Like so many Republicans Senator Marco Rubio (or “Little Marco” as Trump calls him) from Florida didn’t even wait for yesterday’s arraignment to look for cameras – to whine about Trump being indicted.   While some GOP Senators are hedging their bets and (gasp) even being a bit critical Rubio sounds more like his counterparts over in the House.  By which I mean outrage, or needing fainting couches or maybe both.  It’s like they’ve been transported back in time to the arrival of The Hindenburg and join in chorus with the “Oh, the humanity” dude.  Only their version is “Oh, the tragedy!  Trump is on that burning airship!”  Followed by speculation that it was sabotaged by Democrats of course.

Look, news about Trump having stolen, then not only kept but fought like hell to retain classified documents and materials is no longer news.  While for a time I admit to having doubts it would happen I long ago realized in the end Trump would be formally charged and tried for at least that particular set of crimes.  So even his trip to Miami wasn’t really news, especially with no cameras and audio of him or the proceedings in the courthouse.  The press event he held at the Cuban joint (a well known spot I’m told) could have been held anywhere.  If it was meant to show solidarity with people of Cuban heritage it was a fail.  Trump spouted the same lies and b.s. surrounded by a bunch of WHITE people!

The talking heads on TV had some interesting stuff to say about what to expect next, but both before and after Trump’s court appearance there wasn’t a whole lot of new “there” there.  That brings me to reactions from Republicans back in DC.  Like Trump, when there’s a flare up in the growing legal bonfire he’s created around himself we can pretty much count on the same people trotting out with lame excuses, pledges of support no matter what, outrage (of course!) and so on.  But, sometimes they make a little news.

With some brand new ridiculous take on things.  Enter Marco Rubio.

Rubio as you know long ago secured a spot in the Trump Sycophant’s Hall of Shame.  But like any other proud (Why?  Who the hell knows?) member he’s probably worried he might get cast out.  Like God casting Satan out of heaven, he and the others fear something far worse, that TrumpGod will cast them out of TrumpWorld.  So, Little Marco has taken to the airwave about this indictment to run interference for Trump.  His them is “Maybe he wasn’t as careful as he might have been, but what damage has he actually done?”

I’ve been seething since I first read those words in a headline yesterday.  What damage?  Are you freaking kidding me?

Lest we forget, Rubio happens to be Vice-Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee!  He knows damn well the damage Trump has done to our National Security.  However, since he’s framed things in this “What was the actual damage” manner let’s start with this:

Ever since the government started getting (in installments) National Security information in the form of documents and other items returned teams from various agencies (not just our own, but our allies too) have by now spent tens of millions of dollars engaged in what’s called Damage Assessment.  That means figuring out as much as possible what might have made its way to those, including enemies that should have it, how to fix or at least mitigate the effects and how much various options will cost.

  • In addition to general Damage Assessment, particular information has gone into addressing the problem of compromised SOURCES and METHODS.  Sources means people, almost always working out there in places and ways that if their work on our behalf were discovered by the wrong people would lead to a painful and ugly death.  Methods is the combination of human sources and other means of intelligence gathering.  Satellites and other aerial recon, listening posts, cyber, ect.  No country ever, EVER wants others, especially enemies know exactly how good (or not) such capabilities are.  For example the quality of photos from satellites and spy planes is degraded, more often that not to all but a handful of people from our most trusted allies.  If then.  Or the capabilities of satellites and spy planes.  In the case of the former orbital mechanics can be worked out meaning bad guys know when and where satellites will pass over someplace.  How far ahead or behind, or from side-to-side is another matter.  That CAN be kept secret and should be.  So should ability to listen in on conversations or take photos video from how far away.  If an enemy learns we are more capable that they thought they can make changes and it costs a bundle for US to adjust!
  • If troop deployments, especially small spec ops units are deployed somewhere or positioned to easily slip in and out of certain places and it’s revealed to the wrong people lives get lost.  Again, that means spending time and money figuring out how to adjust for compromised plans.
  • As a matter of course the DOD develops and updates plans for various contingencies including full out war all over the globe.  Everything from conventional forces to nuclear response and predicted counter-response.  If compromised the cost of changing is incalculable but it’s huge.   And since some things can’t be changed all that much in some scenarios there will be a cost in casualties to our troops as well as civilians caught in the middle of things.  A cost in human blood and body parts.

That my friends is just off the top of my head for starters.  I could write a book about the costs, the damages but people smarter than me have written books about the consequences of intelligence failures including leaks or theft of classified information.

Other than that I can’t for the life of me (being snarky) imagine any damage!

However that’s not the worst part of what Rubio is now selling.  There’s bad news, and there’s worse, REALLY bad news.

