Normally, I wouldn’t write this article. The abortion issue is too passionate, and the political landscape too polarized on the issue of abortion for anything that anybody says to make a difference in public opinion. But they’re wrong.

They’re wrong for one simple reason. And that reason is that the MAGA GOP in the era of Trump is batshit fucking crazy! And as much as the GOP leadership wants to soft peddle the upcoming Alito ruling on Roe v Wade, they just can’t seem to keep their howler monkeys in their cages!

The official GOP response, especially in the Senate is to soft peddle the inevitable results of the Alito decision overturning Roe v Wade. The party line is to peddle the Democrats as raging far right liberals, and to try to quell conversations about the reversing of Roe leading to the loss of other rights.

Which is exactly why GOP Senator Steve Daines of Montana took to the well of the Senate, complete with poster boards, and literally compared women’s abortion rights with sea turtles! He claimed that when sea turtles came ashore, laid eggs, and buried them, they were leaving behind sea turtles. And somehow or other, he managed to warp the fertilization of a human egg in a woman with sea turtles!

But see, here’s the Mcguffin. They’re just getting started! The GOP leadership can put out all the warnings and messages they want about soft paddling the results of the SCOTUS decision, and denying that the decision is a gateway to revoking more rights, but the problem is that their howler monkeys are out of their cages, and running free.

Just think about this murderers row for a moment. Think of Sugar Daddy Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar. They’re all far right wingnuts who have a FUX News agenda to sell, and mammoth donations to chase, and they’ll say anything they think will cater to that far right loonie base.

So my advice is, look for more Steve Daines moments in the near future, and beyond. Because these rejects from the workshop of the misfit toys will say whatever they need to to bring in the lucre. And in the process, they’ll piss off pretty much every woman in the United States. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Women are better communicators & organizers than men. That alone spells doom for these so called ‘men’.

  2. Too bad Merrick Garland’s DOJ won’t do anything about any of this. Just one example of Garland’s inaction: Remember when Matt Gaetz’s indictment for sex trafficking was ‘right around the corner’? That story first broke more than a YEAR ago. Now, you never hear anything about it anymore. The American people are seeing firsthand that in America, rich, powerful, connected, white people never go to jail for anything…ever. Thanks for nothing, Garland.

  3. The abortion issue will not help us if too many of us discourage voting by wailing about the DOJ “doing nothing.” My personal belief is thatit’s not true, that the issue is the silence with which FBI investigations are required to be conducted, which doesn’t look a bit like what you see on “Law and Order.” But ieven if the DOJ is doing nothing,Screaming about it will discourage at least some Democrats from voting, and with heavily gerrymandered districts and unconstitutuional voting restrictions (and vigilantes) in place, we can’t afford to lose even one vote to discourageent.



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