There was a report that aired over the weekend on MSNBC that the DOJ is approaching its endgame in the Trump Mar-A-Lago stolen documents case. Federal investigators reported that there was more than sufficient evidence to charge Traitor Tot, and that possible charges were now being considered at main Justice.

This is a shining example of why DOJ investigators should not ever talk to the media. Because federal investigators are by nature inherently biased. After all, these cases are their babies, they put blood, sweat and tears into collecting the evidence, forensics and testimony to build the case. Of course they’re going to believe that they constructed the perfect box. Which is why investigators don’t get to file charging documents.

That job falls to a group known as line prosecutors. Every shred that investigators collect go to a line prosecutor, or prosecutors. And those prosecutors comb through every shred, determine its validity, its value, its admissibility in a court of law, and its probable impact on a jury. They base these decisions on their years of experience trying cases in district federal courts. And they decide whether or not to go to a grand jury and seek to indict.

But not this time. Not with El Pendejo Presidente. The line prosecutors will do their due diligence, evaluate the evidence, and make a determination of possible charges. But how many times have I said it before? If you’re going to go for the King, it had better be a headshot. In a case against former President, the ultimate decision will fall on the Attorney General of the United States, one Merrick Garland.

And here’s where Garland finally gets his chance to shine. I’ve told y’all repeatedly to give Garland a break and some room to work. His first job as AG was to restore morale back into an organization that Trumpenstein ravaged, and to restore some of the former shine. Garland has done that. And recent events have shown that the DOJ is actually much farther along in their investigations than most people gave them credit for.

This case will get booted up to Garland for a final determination. And he will siphon over every bit, not only with more than a decade of experience as a federal prosecutor, but also with the experience of a private attorney, who can look for holes in the evidence. But there are plenty of federal prosecutors who can claim similar skills. Here’s what sets Merrick Garland apart from everybody else.

Merrick Garland spent more than a decade as a US district court judge, and ended his judicial career as the Chief Judge of the DC Appellate Circuit. Which is an incredible skillset to bring to the table. Simply because this will allow Garland to look at the evidence through two separate lenses.

First, Garland will look at all of the evidence through the eyes of a successful federal prosecutor with more than a decade under his belt. And then he can look at as a private attorney, a skillset that most career federal prosecutors can claim. He can look for possible holes in the evidence, and it’s possible impact on a jury.

But when he’s finished doing that, he can go back to scratch, and look at all of the evidence again, through two different sets of eyes. First, he can look at it from the eyes of a federal district court judge, with more than a decade of experience under his belt. He can look at the evidence with an eye for specific words and would not pass judicial review at trial. And while he’s doing that, he can look at that evidence through the eyes of a federal federal appellate court judge, and look for possible loopholes that could hold a possible conviction to possible overthrow on appeal. He has the unique skill set to be able to evaluate the evidence through the eyes of the judicial system.

This is going to take a little time. But I’m not worried. because the law is black letter simpler. Eric Snowden is now a Russian citizen because he delusionally gave classified documents to Wikileaks under the illusion of being a whistleblower. A NSA worker leaked one document relating to Russian interference to The Intercept in order to protect the US. She was caught in days, and got a 5 year sentence, Reality Winner.

But it gets even more black letter than that. Another NSA employee, who got swamped with work, innocently took work home with him to catch up, and being a dumbass, he stored the documents in the garage. He’s wearing an orange jumpsuit today in federal prison. The law is simple. It doesn’t matter why qualified employees had unauthorised documents in their possession. It doesn’t matter why Trump took those classified documents to Mar-A-Lago. Biden’s first act as President was to strip Trump of his security clearances. That’s the ballgame right there. Trump had no right to possess those documents, and his reason for possessing them is irrelevant.

Since day one, walking into the maelstrom, Garland has repeatedly assured all and sundry that the DOJ would Follow the evidence wherever it went, and  charge as needed without fear or favor. I believe him. But he’s not a rash man, and when he decides to drop the hammer, the case is going to be bulletproof, he’ll ensure it. And there’s still the Trump J6 investigation going great guns. Just sit back, and give the boy some room.

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    • He wants iron-clad evidence before filing charges. Any doubt at all will result in a hung jury, if not an acquittal, and that isn’t a good thing. So far they have only the stuff that shows he lied about having docs in June.

  1. Does it really take a year for a grand jury to process information fed to them by DoJ investigators? Does that clock get reset each time a new GJ is empaneled, for different crimes? Why can a Kyle Rittenhouse be arrested, tried, and acquitted in less than 3 months, but it takes so much longer for any indictment, much less a trial, for Herr Gropenfuhrer?

    These excuses are getting very thin with re-use, like the heel of a sock that’s worn every day for a year.

    • yes it does take at least that amount of time. As a member of a (past) grand jury preceeding,s for over a year i sat down with several others to decide weather or not to bring charges for a member of the house of rep,s ( No state Mentioned) It is a very long and protracted ,tedious procedure that one must follow…. Can,t say the out come but its not something i would do again….. BORING Please have patience and the fruits of merricks labor will pay off. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I can not do another four(4) years with frump in office. It will set the country back another 100 Years

  2. Excuse me, that would be “Groẞẞenfurer” I think – i.e. “Great Leaders”, since he refers to himself with the royal “we”…


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