listening to Teri tell me the saga of getting Sam ready for the surgery. And I swear to God, NASA astronauts don’t go through the rigorous processes she did for a trip to Mars. She didn’t have to be vaccinated for the yet unknown Covid, but she did have to be vaccinated for the flu, Hepatitis-C, and pretty much every other thing you could think of. The reason being that, after the transplant, she was going to be getting medication that purposely depressed her immune system, trying to keep her body from attempting to reject the liver. After the transplant, the poor woman spent almost as much time in the UCLA Medical Center for complications as she spent at home.

And so, I guess what I really want to say is Fuck You Joe Rogan! Sideways. With a sandpaper Trojan. The former Vice President of the United States, then the second most powerful man in the world, Dick Cheney, is still on the waiting list for a heart transplant. He’s making due with an artificial heart. These transplants are incredibly rare, literally a gift from God, and it is up to the doctors and hospitals to ensure that that gift isn’t wasted! And while I don’t expect an opportunistic, craven, selfish cromagnon knuckle dragger like you to understand that, I will admit that I wouldn’t mind at all if your vocal cords suddenly dried up and fell apart. Try the waiting list for that one.


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  1. Spotify is not really a social media platform, it is mostly a music/podcasts platform. My kids have it to listen to music and podcasts. The gen z’s are the ones paying for this, they are pretty good about boycotting things like this.

    • What ever happened to having your own copy of the music and playing it on your own device? Whether that is a wax cylinder, a 78 rpm disk, vinyl LP, cassette tape, CD or MP3 files on an MP3 player, once you buy a copy of the song, you can listen all you want without further cost. Besides, most of the channels on music streaming seem to be programmed by monkeys! I do NOT want to hear country music on the Rock channel or vice versa!!


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