It was a big kiss and make up fest in Washington, D.C. today. The Republican senators got Donald Trump a sheet cake with the numbers 45 on it for his 78th birthday which is tomorrow. This is good. They may give him his 79th birthday cake in prison, best to start learning how to bake these things with files in them now. This was a conciliatory meeting and everyone was happy, to hear Trump’s biggest sycophants tell it. Here’s the Graham Cracker proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, forgetting that there was a time when he was sane and calling Trump a “kook” and a “xenophobe” and saying Joe Biden was “as fine a man as God ever created.” I guess that Lindsey is gone forever.

Lindsey is far and away not the only person who has compared this era to the pre-WWII 1930’s. But he is unique in casting Donald Trump in a role similar to Winston Churchill or FDR when it’s quite obvious that the allegory here is to two demagogues, Hitler back then and a vengeful Trump right now. Hitler had his beer halls to talk the crazy talk and Trump had reality TV for over a dozen years to sow the seeds of his disinformation and create the identity that he wanted the masses to buy.

And if it had stayed in television, fine. No harm no foul. Trump was paid to be an entertainer and his kooky persona sold. Trump made on the order of $44 million dollars from The Apprentice, probably the closest to an honest dollar that he ever made in his life. Would that it had stopped there. But Trump began hatching his scheme to be president and talking about it on the air clear back in the 90’s.

Lindsey lasted a few minutes on January 6. He got off the Trump train and then he reboarded it. Same with Kevin McCarthy. Ditto for Mitch McConnell. They are all, collectively, ball-less wonders.

Let’s get the countdown clocks rolling now, shall we? July 11 is set as the sentencing date in the hush money trial. Then four days later, the 15th of July, the Republican convention starts in Milwaukee, a town which Trump went out of his way to trash today.

It’s been predicted for some time now that the 2024 GOP convention is going to be even more zoo-ish than the 2016 convention. If you recall, entire delegations stormed out angry, Colorado and Iowa, to name two. Video was taken of frustrated delegates taking their lanyards off their necks and hurling their credentials to the floor. The entire ambience of the convention was bitter and antagonistic.

Watch for the 2024 convention to be even worse. This is the first time that Republicans have had a convicted felon vye for the top of their ticket. Just watch what happens. There will be a lot of playacting and denial. This is the GOP’s last stand. Their mission: to convince the world that Trump really isn’t a convicted felon and adjudicated rapist and he didn’t really have a disastrous four years in office. They need to rewrite history and rewrite the present. Orwell predicted this in 1948 when he wrote “1984.” And you are going to see the GOP do exactly what INGSOC did in the book: “The party required that you ignore the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”


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  1. Wait for the new pledge of alleggiance:

    “I swear to you, Donald Trump, as President and Leader of the United States of America, that I will be loyal and brave. I pledge obedience unto death to you and those you appoint to lead. So help me God.”

    (the original actually read “I swear to you, Adolf Hitler, as Führer and Chancellor of the German Reich, that I will be loyal and brave. I pledge obedience unto death to you and those you appoint to lead. So help me God.”)

    But then I’m sitting safe and sound over in Ireland and although we do have the born-again fascists who wiill be marchi up and down the countryside to celebrate a Dutchman who beat his wife’s dad in a battle, they haven’t quite reached the depths of idiocy (and vileness) that you lot have to endure from a guy who progressed directly from infancy to senility (without having passed therough maturity)

  2. Hitler had his supporters for burning kids in the ovens. Trump has his for destroying families at the border including the deaths of children. I’d rather shoot the sob rather than vote for his fascist regime. These nazis are willing to be covered in innocent blood for a few dollars and some evil power. Vote!

  3. Yeah, well, Miss Lindsey needs to remember what tended to happen to light-in-the-loafers men like him in hitler’s germany. It did not end well for most of them.


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