The image above is from Truth Social where Donald Trump is having a fun old night. He’s really out to get his former aide, Alyssa Farrah. Not sure what that’s about, but one thing is sure, it’s part of a larger picture. Trump hates women. He hates all women, but he especially hates smart women or women whom he can’t control.

The meme above also has a short video attached to it. Watch Trump bash on the heads of various women he knows, including Hillary Clinton. Not the healthiest image but consider the source and it makes perfect sense.

Here’s the video.

And here’s more of a reaction to his top aide.

The only thing that anybody can figure out is that Alyssa Farrah used to speak so highly of Trump at one point. She used to glow about what an honor it was to serve in his White House, how she thanked God for it and considered herself blessed. And then of course she had a Come To Jesus moment and realized what a complete loser he was. But I think that’s the gist of it, that Trump loved hearing how he was worshipped and now that that’s no longer the case, he’s out to put her head on a pike — so he can use it as part of a drum set.

If you were contemplating hiring this guy as anything, a crossing guard, a server in a cafeteria, a bus boy, and he displayed this kind of sociopathic ideation, you would pass. You’d move on to another candidate. Yet he’s the front runner for the GOP nomination for the highest office that we have.

And make no mistake, Trump may be on the ticket for go round number three. At least, if the primary was tomorrow, all the evidence that we have tonight would point to that outcome.



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  1. Ursula, I know many would agree with me that John Lennon, besides being an incredible songwriter and singer, was a visionary. He nailed the cultural underbelly of every nation on earth in his song, Woman is the Nigg*r of the World. If you haven’t heard it before, I think, after listening, you’ll know why he used that hateful word. That being said, I challenge anyone to argue otherwise. Trump, and his band of nazi followers have raped women of their rights here in the land of the ‘free’, and home of the ‘brave’.

    • Misogyny is incredible. I remember growing up and wondering why people didn’t like “me” and after a while I began to realize that in many circumstances what I was perceiving was distaste for me being a female, not anything that I had done as a person. I was very aware from a very early age that as a female I was a second class citizen.

      I saw a lot of women get very messed up because they were trying to live out some social dream of being a female, as opposed to just being people. Cultural mores can kill you.

      I can believe that Trump thinks this cartoon of his is amusing. But he does. Somebody made it for him and it’s in his feed, front and center.

    • As much as I revere the Beatles and John Lennon’s individual music, remember that he too was abusive to women in his life and admitted it as such in a 1980s interview with playboy magazine. I know that particular song and agree with that sentiment. There is also a saying that.” woman is a hole with all of the futility of the world emptying into her.” I have also experienced what Ursula speaks of. Fortunately, I had a very strong mother, and a very strong sense of myself. I never got bogged down in it, much. But it’s always there.

      • You have to develop a strong sense of yourself. If you don’t, you get dragged under by the cultural mental illness.

  2. You have to develop a strong sense of yourself. If you don’t, you get dragged under by the cultural mental illness.

  3. waltz…I heard that. No one is without some type of tragic flaw. That doesn’t excuse it, but at least he came clean, unlike these nazis who double down and refuse to even acknowledge the truth. Life and relationships are complex. I grew up with a violent drunk, a Dr Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde. I’ve heard and watched my mother get beaten, and weapons brandished all my childhood. My mom never left him. She had to shoot him in self defense after I was grown and living out of state. Like a solider hardened by combat, I’ve had guns and knives in my face, forcing me to let go of fear at an early age. I still loved my father, when he was sober. I hated him when he was not. People sitting in comfort and safety probably will never understand that. I never rail on women when they fail to walk away. I get it. Men in our culture are trained to be violent, self centered, and to worship money, power, and adulation. We are also body shamed in a way that women can’t possibly understand. In fact it’s happening daily with articles, interviews, etc. Just look how liberal media has boiled trump’s evil to having a small penis, instead of a rotten character. Even people, who get up in arms over body shaming women, over sexuality, skin color, or even being poor, laugh, and think it’s fine to put that trope out in the world. Hypocrisy. Think of the damage to a boy growing up being told, by our culture, your self worth rest in the appearance and size of your flaccid penis, something that he’s born with and can’t change. It produces damaged boys trying to prove they’re good enough. They grow to be damaged men. Two points: I, nor any man, was put on this earth to please women, or our shallow cultural standards. Second, a study involving 55,000 men proved the average size of an erect penis is about five inches. The vagina, at rest is four inches. Nature knows how things work. These are facts. Yet, the mindless culture wants all men to carry a big stick to subdue women and the world. Then we wonder how we end up with so many insecure men, some becoming abusers. Suppressed rage comes out eventually. My dad tried to control his, but alcohol always let the animal out of the cage, changing a kind man into a werewolf. Put 400 million guns on the street, make alcohol easy to get, and voila!, you get death and destruction from boys of all ages angry at women and the world in general. It doesn’t explain everything, but, the manifestations always have hidden roots.

    • Boys don’t cry. The least helpful earworm/Man-date ever passed along to boys. No matter how young you are if your father is absent you’re “the man of the house” while women are referred to as “girls” regardless of their age. I am both grateful and proud of you for doing the hard work we all must to treat everyone we encounter the way we would hope to be. Human is easy and often lazy and ignorant. Humane should always be the goal. Glad you’re here 🙂

  4. waltz…if I didn’t cry, I would have either died in childhood, or grown up like a junk yard dog, dangerous, and hurting those around me. I’ve cried all my life, now for different reasons. I cry over this stupid, self destructive world that our children are being destroyed by. I have to balance looking at the terrible things that happen to children, with the good. I look at the ugliness partly because they deserve us to know, and suffer and cry over their undeserved fate, & the cruelty of this life, most often brought on by the evil people do. I also have to forget it and live as joyously and whole as I can so my family and friends encounter the best in me. I fail, like we all do, but I have always gotten back on the horse. I know I’ll get thrown again, but I will get up again. I am the father/father figure for 6 girls, all black but one. I just became a grandfather two months ago. I’m in the fight til the end. Thanks for the support. Keep your spirits up!

    • Congratulations! You’re the kind of patriarch every family would wish for. Thanks to science and physics know that I am hugging you right now. Keep your spirits up as well, my friend, I literally almost fell off a horse once, and that was the last time I tried, but like you, I’m getting up every day as long as there is breath in me, I’m on the side of the good fight .

  5. waltz. Sometimes I remember the greatest people that ever walked this earth, now dead, have been, and are, in this fight with us for nonviolence and social justice. We’re in exceptional company. It helps to remember we’re not alone, nor have we ever been.


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