If you’re like me and paying attention to Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan then you know it’s about more than paying off women to keep them quiet. There’s the additional element of campaign finance violations of not just federal and state law. The current trial establishes a sustained pattern of actions to cover up sexual conduct that would have been embarrassing to Trump and his campaign.  Two women Trump covered up having sex with have featured prominently, with Story Daniels being the main focus since it was the crimes committed in the frantic and bungled payoff to her Trump’s charged with. Knowing that, I knew damn well there were OTHER women out there besides Daniels (and Karen McDougal) Trump had paid to keep quiet. I’ll bet you felt the same way and now we see evidence that was the case. And, more importantly his campaign illegally paid to cover up issues with additional women.

In this article by The Daily Beast a longer and larger series of apparent misuse of campaign funds to cover up Trumpian sex scandals is being brought to light.  Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has just filed a complaint with the FEC demanding an investigation citing allegations from 2016 campaign aide Susan Delgado and her ongoing discrimination suite against Trump’s political operation. I should note Delgado’s accusations aren’t against Trump himself but rather one of his top aides Jason Miller.

Delgado’s statements come as she pursues a sex discrimination lawsuit against the 2016 campaign, where she served as a senior adviser but was back-seated when she revealed that she had become pregnant. (The father was Delgado’s then-supervisor and top Trump 2024 adviser Jason Miller, whom Delgado has also accused of raping her—a claim Miller denies.)

The thing is, settlement payments were routed through a Trump lawyer’s firm both to hide the scandal, and also to avoid reporting funneling campaign funds to non-campaign purposes.  More plainly put CREW’s filing alleges Trump’s campaign/political operation covered up settlement payments to women in violation of federal law:

Delgado’s filing presented evidence of top Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz openly admitting that the campaign wanted to use a law firm to cover up a potential settlement payout in 2017. The arrangement, as Delgado described it, appears specifically designed to evade the consequences of federal disclosure laws that require campaigns to publicly report the identities of payment recipients.

“In other words, the payment would be routed through a middleman, to hide the fact that the Campaign had settled, from the public and the FEC,” Delgado stated. “I thus have direct, personal experience with the Defendant-Campaign hiding settlement payments to women, routing them through a ‘middleman law firm,’ which to the public would only appear as payments “for legal services.”

The linked article goes on to say Delgado also claims to have “information and reason to believe” there are other instances of the campaign hiding settlements with other women who experienced gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment. From what I see from the available (so far) information Delgado doesn’t have specifics of McDougal or Daniels type payoffs but let’s be real here. It stands to reason there are other women that Trump had sex with who’ve signed NDAs and that Trump’s then associate (friend? – they seem to have been from what I recall) Kasowitz and his firm worked with.

What matters is that Delgado’s complaint brings forth information/evidence of campaign payments for hidden settlements.  Delgado alleges there are payments of $4.1 million that went to Kasowitz’s law firm over a two-month period immediately following the November 2020 election, as well as millions in mysterious legal reimbursements to the campaign’s compliance firm, Red Curve Solutions, which The Daily Beast notes if first reported earlier this month. Kasowitz did plenty of legal work for Trump before the 2016 campaign and years ago his name got mentioned a fair amount and in unflattering ways. He seemed to have eased out of Trump World but apparently not.

None of this is any good to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg in the current trial. Unless I suppose Trump’s lawyers say or do something boneheaded during the defense case that opens the door to rebuttal witnesses. David Pecker set the stage for the general “Find a way to make Trump’s philandering stay hidden” scheme. But who knows? Trump has some pretty good lawyers for his current trial who aren’t performing up to their reputations. I believe that  might well  be them having Trump as their client. If he says to do something, even if they know it won’t work then  they’ll do it.  I think barring a miracle Trump is toast in this trial regardless.  However that should be the end.

There are a lot of questions about why DOJ, or more specifically the SDNY hasn’t gone after Trump on these campaign finance violations. It could well be that when Bill Barr shut down SDNY’s Trump investigations he had people in place there that could screw with things enough to screw over a fair and impartial investigation down the road. He’s a despicable human being but Bilirubin Barr is a great lawyer and proved his ability to abuse the legal process (and the DOJ) to protect political allies going back to when he was AG for the elder Bush’s Presidency.

In any case the fact is Trump paying off women didn’t start with his 2016 campaign. And it didn’t stop after he became President. On the contrary:

In all, Kasowitz’s firm has received about $4.5 million from the Trump campaign, almost all of it coming in the two months after the 2020 election. In that time, FEC records show, the campaign issued three massive payments to Kasowitz in flat dollar amounts—$600,000 on Nov. 11, $1 million on Dec. 18, and $2.5 million on Jan. 13, 2021.

