If this doesn’t give Kevin McCarthy a stroke, probably nothing will. Liz Cheney just took on Donald Trump, in no uncertain terms. Trump issued one of press releases, through his PAC, this time just one sentence: “The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!” Cheney pushed back.

When Mitt Romney got booed in Utah, at the local GOP convention, he said, “Aren’t you embarrassed? That was the right question. The Republican party should indeed be embarrassed by what it has become and by the fact that loyalty to the Big Lie is the litmus test — and most of the GOPers are too terrified to go against Trump. After Romney’s reception a few days ago, we can’t blame them.

Look for this to heat up.

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  1. Liz Cheney just formally declared war on the GQP. She would only do this if she was a) prepared to take the fight to them and b) confident she could win. A true Republican leader has finally revealed themselves. Unfortunately for the Trump cult, this one is part of their opposition.

    • I agree, the problem with radical statements out of the GOP pack of wolves is, a few strike at the real evil there …

      Remnants of a tattered Trump resemble the aftermath of a failed, high power fireworks bomb that failed to ignite the launch powder but DID ignite the timers in the load for high altitude stars, whistles and reports, all of which commenced to fire in the tube, making a huge mess in the display area … a whole lot of noise, smoke and fire, an umbrella of mistakes and claims to a different outcome do not reverse all the crap that has been Trump …

      The attitude of the hangers-on to a fake Trump administration is hard to imagine … I’m beginning to believe these Republicans truly are dead from the neck up and they have moved beyond any common sense, or even reasonable doubt … totally corrupt … there can end up being some dangerous triggering to the Proud Boys and other local terror units …

      • We already had that triggering the moment the election was lost to Trump. It will be as gaudy and futile as a sparkler that they let burn too close to their hands. An article in the Atlantic a month or two back actually made the comparison of the GQP to the Soviet Communist Party of the 1970s. And we know how THAT story ended.

        • The Republican party message is that americans have a choice between the imagginary Communist/Sofcialst bogeyman (the Democratic party) or the very real threat of an autocracy (the Republican party), and Republicans choose autocracy. They are not the least bit patriotic even if they do wear American flag boxer shorts.

  2. Well, you know, if she opposes any kind of lie, she probably isn’t a good fit for a Republica Party leadership role.

  3. I appreciate Cheney for speaking her truth. Don’t know where that will go. A lot of reasonable women Republicans disappeared from the national stage in recent decades, and as that party gets crazier, I don’t expect the looniness to abate.


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