I just read an article that blew my mind.  The GOP has lost track of more “whistleblowers”/witnesses!  Say What?

Let’s backtrack to last week.  James Comer’s House Oversight Committee dropped their big report that was going to show everyone the entire Biden family was a massive criminal enterprise.  It turned out to be an object lesson that conservatives are unable or unwilling (or a combination of both) to learn from past mistakes.  Like say all those election lawsuits where all kinds of allegations were made but when it came time to enter them into the formal record (like in court, or in sworn testimony where lying comes with perjury charges) suddenly the evidence goes “poof.”

Even conservatives panned the Oversight Committee report.  It forgot to bring the proof.  People noticed.  But again, proving the GOP has learned nothing Comer dug into the GOP bag of tricks, the in which the likes of Mike Lindell, Rudy G., Sydney Powell, some “Kracken” and even sometimes Trump himself inhabits and trotted out the ole “very important, rock-solid and irrefutable evidence will be presented by a totally credible person(s) “soon.”  (A couple of weeks?  After Trump’s Infrastructure Week? etc.) In this case a Whistleblower!  Yep, the GOP’s big gun this “whistleblower” they’ve been talking up for I don’t know how many months would be revealing ALL.

The thing is, while the GOP made all these claims about what this whistleblower was saying NONE of the info. was shared with Democrats on the Committee.  In a public hearing Comer got “De-Pantsed” when pressed on the matter.  He confirmed nothing had been shared with Democrats.  But what was really stunning was that he couldn’t even confirm any notes were taken in interviews with this whistleblower, much less any transcripts of interviews (and documentary evidence) that could be handed over.  But wait, there’s more!  What we’ve only just learned is that their whistleblower is relying on information from his/her own informant!  Someone who it seems even they (Oversight Committee Republicans) don’t know anything about.

So Comer withheld the “good stuff”, the whistleblower’s “evidence” from the report, and guess what?  He had to admit he and his KKKonies lost track of their star witness.  Now, things do get a bit hazy given today’s reporting.  At this point I think there’s a bit of uncertainty as to whether it’s the supposed whistleblower or that whistleblower’s informant that’s in the wind.  The wild part is that Comer offered up a little word salad about not being sure whether they were missing, in court or in JAIL!  If this wasn’t such a serious matter I’d be laughing my a$$ off.  But Comer pretty much said that without that informant his “bigly” whistleblower isn’t worth warm spit.

Comer wanted to use the Sunday morning news show(s) to talk about his whistleblower, which I guess he thought was a great idea that would allow him to dominate the news for a day.  If that was in fact his strategy, make the report the warm-up act and then bring on the main show it blew up in his face.  Instead of “revealing all” Comer had to admit he had lost his witness.  During the course of about the friendliest interviewer on Fox he could have had, his host Maria Bartoromo could hide her “WHAT?  Are you freaking kidding me?” reaction.

Ok.  So things turned bad.  Journalists and regular folks like you and me have had a field day mocking Comer for losing track of his very, very important witness.  Turns out that literally ain’t the half of it.  Today, we have Congressional Gadfly Critter Marjorie Taylor Greene telling us there are a bunch more missing witnesses!   This just keeps getting better and better, or worse and worse depending on one’s point of view.

Now, to be fair the TOTALLY credible, TOTALLY honest and reliable MTG assures us Comer’s witness, the one he admitted was MIA was in fact completely, totally safe and sound “thanks to Senator Grassley.”  (I’ll let you come up with your own snark on that point) The thing is she says, there are other witnesses that are missing!  Multiple as in “several.”  As in “up to eight or nine!”  Should we be starting a pool on when she begins claiming they got zapped to ashes by “Jewish Space Lasers?

I think there’s a simpler explanation.  Some of these “witnesses” Comer and his KKKrew have been counting on sat down with a lawyer(s) to prepare to give their “testimony/evidence.”  And that said lawyers advised them it was kinda shaky.  Or worse.  And THEN gave them an explanation of what perjury is, and what the penalty for committing it is.  And, like the lawyers who made all the wild election fraud claims on the courthouse steps but once court was gaveled in and the judge was looking down at them caused them to go Elmer Fudd (vewry, vewry careful!) these witnesses had second thoughts.  Or perhaps shall I say more “colorful” reactions and have decided risking a federal conviction for perjury, or even the expense of a trial isn’t worth it.