CREW’s complaint makes note of how Delgado’s claim interact with Trump’s current trial. And plainly sums up what is clearly longtime Trump practice of using pass-through payments to hide things he doesn’t want the public to know as it cites Cohen’s 2016 payments to Daniels. What they describe is a far larger scheme run through a regular law firm instead of a “fixer” like Cohen and/or some private sector friend like David Pecker. I thought this part of the linked article stood out:

CREW also notes that Trump himself made recent public remarks about that case, confirming his belief that “payments routed through attorneys could be marked ‘legal expenses’ even if they were reimbursements for expenses paid to third parties.”

“Regardless of what Mr. Trump may have experienced in the business world, federal law does not permit a political committee to report any expense routed through an attorney or any other intermediary as a payment to the intermediary for ‘legal expenses’ or otherwise,” the complaint states.

Of course, our current AG Merrick Garland never wanted DOJ going after Trump. Garland is an old-school milquetoast “gentleman” who didn’t want to “poke the bear.” He came in with a fix//rebuild the DOJ combined with a naive belief that like those before him Trump would just go away. Garland might have had noble ambitions but thinking Trump would mostly STFU and go way was just plain stupid thinking. Nothing is going to happen as long as Garland’s is AG. However, a new person in the job might run with this. We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime we can be pretty damned sure more information about Trump and women he’s paid off using his campaign money and operation will become  public.  If Trump gets convicted I say get the hell on this DOJ!  If ever there was a time to kick someone when they’re down this is it.

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  1. Trump’s criminal plans always go one step out … he honestly thinks, if the lawyer or huge money man says they support him in every way, then rumors and examples begin their way through the media and plain public disclosures … His careless handling of our most secret documents, without any apparent care for the security of our country … All speak for the fact he thinks because someone says they swear their worship of the holy Trump means THEY can be trusted with his latest plan against our Country, because of some financial scheme, making more cash in Trump’s piggy bank …

    He is totally blind to how dangerous his nearly public statements are sometimes more dangerous because, “THE WORD GOT OUT”, simply because he is too stupid to STFU about virtually anything …

    His ongoing GAG problems speak loudly about his current brain farts … (directly connected to his upper and lower GI system) the more scared he really is, the worse control he has of all things …

    I’m all for women he has abused over the years to speak AGAINST the orange shit-gibbon, he cannot attack them, because of some silly piece of paper, signed by some scared and bullied lady that now knows just how bad Trump really is and was …

    • And yet the women he has abused, NDA or no, will not come forward. They see what magats do to “enemies” of their orange jeebus. Why would they put themselves through death threats, etc., to help put the man behind bars, especially when they know that will never happen. Ever.

  2. The fact he was able to avoid consequences, steal the presidency, kill hundreds of thousands of citizens through his actions with covid, stand with murderous dictators, provably lie 30,000 times as president, lead a violent attempted coup when he lost, is a provable rapist, grifter and con man, and hasn’t spent one day in jail, says VOLUMES ABOUT US AS A COUNTRY OF ‘LAWS’. A nation of materialistic, hypocritical, half educated, racist morons is the truth about America. The rest is horseshit pure and simple. Red, white, and blue horseshit. Too bad we now shit on the sacrifices made by our heros who died to defend our sorry asses. This is just another example.

    • You nailed it Scott: “materialistic, hypocritical, half-educated, racist morons” is the very sad truth. I’d add misogynistic and xenophobic too. That completes the succinct definition of the Republican party.

  3. north…it’s not BS. HIS DOJ sat on its thumbs when the country suffered through an attempted coup, the ONLY time in our history the capital went under attack by OUR OWN CITIZENS. By doing so…none of this will be prosecuted until AFTER the election. If Trump steals it again then HE WILL END THE DOJ AND WALK ON HIS CRIMES. Maybe that’s BS to you. To me he’s failed our country by playing the nice Jewish boy who made good, going to law school and rising to the top of the DOJ, and worrying more about his own ass/reputation/income/career versus doing what was necessary. He only appointed Jack AFTER the January 6th committee embarrassed his conservative ass. He still hasn’t indicted the traitors in congress or charged Jordan for his criminal act that sent Navarro to jail. Whatever ‘good’ he’s done is overshadowed by what he has failed to do. Fact.


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