The high priests and priestesses of the Cult of Trump are convening this weekend in Texas. Conspiracy theory reigns and it rains conspiracy theory. Up on stage, holding the reins to the krazy krowd and steering them through the Big Lie dogma of the cult, is none other than disgraced pardoned felon Michael Flynn.

Flynn got involved with the wrong people politically a very long time ago and he didn’t knew when to quit. Maybe he didn’t know how to quit. Or maybe, and I think this is the actual truth, he didn’t want to quit. He had found his niche, abusing the trust originally reposed in him as a Marine general and seeking power for power’s sake.

In all events, on stage carney barker at Trump events and pushing the Big Lie are what Flynn lives for now.

Is that a great theory or what? Office by fiat of hat count.

“I still say it, wherever the live stream is. Donald Trump is still the President of the United States! They can call me whatever they want! There it is, right there. They can call me whatever they want, because there’s no way in the world that 81 million — I don’t see 81 million people wearing Build Back Better hats!”

Words fail me. He should have stayed with the COVID-19 in the salad dressing conspiracy theory.

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  1. I wonder if it has sunk into what passes for his brain that if the orange excrescence is still president, he can’t run in 2024 because he will have had two terms in office

  2. Someone should point out to Flynn that, even though we don’t see him wearing a tin-foil hat, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us don’t know he’s crazy as a loon.

    I’m also pretty sure that there aren’t actually some 74 million people who actually wear their MAGAt hats in public EXCEPT at the roving lunatic asylums known as Trump rallies. And, by the way Michael, where’s YOUR MAGAt hat? Maybe YOU didn’t actually vote for Trump yourself?

  3. See flynn, people aren’t wearing stupid little hats because they’re too busy working and shit trying to build our nation into something better than the shit-hole, third-world, country it became while your turd emperor sat his fat ass in the oval and did exactly nothing of any value whatsoever. When your legacy is nothing of value, you need hats. When your legacy is to be something lasting of value, you do not need hats. Pretty simple.

    BTW, when is that little shit flynn going to brought up on charges for his part in the sedition/insurrection? I cannot imagine our military thinking this is acceptable behavior for someone who still refers to himself as “general”. So, yeah, defense dept., when does the shoe drop on this little shit’s head?

    • Spike when in the name of God is the Justice Dept. going to drop the hammer on ANYONE??? Dear God send us a better Attorney General than Garland please???

  4. Spike, clearly you watch the liars on CNN. Nothing of value ?? Peace in the middle east for starters and so much more. Flynn was no where near DC January 6th. The only inserrection that day was the Capital police and Ray Ebbs from the FBI that were the inserectionists. You must be some kind of special to believe the crap you wrote above. WOW!! Watch 10,000 Mules. Proof the election was stolen!!

    • Wow. As Yoda would say “Strong is the denial of reality in you!” You can look at all the not so carefully crafted “documentaries” you want. I however spent that day watching with my own eyes, and listening with my own ears the LIVE streaming coverage of what happened. And I’ve seen plenty of video of events since, much of it taken by the seditionist asshole traitors who stormed our Capitol!

      In court after court, judge after judge including some appointed by your fake gold “god” Trump himself found the charges in which you have (mis)placed your faith were bogus – that even when taken (as required by law) in light most favorable to those bringing them were so bogus, so “bull shitty” that they simply didn’t hold up to any scrutiny even under the most favorable interpretations. Hell, even Trump appointed SCOTUS picks got to weigh in at one point and pretty much said “WTF is wrong with you pushing this bullshit to us? and tossed it out.

      As for Flynn, like Trump and some of the others he had enough sense of self-preservation to make sure he was nowhere near the Capitol that day. Plausible deniability and all that. But if you think for one second he wasn’t in regular communication with the major players in that riot I’ve got a sweet deal on a jet from Trump Air to sell you! As soon as your check for five grand clears I might even send you a case each of Trump steaks and Trump Vodka. I might even be able to find someone who’ll cross out their name on their Trump University diploma and we can write in your name and send it to you!

      • denis Can you get pardoned for NOT committing a crime? Thank God this innocent man got the pardon of justice, from then President Donald Trump, and got out of jail before all those crooks in there spoiled him? Can Trump still grant pardons, since he’s still the top man, even if he now rules from Mar-a logo? We’ll need Teddy Crus to answer these skill testing questions, I think?

    • Are you bat crap insane? Peace in the Mid East? When did this miracle take place, Has Jesus returned, I hadn’t heard? Do you have ANY idea AT ALL how many rockets were launched into Israel from Palestinians vowing to destroy them, during Trumps four years? Do you know how many reprisals were launched by Israel against Palestine? Google it for Gods sake!!!! Oh wait maybe Google is part of the great conspiracy too is it? Fake news is it? Are you AFRAID yet? Let me say what Wednesday Adams said. “Be afraid, be very afraid” Peace in the Mid East? You Kerri have bats in your belfry. Go ahead Google it! I’m betting you are too chickenshit to do it. Come on, go ahead……come on???? See what fear you live in, when you follow these lying magafreaks!!!


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