Forces are at work to destabilize American politics. And yes, as Abraham Lincoln so sagely opined back in the day, we are faltering and losing our freedoms because we are defeating ourselves from within. People like Michael Flynn and Charlie Kirk are encouraging people to go down to the local school board or city council meeting and go screaming ape bonkers and enough of them are complying.

Here’s a guy who claimed that the school board had hired a sniper and put them on the roof because school board members are afraid of parents.

Here’s another candidate for the cover of Mental Health Magazine.

Cooper says the board is tyrannical and that kids should be unenrolled.

Then there is this beacon of reason. At least he stopped taking off clothes before he got arrested for indecent exposure.

And here’s one last one, same scenario, local county commissioners meeting. This has QAnon tinges, “there’s Hell coming.”

The lunatic fringe in this country is being ginned up on a regular basis. Hollywood used to get blamed for that very thing. After the Columbine shooting, when it was found out that Natural Born Killers was the shooters’ favorite movie, there were plenty of righteously indignant souls who took to Hollywood-bashing. I had seen that movie when it first came out a few years earlier and I took it as satire — which is easy to do since open references to I Love Lucy are made. In no way would that film have inspired me to take up arms against my fellow citizens. Point being, art is subjective. One person’s comedic fare for the night is apparently another person’s instruction manual for mass murder.

With respect to the likes of Michael Flynn or Charlie Kirk, they make no bones about what they’re doing. Their intent is to stir the social pot and if it boils over into sociopathic or violent behavior from time to time, so much the better. Rage-aholism is becoming the new normal.


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  1. Hunter S Thompson started his classic Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas with the following quote:” He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man”…dr.johnson. so very true.


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