I am sure Matt Gaetz would prefer to be doing anything rather than hanging around D.C. the week before Christmas playing dodge the magnetometer with BoBo Boebert ahead of President Zelenskyy’s speech to Congress, which the two of them probably only attended because that was the one place they could be reliably sure that Marjorie Taylor Greene would not show up and go WWE on their scrawny asses…

His resentment for being held hostage to the Democratic Agenda this week seethed over into his Podcast, where he accused the opposition party of being “Grinches”… out to spoil his Christmas by reporting out the findings of The January 6th Committee, hosting his mentor Putin’s sworn enemy, and passing the Omnibus funding bill putting shutting down the government beyond the House Republicans reach, all in a flurry of activity timed to be wrapped up and placed under Joe Biden’s Christmas Tree.

Cry harder, Matt.



You know it.





Tomorrow was the deadline, right?

Santa stiffed him again.



Merry Christmas, Matt:

Go figure.



🤣🤣🤣 Exactly right.

Merry Christmas Matt, thanks for the laughs!

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  1. As usual, asshat and ass-faced Gaetz has things ass-backwards. He wants a govt. shutdown and people not to work & get paychecks. Dems want the govt. open and providing services, with people getting paid. And Gaetz call US Grinch? WTF?

  2. Is Gaetz a full Russian asset or a useful idiot for Vlad. Sat during Zelensky speech on cell phone and never stood up. Looked at Boebert at the end with a cynical smirk. Asshole. That’s the nicest I can say about him. Use your imagination and I think you can read my mind on all else that I call him.

  3. So, this moron has time to do a podcast?

    It’s one thing to go on a podcast as a guest but to actually host a podcast? One doesn’t take that much time (no more than doing an interview on one of the Sunday morning talk shows) but the other requires a bit of time–not really something you’d expect of a Congresscritter. I wish the anti-government folks who keep voting for him would realize the irony of paying their “representative” nearly $200K a year to play make-believe DJ.

    • At this point, his constituents learning to tie their own shoes would be something. They do not know how to spell irony let alone grasp its meaning.

      • I don’t think Mattie should be allowed near any woman between the ages of 12and 75, and Bingo every must be kept away from.anything that could be used as a weapon, including pencils, hair sticks, forks not made of plastic, or nail.polish (you can use it to.start a fire).


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