This is a must see, albeit short clip, of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene in California. They’re with what comes across as an adoring MAGA fan and they’re both eating it up. Then the “p” word is dropped and you can see Gaetz start to freak. A suited man then steps into the cheery photo op and takes the acolyte away.

Ah, the ways of the cult are strange.

Where did it go south?

  1. Gaetz knew none of his supporters could pronounce the word “pedophile?”
  2. Gaetz became terrified at where the conversation might go once the forbidden topic came up?
  3. He’s following somebody else’s orders about what to do if the topic comes up?
  4. He figured a fan that adoring was too good to be true and he was right.
  5. Something else, see my comment.

Oh well, at least they got to go to the beach while fighting communism.



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  1. Ha! I’m willing to bet that guy was NOT a Gaetz fan and that he put on that outfit so he could get up close and nail Gaetz to the wall with the pedophile thing. I love it.

  2. Well he’s hanging around with Taylor Greene, and she has the brain and mind of a 10 year old. They both know where they can go.


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