If you’ve ever wondered if Mike Pence has any shame, this should cause you to cease that mental exercise once and for all. Pence has gone to every length recently to prove that he is part of the wingnut cult of Donald Trump. He published an op/ed in a right-wing outlet maintained by the Heritage Foundation, the Daily Signal, wherein he reiterated the same lies about election integrity that almost got him killed.

If you want an example of cognitive dissonance go read Pence’s piece and contrast that with what he said, when he told people on — and before — January 6 that he had no power whatsoever to overturn the election and moreover that there was no evidence warranting same.

A terrific analysis of Pence’s part in the Big Lie is written by his former aide, Olivia Troye, who concludes that Pence “is not evil, he’s weak.” Since she knows the man and worked with him, she’s in a position to know. And so despite the fact that Pence was reportedly furious after he had to flee the Capitol through underground tunnels, along with his wife and daughter who accompanied him to the Senate that day, he’s decided to forget about all that and just go along with the show.

When we say “the show” we mean the overall Big Lie of the Republican party right now, which Pence has endorsed, and he’s also got another show, a TV show about right-wing hero Rush Limbaugh, that he’s narrating. Pence doesn’t want people to forget about him, so while he’s not seen on camera, he is heard. Hollywood Reporter:

The series, Age of Rush, will look at the career of radio host Rush Limbaugh, who died last month at age 70. The series will include interviews with Limbaugh’s producer James Golden, aka “Bo Snerdley,” as well as Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Brian Kilmeade, Mark Steyn and Larry Elder, and Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer, MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz and Fox contributor Newt Gingrich. The series will chronicle Limbaugh’s career, his rise in influence within the Republican party and his lung cancer diagnosis.

Age of Rush is set to debut on Fox Nation on March 10. […]

Pence isn’t joining Fox News like those other [Trump] officials, [Kayleigh McEnany, Larry Kudlow] but his decision to return to the public eye as part of the Limbaugh series is nonetheless notable, given his low profile of late.

This might be the precursor to Pence going to Fox News. I would not put it past him. He’s shown his true colors, that in a push come to shove situation, he’ll go along with whatever seems to be the PC move of the moment. And right now being PC for the right-wing crowd means deifying hatemonger Rush Limbaugh and the disinformation empire he spawned. And Pence himself is contributing to the misinformation, even though the Big Lie almost got him killed.

Nothing like integrity and spunk in our elected leaders, eh what?


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    • Well, like ALL “conservative Christians” (aka the “Christian Taliban”), Pence picks and chooses what parts of the Bible he wants to use.


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