The House of Representatives is nowadays virtually indistinguishable from the House of Commons. How we got to this place of rowdiness will doubtlessly be the subject of many treatises to come but for now we can sum it up with one short acronym: MAGA. The Queen of MAGA herself, Marjorie Taylor Greene, was greeted with the kind of laughter that actors in Broadway comedies live to hear when she reminded them that “the decorum of the House will be observed.”

If you saw Groucho Marx up there with the gavel, telling everybody to stop clowning around, the reaction would have been something like this.

Umm….Marge? Where was your decorum when you stood up at the State Of The Union address and shouted at the President? May we ask?

Greene is the biggest joke in Congress, it makes sense that she should get the biggest laugh. And it just went on and on….. And make no mistake, they were laughing AT her, not with her.


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  1. Wonder where M Traitor Greene heard that word? She can’t possibly know how to spell it, much less know what it means!

  2. Shades of the U.N General Assembly laughing in Trump’s face. Too bad C-Span doesn’t get to control the cameras because a close-up of her reaction would have been priceless. Well, with Wannabe Princess Ivanka avoiding daddy and Mar A Lago these days maybe Margie can do down there and do an imitation of his oldest daughter stamping her foot and whining “Daddy – make them take me seriously!” Oh wait. Sorry Marge. As I wrote the other day Trump has already replaced Wannabe Princess Ivanka with a younger (ten years) version of Ivanka that looks a LOT more like the original than you do!

  3. That she is up there with the gavel is the biggest joke of all. Just proves what a sh*tshow the R led Congress has become.

  4. Thank you Ursula! This made my morning with just the headline having me laughing out loud! But the vid was equally as funny! Again Thank you!


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