Donald Trump may have finally tripped over his own shoelaces. On both sides of the cultural divide, his public condemnation of his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, the poster child for Trump sycophancy if there is one, is being received poorly. On the left, it’s just more evidence of what an unhinged lunatic Trump is. And on the right, his disloyalty is pushing a lot of the wrong buttons. MAGAs are actually doing the unthinkable, and rebuking Trump for trashing McEnany. Fancy that. The faithful, the worshippers, members of the cult are actually telling the Orange Oracle that he did something wrong. Bookmark this moment, this is worth watching. We may be seeing a turning of the tide here.

Now here’s an interesting tidbit: supposedly Trump is doing a Fox News townhall tomorrow or Friday. Let’s see who asks him what about Kayleigh. If he had a lick of sense, he’d apologize now. But he never apologizes to anybody.

This could get good. And don’t forget, the disillusionment with Trump is going to skyrocket when Truth Social goes under and the MAGAs lose their investments.


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  1. You know, this is a case of not only why this surprises the magats but also how? He trashes anyone and everyone he thinks belittles, criticizes or in any way slights him and a slight it someone saying anything less than “you are our deity, we worship the ground you walk upon”. The magats ought to expect this behavior every single day so the fact they didn’t in case is just one more example of their colossal ignorance.

    Hey magats, this is what happens when you not only deify a human but when that human you’re deifying is substandard in every way possible.

  2. Funny but EXACTLY what did McEninny do that’s earned her such “love” and “admiration” from the MAGAts that would allow them–even spur them–to criticize their messiah like this?

    I mean, they seem to have had exactly ZERO problem with all of Trump’s other name-calling (even when he was name-calling right-wingers) but, now, KKKayleigh becomes the proverbial bridge too far for Trump to cross with the name-calling?

    I’m kind of thinking that we’re not seeing the (orange) dyed-in-the-wool die-hard Trump supporters with these tweets supporting McEninny but, rather, the softer bunch who’ve been leaning towards DeSatan in the past few months.

  3. Trump just keeps on showing the cancerous, useless human garbage that he is though I am not in the least bit upset that Kayleigh” Pinocchio” was insulted. She’s one of his sycophants. Lied throughout her whole time as press secretary.

  4. Get your dictionary kids…
    sociopath: an aggressive antisocial psychopath.
    psychopath: one who has a severe mental disorder with antisocial behavior.
    antisocial: harmful to the welfare of people.
    Any questions kids? There will be a final exam in November 2024. I suggest you study. Funny how useful a dictionary remains after all this time. Probably on the list of future books to be banned.

  5. They all deserve the disrespect trump shows them. They all worked under him knowing him as an unstable egomaniac yet stood by him thinking he would con the American people to re-elect him to another four years. They all got what they deserve, which is no respect from the majority of Americans that voted to make him a one-term president.

  6. maureen: fear not for young Kayleigh This will help her sell the book that’s no doubt due to hit the stands now that this little kerfluffal has taken place?


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