You recall a few days ago when Mike Lindell’s ranting about election fraud sent a Newsmax anchor heading for the exits, after he kept trying to steer Lindell onto another topic and Lindell wouldn’t be steered. The purpose of that interview was for Lindell to hype this revelation, which is happening today on OAN, a documentary mockumentary called “Absolute Proof” which he financed. This is not a newscast or documentary in any sense of the word, this is sponsored content. OAN, evidently not wanting to go down the same route as Fox News, slapped a disclaimer on the front of the broadcast. What makes this unique is that it’s not just a written disclaimer, an announcer actually voices the words so that there can be no doubt but that what is about to be seen is nothing that OAN endorses with a ten foot pole.

Reality is like a fire breathing dragon, it just keeps stalking right wing media and searing it with the uncomfortable truth that they who defame businesses get their asses sued. Mike Lindell is certainly going broke in an interesting fashion. He thinks he’s paving the road to the Minnesota governor’s mansion when in fact the funny farm is a more likely destination.

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    • Good enough for Boomers, maybe, less effective on anyone who gets their news off the Web. The latter group is the bunch you need to persuade for long-term gains.

      • Sans the disclaimer, this release would imply Mike and the OAN were in complete lock-step, the wordy document IS a little heavy, perhaps the content of Mike’s presentation is SO bizarre that, just a mention of Mike Lindell’s name threatens loss of viewers with a plain release … the vocalized document MIGHT encourage viewers to see what was so bad about the MYPillow guy’s statement …

        Absolutely, anyone that maintains this shit show attitude about Trump, the biggest loser EVER, needs professional help and perhaps detention for their own safety and those around them … stupid is as stupid does, and between this Pillow Pusher and the blond freak in the House, it is impossible to grasp any hint of intelligence ….

        The general attitude of the Republican’s in Congress, shows a stupefying form of critical thinking, absolutely none exists …

        • As Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid!” As I said before, the GQP (Guilty Q-NUT Party) only cares about staying in power so that they can keep lining their pockets and serving the interests of the wealthy and their corporate owners!

  1. Unfortunately, OAN is actually trying to have it both ways with that very final statement in its “disclaimer.” “The results in the 2020 Presidential election remain disputed, etc.”

    Um, no, they do NOT. The results are absolutely INDISPUTABLE and anyone who even SUGGESTS OR IMPLIES there’s a “dispute” is as culpable for promoting lies as Lindell does.

    On another point, why does OAN’s eagle face LEFT? I mean, okay, maybe they’re suggesting they’re “attacking” the left (that “liberal” media and all) BUT, at the same time, the eagle’s leftward attitude COULD be interpreted as “moving to the left” or “heading left” or “fleeing from the right.” It sort of reminds me, years ago, when the NBC peacock head changed “direction” (it originally faced to the viewer’s left but, during the 1980s, it changed to face to the viewer’s right) and people thought it was an indication of the network’s sucking up to the political right-wing. Could OAN’s eagle be indicating the network’s planning to “move to the left?” Probably not, but it could raise an interesting point. You’d think a right-wing nutwork (spelling deliberate) would want all their symbols to display a “right” orientation.

    • I see nothing unfortunate about it. It’s the telltale smell of blood and fear in the air over folks who have a large deficit of humor coming after them. And why are you helping them with their logo again, Joseph?! We WANT them to send the wrong signal, remember?

      • What I meant by “unfortunately” is that Ursula’s story suggested that OAN was offering a REAL disclaimer that basically would’ve said “We don’t agree with any of the following crap.” OAN’s disclaimer essentially tells the audience that “because we don’t want to get sued, we’re not going to endorse the following but you know where we really stand.”

        You know–the whole basic “I’m not a racist but [goes on to say something totally racist]” deal. (Or “I can say f—-t because I’ve got gay friends who say it.”)

        If OAN REALLY wanted to offer a disclaimer, they could’ve simply said “The network does not endorse anything that appears in the following piece.”

      • Is that what cRump’s Atty Gen. William Barr said or what the “Big Lie” was relative to what the insurectionists believed! Ignorance and lack of cerebral intensity is boundless.

    • Normally, this is the part where I’d say “Are we shocked?” But given all the advertisements in favor of these cuckoos that I’ve seen on there since the election, I kind of am.

    • I agree with you, maybe if they would take him to court it would start an investigation because I’ve not heard one time that they can prove he’s wrong or come up with an explanation of why there is so many illegal voting in several states, all they say is there’s no proof, they wont even look at the proof and that just tells you there is a reason why they won’t.

  2. Lots of bs coming from where the eagle is looking. Lindell has the proof, Trump was robbed of his votes, the people were robbed of their votes, the children were robbed of their futures. The truth will prevail and justice is coming to those who anger the Lord. This is His country, who planted William Penn and the “children of light” here, before we were a nation under God. He, loves us and gave to the founding fathers wisdom and clarity and bestowed blessings on the most blessed country in the world. If His will is that the “truth will bear witness to the liars and theives, justice will prevail and all the lies and theivery will come out in the end. God bless your servant Donald Trump and God continue to bless America.

  3. Politico is the laughing stock of so-called “news”
    You people are leftist, satanic worshipping lost souls.
    Enjoy the warmth where you’re headed.


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