I don’t get Maggie Haberman, I really don’t.

One minute you’re opening up the New York Times and she’s got her byline on some really incisive, well researched piece of journalism, and just when you think maybe you’ve gotten her all wrong and, you then open up Twitter and see she has vomited up a glob of half digested disgusting drek like this:

I mean I could kinda understand her fluffing the Orangeutan, TFG is such a narcissistic idiot that any small amount of knob polishing could likely lead to the kinda of access and stupid ass admissions that can make a jorno’s career.

But why pick up your iphone13 just to dishonestly trash Joe Biden for paring down to 280 characters a lengthy press release which mentioned abortion more than once?


Maybe, Maggie, not everyone uses a rhetorical chainsaw when quieter discourse is called for:

This gentleman noted a word missing from your own vocabulary…

Mr. Baldwin would like a word:


Perhaps you could come up with a pithy response to this, Mags…


Next time you feel like sticking a finger down your throat, do us all a favor and take advantage of your privacy.

And thank your stars you have a President that will defend it.

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  1. I thought Maggie Haberman had become irrelevant right after the Mango Menace left office. Why is she trying to throw shade on the one president that actually cares about people? The fact that her father was a well-respected journalist doesn’t automatically redound to her. She needs to go back to the tabloids where she started and where she obviously feels more comfortable.

  2. Haberman is not happy unless she’s stirring a turd. If there isn’t a turd to stir she takes a crap and throws a handful in the punch bowl.


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