First, we will never and I mean NEVER know if Trump has returned all National Security information he STOLE.  Remember that Damage Assessment stuff I talked about?  That means they will always have to be on the lookout for more things that might have been stolen.

However, that’s not the worst of it.  No.  It’s too horrible to have to contemplate and god damn Donald J. Trump and every one of his you-know-what sucking defenders but we don’t know and will never know what he has ALREADY shared.  Even sold.  THAT my friends means those doing Damage Assessment have to not only assume the worst when it comes to every single National Security Document that’s been recovered, but that anything that made it into the West Wing might have wound up where Trump could grab hold of it and stuff it away for his own use later!


Neither will our allies.  For a generation (at least) to come we and they won’t know for sure what even some of the most highly classified information Trump had access to has been compromised.  That means despite our having more capabilities to not only get but help them flesh out intelligence they will be reluctant to share all they know with us, and even to other allies they think might turn around and share it with us.

Because Bush 43 was our “Mulligan” in international matters.  Trump’s even having a chance to win in 2016 scared the hell out of our allies.  Then via our Constitutional vestigial organ known as the Electoral College (which also let Bush 43 slip through and into the WH) became President the old paradigm forever broke things.  It’s likely, even if on trial or even convicted Trump will be the GOP nominee next year.  To our allies it’s now clear that every four years everything is up for grabs, including our own and often their most closely guarded secrets might be revealed to enemies.  We will never in the lifetime of anyone reading this be trusted the way we were prior to Trump be trusted the way we once were.  It wasn’t so many years ago we were the unquestioned leader of the free world and while some had dreams of taking over that role no one actually saw it changing.  Not anymore –  due to Trump.

This compromising of National Security, hoarding classified documents, leaving them where so many passing through his club(s) could get at them. (and we know for a fact agents of adversaries have conducted operations to see what they could get their hands on on them, especially down in FL)  Showing them off to people.  Even selling them?  Somehow I don’t think the Saudis shelling out a couple billion to Jared is the only money that changed hands.  The point is that it’s a stark reminder that even gone from the WH Trump is a danger to not just us but them.   It reinforces their view that our word and leadership can’t be counted on for more than four years at a time.

So Little Marco, try putting a price tag, both in money and human costs on that!

Now, this is I admit my own opinion but I’m bettering others, lots of others will agree.  Trump will, if he feels he’s screwed try to take everyone and everything down with him.  We already know he had copies of classified, highly sensitive National Security information transferred to at least one laptop and at least a couple of flash drives.  Again, we don’t know what has NOT been recovered by the government.  But of this I’m certain.  We know there are jilted lovers/spouses out there who adopt a “If I can’t have you then no one can attitude” out there.  Who grab their GUN and shoot the person who rejected them.  Maybe the kids and other family too before turning their GUN on themselves.  Happens damned near every day.

I for one think that would be Trump’s attitude in the end.  If he’s held to account as he should be, and loses his freedom and money (if it hasn’t imploded by then it will once he’s convicted) he will have convinced himself he’s some special combination of unfairly rejected and f**ke over.  And like the jilted lover he will try to make sure that since HE can’t enjoy freedom and money that none of the rest of us will be able to either.  One can only hope that the government does have back all he stole, and that there aren’t any copies out there.  Or that if there are, the person(s) he entrusted with releasing it, his personal Snowden or Assange takes a hard look at what they’re about to do and says “No, I won’t do it.”

I do have one hopeful thought about that doomsday scenario.  There IS one person who would gladly, even gleefully burn everything down for Trump.  Steve Bannon.  However, Trump wouldn’t trust Bannon with any means of getting his hands on some flash drive because Bannon wouldn’t sit around and wait for Trump’s downfall.  Hey, I’ll take even f**ked up hope at this point.

But Rubio, like so many others isn’t fit to serve in the Office he holds.  So getting back to where I started, yes there will be news about how things are progressing with the National Security trial down in Miami and  you should take note of it.  But just as important is news of the new ways in which Trump’ supporters of prominence will come up with to defend him.  Because a good thirty million or more Americans will see/hear their mouth-sharting defenses and believe it to be gospel.  Whether Rubio or someone else these a$$hat WILL come up with new rationalizations and everyone needs to pay attention and be ready to respond.

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  1. To paraphrase a great American, Hunter S. Thompson: if there were any true justice in the world, little d*ck suxing Marco would be in the belly of a hammerhead shark headed south of Cuba.

