America was appalled by Nazism, as was the rest of the world eighty years ago. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks to that darkness and how it affected his family and him as a young boy growing up in Austria. As with all things, there’s nothing like listening to somebody who has been there. He compares his native country’s experience with what happening in the Capitol this week.

7:00 minutes long, worth every second

This insurrection on American soil would be horrific in any event. The fact that it was instigated by a sitting American *president* is beyond words. Donald Trump has s*it on this country just like his supporters literally did on the Capitol floors.


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  1. A nice connection to post Nazi Germany/Austria from someone who clearly can draw the connection to today’s anarchic insurrectionists and their little putsch.

  2. I watched it yesterday. It isn’t easy to talk about these events, the aftermath of the horrific times back then.
    I grew up in West Berlin and it happened there, too. It happened to my family and many others. It wasn’t spoken about, it was everyone‘s personal shame.
    There was no help, no treatment. I was told I am just a nervous child with a nervous heart. So we lived with the traumatic events all on our own without understanding why. That understanding came much much later for me.
    So yes, what happened and is still happening to the Capital and America is spine—chillingly scary. I feel for you. The whole world feels for you , praying for strong sensible leadership and resolve by all to put a stop to those who only seek to destroy.

    • My parents left Germany in 1934. For many years I have been reading to understand what it was that they left. I just said this to my Congressman, Andy Biggs, recommending Victor Klemper’s diary “I Will Bear Witness” and Arnold’s video to him. I told him it is time for him to support removing Trump or to resign, himself. I’m not expecting a positive response.

  3. Years ago when I was fairly active on FaceBook seeing the enthusiasm for Trump I posted the beer garden scene from Cabaret (the one where the boy who winds up being revealed as a brown-shirt Hilter Youth sings Tomorrow Belongs To Me) on my feed. My sister has never been more angry with me and her words led to a bitter clash, which has I think never fully healed. But the parallels between the time frame when that sentiment, the lies of Hitler amplified by his allies in and out of government led to a World War and so many atrocities and what was (and still is) taking place in this country aren’t merely eerie, we have seen them acted out. And a huge exclamation point on how firmly the lies have taken root and the danger we are in was on full display last Wednesday. And make no mistake, it is ongoing. Worse, while he might have had his voice diminished by social media even if the platforms erase everything he’s put out there Trump’s supporters have downloaded it. As they say, the internet is forever. As I write this there are scores of politicians seeking to grab Trump’s mantle and harness the energy of those people he’s seduced. They think they can surf that wave, and worse, control it. You had to look and listen closely as the main characters are leaving the singing throng in the beer garden as Michael York’s character asks their rich, comfortable in society German host who has discounted the rise of Nazism in the country at the time “Still think you can control them?” I think that the next time the House and Senate gather the leadership should have all the doors secured by the Capitol Police, and that scene followed by footage of the seditious insurrection last Wednesday (maybe ten minutes of THAT footage should be shown first) and then ask that last question, specifically to everyone who supported the lies about the election: “Still think you can control them?” And ad, “If you still are willing to justify supporting Donald Trump, you have and continue to violate your Oath of Office and have no place in this body!”

    • He made some allusions to this in an interview with the magazine George in the late 1990s. But this is much deeper than that was. Having lived my own version of his tale, I’ve a newfound respect for the man.

  4. Watched it first thing Sunday morning. Was so damn impressed, I immediately passed it on to my mom. Felt like he was saying “Yeah, this was bad. I know from brutal experience how bad it could have gotten. But we made it and we’re gonna keep on making it.” Plus, the Conan sword made an appearance!

  5. I couldn’t agree more, that it is more than worth our time to watch this video. He does a wonderful job of outlining what patriotism really is and what our country really is.

  6. Just to show how weird life is, I had the priviledge of sharing a piece of his wedding cake. In 86-87, I was working in Hyannis in a traumatic brain injury recovery program. A wonderful guy, who helped John Kennedy with his physical health, was working with us. He was invited to the wedding, which was across the street. He was given a huge piece to bring over to the program. John Eiler (cant remember the spelling). Canadian. Life is full of the unexpected. Light & dark. Those who’ve lived through the darkest hours should be listened to.

  7. He alluded to Kristallnacht in connection with the January 6 insurrection. But frankly, I think our Kristalltag is yet to come – maybe this weekend at the State capitals, or maybe next week in DC. I pray for better securoty.


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