Maybe, just maybe some of them have paid attention to the J6 Hearings, and subsequent events and how things are going for those who have used and stayed with Trump/GOP handpicked lawyers and those who wised up and got someone independent who only had THEIR interests at heart.

Call me crazy but I think that might be what’s going on here.  And is going to keep happening in these GOP crusades.

For the moment, Comer and other conservatives are probably collectively singing a few bars from an old (like my generation) rock song I can’t fully remember except for:  “Can I get a witness… Can I get a witness…”

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  1. Comer claims his “whistleblower knows where the “informant” is. To me, this says that the “whistleblower” invented the whole thing.

    • That’s where as I noted it gets fuzzy. Or weird. Or somewhere between here and the 4th dimension. If you drill down the (supposed) whistleblower has relied on their own informant! And, without that (supposed) informant the whistleblower is stuck. Or, getting into pun territory twisting in the wind. I’m pretty sure the whistleblower’s informant is off the radar. Vanished like a fart in a whirlwind. Again that’s assuming the informant existed in the first place. Also, keep in mind that Republicans on the Committee haven’t turned over a scrap of info. on their actual (supposed) whistleblower. I find it incredible that in open hearing they couldn’t confirm any notes were taken when interviewing this person, much less that there was a transcript of their interview(s)/testimony available. WTF?

      That my friend is why I have even since found the entire “Ha Ha – we’ve got a whistleblower who’s going to sink Biden” thingy suspect. Not that I ever thought there was any “there” there to begin with.

      The more I consider all this the more it resembled all the 2020 election lawsuit crap. Or what Kari Lake continues to do in AZ, where even her fellow Republicans wish (many on the record) she’d just STFU and disappear herself. Add to all that it seems we hadn’t heard the last of Mike Lindell and his “THIS time we really, really REALLY have irrefutable, ironclad proof” nonsense.

      Meanwhile we’ve got Gym Jordan’s special committee on “Weaponization” (well, he’s right in that REPUGLICANS have and continue to weaponize the govt. against those who oppose them) that has also flopped. About the only good thing about both committees is that their hearings have pretty much only been watched by people who had to watch. Other politico’s staffers, journalists and talking heads and those who are tasked with writing about them on political websites like this one. Except for an event like last Wed. few pay any attention at all and within a day it’s forgotten. This time Comer managed to keep it in the news after all – only NOT in the way he’d intended!

  2. “Some Kind of Wonderful” Grand Funk Railroad is, I believe, the version you are referencing, also multiple artists with variations on “Can I Get A Witness” Marvin Gaye, Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Rod Stewart, The Temptations, Sam Brown, and others.
    For those trivia types that can’t sleep at night ‘til they have the info. 😉

  3. Their constituents are going to lap this shit up. These people are stupid enough to vote Kooky Pants and Comer into office. They are stupid enough to believe this dumb-ass bullshit.

    • Interesting question. Maybe. The kind of attention a whistleblower gets is intense to say the least. For most I think it’s stressful as hell. However, for some feeling so important becomes like a drug. In either case a point comes where they had better produce the evidence they claim to have. Again I go back to those election lawsuits, and how when it came time to literally put up or shut up all those people telling their tails, as well as the Trump lawyers appearing before judges in court backed down. They did NOT put up because it was all bullsh!t that was being peddled. And going on the record, as in sworn testimony that testimony and/or evidence submitted was truthful and/or accurate when that wasn’t the case comes with the consequence of being charged with perjury. In this case, I’m not sure but I’m leaning strongly towards the whistleblower the GOP has been so invested in never had anything that could be presented as evidence in court. But even being sworn in for Congressional testimony/submitting evidence still means being subject to perjury if you can’t back up the claims because the claims are bogus! Again I go back to the possibility (probably likelihood) that this whistleblower heard stuff he was predisposed to believe and swallowed it hook, line and sinker. And passed it along to Republicans on Comer’s committee and that they hooked him/her up with a Trumpian lawyer. THEN, this person took a hard look at folks who decided maybe instead of accepting free legal advice from someone who might have interests other than their own at heart decided to seek out legal advice from a truly independent lawyer who ONLY concern would be THEIR interests. After cleaning up from their “Oh sh!t” moment this person decided to try and back away from it all. Suddenly their testimony is based on some “informant” which as you suggest might not even be real. And said informant is suddenly nowhere to be found. And I suspect will never surface.


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