Matt Gaetz and his toxic twin troll Marjorie Taylor Greene did not have a good day today. And if we are to judge from their last couple of public appearances together, their America First platform is not exactly bedazzling people everywhere they go. Quite the contrary, it is providing an opportunity for people to reject and humiliate them and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving pair of twerps.

If you missed this earlier in the day, here’s the scene that Greene and Gaetz fled from.

Not exactly a rapt and adoring crowd. How does Trumpty do it, they must be wondering? After all, he’s stupid, loud and obnoxious and it works beautifully for him. So what are they doing wrong?

Check out the bottom clip with added bumper music. It’s choice.

And this was supposed to provide the big right-wing distraction to the hearings taking place with the officers from January 6. What a total flop.

But wait, there’s more: the 12-foot-tall statue of Ashli Babbitt wasn’t unveiled today. What’s up with that?

The unveiling of the statue was going to be the other right-wing, counter demonstration to the testimony going on in Congress. Guess they couldn’t get it finished in time? The paper mache didn’t dry, maybe? Crafting giant political protest statues is an art form, not one that these guys have mastered, apparently. Maybe they should have gone for something airborne, instead,  and consulted the people who fashioned the Trump baby blimp. That did so well until it was mercilessly deflated by a knife stab in London. It even traveled across the Irish Sea, if I’m not mistaken.

One thing is clear here, the right-wing not only has a dearth of creative talent, they’re not too good at reading the room, either. Let’s see what Gaetz and Greene do to bottom this. Hook up with Mike Lindell in Sioux Falls, maybe?


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  1. A lot of the right-wing messaging talent left for The Lincoln Project or Meidas. Or just left and found state candidates to work for to maintain distance from the RNC but keep their hand in to come back at some point if the National Party should get its shit together. I realize lots of folks on our side have problems with these groups. The Lincoln Project in particular. I say (again) get the hell over it. Sure, if we beat down Trumpism like the Klan was forced (mostly) back under their slimy rocks back in the 60s and 70s they will turn around and go after us again. But for now they are helping us. And in the process imparting valuable insight for OUR folks on the inside working directly with them on how to do what they do. Sadly, I fear the withering criticism from folks on our side anytime they come up with something effective has blunted their willingness to attack Trump and his GOP enablers they way they did, and did so well. At least they aren’t back to working for the RNC and/or Trump.

  2. I loved watching that woman chasing him while yelling, “Are you a pedophile? Are you a pedophile, Mr Gaetz? Are you a pedophile? Are you a pedophile?” Apparently, she chased him all the way to his car while yelling this. I wonder what he was thinking.


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