As you heard earlier today, Michael Cohen testified that Donald Trump said that if his wife, Melania, decided to split up with him over the Stormy Daniels debacle that he wasn’t really worried. “How long do you think I’ll be on the market?” That creates a distinct impression that Trump could take it or leave it if Melania split. No biggy either way. That’s pretty unusual. In the normal world, if two spouses have reached the place where they (or at least one of them) doesn’t really care if the other one is around or not, people get a divorce.

But this case is different, because there’s no marriage. Yes, there is a legal marriage on the books, as legal as anybody’s else’s that’s on file. But what Donald and Melania have is a modeling and appearance contract, far more than a marriage. Melania got the benefit of her bargain starting early in the game. Trump got her her immigration visa, she married him and had her anchor baby, and they have a prenup in place, with who knows how many revisions.

So yes, Trump told Cohen the truth, he wouldn’t be on the market for long because he could put somebody else under contract in a New York minute if need be. No question about that. But how did that kind of a wisecrack play before a jury? This panel doesn’t think that Melania’s absence and Trump’s comment are playing out at all well.

That pretty well settles it. Melania has a great deal of power. If she wanted to make Trump look good, she could come out and do so. She could get up there and call Stormy Daniels a “porn hooker” in public, not just to her friend Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff. I wish she would. Stormy would let Melania have it. She could claim that she knew of her husband’s innocence. She could say all kinds of things but so far she has said precisely nothing on this topic.

So you’re probably thinking the same thing I am, “How much is Trump going to need to pay her to save his bacon?” And I would be very surprised if they hadn’t discussed that at great length already.

Here’s what’s going on: Melania knows she’s in the catbird seat. She’s got a lot of leverage. So, she could *save* Trump now and make a spectacle of herself doing it, or she can just stay removed and let all this play out without her. I think she’s going to do nothing and I’ll tell you why.

We saw a key piece of strategy go awry a few days ago. Barron was chosen as one of the at-large delegates from Florida for July’s GOP convention. A big story ran in the Daily Mail about it, and about how like his father Barron was, and how he was ready to follow his father’s footsteps into politics. Less than 48 hours later the story was walked back. Now, we are told, Barron has prior commitments to honor, and those commitments apparently supersede getting his father nominated for president of these United States.

I think that spells the situation out to you, that something substantial happened at Mar-a-Lago. I think this is what happened:

  1. Trump offered Melania a deal if she and Barron would unite behind him;
  2. Something was agreed to;
  3. The Daily Mail story broke;
  4. Melania saw the Twitter threads addressed to Barron saying, “Fine, bro. Welcome to the arena. All’s fair in love and war and politics is war.”
  5. She “came to her senses” (as Mary Trump characterized it) and pulled the plug on the project.

Admittedly this is all speculation. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Melania will show up in court tomorrow. Maybe Barron’s withdrawal from politics will be rescinded and then he’ll be back in play as a delegate. Anything is possible, because this is Trump world where anything goes. Not only are the laws of political science suspended, common sense has a hard time faring as well. But if I had to lay odds right now I would say that this is the operating principle: Melania has declared herself and Barron as a unit. That’s the unit she’s going to preserve and protect not the contractual relationship she has with her husband. And Donald can solve his own problems or not solve them.

I think that that was made clear by last week’s snub of Trump. Melania’s sitting pretty. She’s got money stashed away, I’m sure. Her expenses are paid. And she was even going to sell her first born son to Trumpelstiltsken, but now he’s not getting it.

I’ll tell you why I’m right about this. Melania is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. And if she goes into the arena and let’s Barron go into the arena, they’re both going to get eaten alive. I think she finally realized that. She’s not going to be credible doing a stand by your man number and Barron has no defense against the shitstorm that would fly at him.

Melania probably listened to Trump give her a tremendous line of bull about how it was all going to go, but then when the trial started and she saw how credible Stormy was (and today, how credible Michael Cohen was) she got cold feet. I think her feet are going to stay cold and she’s going to remain in Florida.

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  1. “Melania saw the Twitter threads addressed to Barron saying, “Fine, bro. Welcome to the arena. All’s fair in love and war and politics is war. ….. This is not how it happened. … Meania would never go for such an agreement. .. Melania would never sell her son out for no amount Trump offered her. … This was all done behind her back thinking she would never have the guts to pull the plug on it after it was made public. .. Trump and his minions screwed up. No one bullies Melania, she has already shown that to us.

  2. Melania’s, may be ruthless but she could care less for her hubby and his maga cult, she is in it for the money. … Yet, that should never underestimated a Mother’s love for her child. …

  3. First and foremost. Don’t mess with a bear cub. It’s momma might find out. Second I would guess with what we have seen. Melanias prenup says she has to stay married to him. It apparently doesn’t say anything about staying by his side. You have first part of his presidency where she was in New York and he was in the White House. And the list goes on. And after the I’m a piece of meat comment from Trump. I would say she told him to sit on it and spin. And let’s face it. Things may change but from where I sit. Trump just ain’t exactly knocking them dead. That thing in New Jersey was bigger than it looked. Yeah people walked out. So what, you say! Well that’s the crowd he needs to vote for him. And they walked out mid speech because Trump was unhinged and incoherent. His maggots don’t care as long as he keeps spewing the crap. But those people wanted to hear something different than Biden. And he sure delivered on that. He delivered everything that he claims Biden is only it was the big orange turd 💩 not Biden on stage. Now if there was one hundred thousand people and fifty thousand or half walked out. That is going to ping pong to hundred and then two hundred and so on. He just blew New Jersey unless some miracle comes along. And he’s running out of those. Otherwise he would have Melania in court with him. But at this time I don’t think even that will save the moron.

    • Chris, are you saying the NJ rally was *bigger* or *smaller* than it looked? Other accounts told of *enhanced* estimates of the initial crowd size (from what I know of the NJ shore, I doubt Wildwood could handle 50K, much less 200-300 thousand – let’s move the decimal point left)

  4. The one thing Melanie has done right is to protect her son. He may have begun as an anchor baby to protect her green card and get citizenship but she actually does,seem to love the boy and be very involved in his life. He has been kept from the press,,being seen only while walking to Marine 1 and holiday official photographs. Bkuntly, we saw,a necklace lot more of histamine and the late John F.Kennedy than we have Barron.

    And I say good for get for doing that.

    She has rarely shown up with The Donald except on official occasions like state visits, state dinners, and social things lie the SOTU, the tree lighting, the Easter Egg thing, and other photo ops.She has her prenup, and you can bet it got revised when he got the nomination, the inauguration, when she stayed in NY for Barron’s sake so he could make a natural.break between elementary and junior high ( something I actually approve of her,,seven if she did use to shore up the prenup), during her “kidney or bladder surgery,. And she is in the process of renegotiating that pre up in exchange for her presence on the campaign, I suspect, with clauses upping the ante if wins and is forced to be FLPTUS afain, something she hated.

    FYI, under Florida law she is entitled to 30%of his estate, with split among the five. She can also inherit more if he left her more her choice. I think she’s hoping he dies so she can take the money and or property, buy herself a lovely house or condo in West Palm Beach or New York, hire staff, and live a carefree life sans the bloated, demented sack of excrement to which she is married. This is and always was a marriage of convenience, a business arrangement, not a true marriage. He needed a beautiful woman on his armto.shore up his rep as a ladies’ man. She wanted a meal ticket because modeling career wants taking off and she was aging out. I think when she actually bedded the man to conceived Barron she thought about hundred dollar bills floating down on her.


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