If you thought General Jack D. Ripper was the only crazy general we had to worry about and said to yourself, “Thank God he’s make believe,” think again. We have Mike Flynn out in the real world and he’s dreaming up a Dr. Strangelove-esque conspiracy theory of his own. He hasn’t mentioned precious bodily fluids yet, but he is very worried about global economic collapse and mind control. Maybe even fluoride in the water. Or aluminum in the tin foil. The general has also announced that “we’re at war.” Did you know that?

If that doesn’t get the QAnuts good and scared, there’s this.


This is a former national security adviser talking. Now, granted, he didn’t last long in the position but he was that highly placed in the government at one time.

Flynn has the dubious achievement of having been fired by two presidents of two different political parties. The man is utterly corrupt. Nevertheless, he’s out there at the head of the right-wing movement, pumping out disinformation right and left.

Flynn spent a lot of time in Russia. Maybe that’s where he studied disinformation and destabilization. Disinformation leads to destabilization because people don’t know what to believe or who to trust anymore.

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  1. If the first virus was to control the population, why are they anti-vax? Unless that’s where the control comes in. I’m sure there will be plenty of folks willing to pay the fee to stream this nonsense. Here comes more mind control, in the guise of making money.


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