  2. He was selling us out while still in office. The CIA, about a year or two into his residency, noticed a huge drop in the number of their sources, informants. Some disappeared, some met untimely deaths. Jared gave MBS intel on his relatives so that he could usurp the expected crown prince MBN. We may never know the complete toll of his traitorous behavior, but we already know enough. How could I forget him outing an Israeli spy to Lavrov in the Oval Office. He also tweeted a highly classified map, against the strong objections of his NSA advisors, out to the world. Not to mention the debacle at Lard a Mago when Japan’s PM Abe was visiting, the diners using their cell phones’ flashlights to illuminate classified info.

    I would note that there are white latinos, so that crowd could have consisted of mostly Cubanos. In fact, the majority of the Cuban community in Miami is white, they were the rich ones that could escape when Castro took over.

    • Those white Cubans supported (mostly ) a corrupt fascist dictator. And blended in well with local Dixie folk🤔🤔 Who lost (so a loser) to the communists. Lost cause? Right part of country 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. You are 100% right Denis. There is no way that the other members of the Five Eyes Alliance, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and The UK will be letting US agencies see all their intelligence info any more, and as for NATO, it’s a tribute to Biden’s statesmanship skills that it still functions at all. No other of any of the other allies, like Israel, Japan, or Taiwan will ever be as trusting either.

    The ‘soft power’ the USA has wielded to great effect since WW2 is now irreparably damaged and the image of untrustworthy, selfish, stupid, self-interested, bully America is now likely to be the defining one.

  4. “The press event he held at the Cuban joint (a well known spot I’m told) could have been held anywhere. If it was meant to show solidarity with people of Cuban heritage it was a fail.”

    As others have noted, most of the Cuban community in South Florida is remarkably of a Castilian Spanish complexion (only their speaking voices can give them away). But, it SHOULD be a flag to all the other non-Cuban Hispanics who’ve been vilified by Trump and the rest of the GOP since Cubans have ALWAYS had a “special” exemption when it comes to immigration policy. If a Cuban “refugee” manages to make it to American shores without being intercepted, then they get to stay (especially if they can claim a relative waiting for them) Meanwhile, all the OTHER Hispanic refugees, trying to cross the “Southern Border,” with skin tones just a little closer to the color of paper bags (or darker) are vilified and treated as criminals. (And it’s especially funny regarding Venezuelan refugees–during the entirety of the Trump regime, there was a veritable cold war between the US and Venezuela with the Trumpies decrying the “communist” dictatorship and yet, Venezuelan refugees are treated just as poorly as Colombian or Salvadoran or Guatemalan or any other non-Cuban Hispanic refugee.)

  5. “Then via our Constitutional vestigial organ known as the Electoral College (which also let Bush 43 slip through and into the WH) became President the old paradigm forever broke things.”

    Sorry, Denis, but you can’t blame the Electoral College on Shrub’s presidency. That was ENTIRELY on the Supreme Court–and its conservative majority. SCOTUS’s decision about Florida’s recount left no option except for Florida’s electoral votes to go to Bush. (And, since neither Bush nor Gore had an actual majority of the popular vote, who was supposed to be elected president? Bear in mind that Clinton’s two electoral college victories were also achieved without a majority of the popular vote but no one on our side was complaining then about the “vestigial organ” that is the Electoral College. To note, IF SCOTUS had done the “right thing,” and let the matter be handled in the House as long as Florida’s electoral vote was disputed, Bush would’ve still won the White House because the election would’ve been decided by the House and a majority of the state delegations were majority-GOP. Each state is entitled to ONE vote for the entire delegation and 28 states had a clear GOP majority.)

  6. “Or that if there are, the person(s) he entrusted with releasing it, his personal Snowden or Assange takes a hard look at what they’re about to do and says “No, I won’t do it.”

    Sorry, you lost me by bringing these two into the mix. Snowden’s actions are a lot closer to what Trump did (except Trump–as far as we know–didn’t flee the country with his documents) and Assange faced rape charges that SOMEHOW got “overlooked” in the ensuing WikiLEAKS scandal.

    • Ok let’s look at Trump’s history. In their divorce Ivana (trophy wife #1) related an incident where an angry Trump raped her. It was all credible enough that for years their kids wanted nothing to do with daddy, and only when they reached adulthood and he dangled easy money via cushy make-work jobs did they shift suppport, and for her kid’s sake Ivana kinda sorta walked back what she’d testified to under oath. But let’s not stop with that or his sexual assault of E. Jean Carroll. When he was young how many drugged and/or drunk to the point of stupor women did Trump force himself on? Then if they complained the next day bought them off. Or his friendship with Epstien. Even if he didn’t indulge regularly with underage teens he surely did sometimes. You KNOW Epstein and Maxwell supplied him with women who were threatened, drugged or both if necessary if Trump wanted them. So on that score yeah, he’s every bit as slimy if not more so than Assange.


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