Another day, another page in the Republican Handbook. Go to the index of the Handbook and scroll down to Hopeless Causes. There you will see a few basic directions.

One, the worse it gets the more you deny. Two, if doubling down doesn’t do it, triple and quadruple down.

When all else fails, throw up your hands and identify the true problem, which is always a Democratic plot. Watch Lindsey Graham in action, in response to the accusation of yet a second woman, involved with Herschel Walker, who aborted his love child.

If you can’t argue fact, you can always argue fantasy, right? The GOP isn’t the party of QAnon and conspiracy theory for nothing, after all.

This situation with Walker certainly didn’t do him any good, but on the other hand, it’s not going to be all that conclusive. This is another one of those races, like Oz v. Fetterman, where at this stage there are very few, if any, undecided voters.

Our problem as spectators is that we can’t reliably depend upon polls because the “science” of polling has been egregiously strained the past seven, eight years as politics moved into the purview of Trump world. 2016 polls were ludicrously and disastrously off base and 2020 polls were not that much better.

So what we know is that this race will be close. We can only hope and pray for good voter turnout and for the sanity of the people of Georgia. Yes, football is a religion down there. So put King Herschel in charge of some winning ball club, do not send him to the United States Senate.


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  1. Southerner’s DO take their college football as serious as a heart attack. There’s no way in hell the voters, even the RWNJ conservatives would ever want Herschel Walker having any type of coaching job, much less being head coach of a team in Georgia! Sadly, the conservatives and plenty of independents won’t give a second thought to voting to put him in the Senate.

  2. Um, how is Kavanaugh a “martyr?” Last I checked, Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court–martyrs usually FAIL to achieve their goals in the short term (or they’re sacrificed–literally or proverbially–for the cause). If Graham was looking for a conservative “martyr,” he’d have been better off invoking the name of Robert Bork (a guy whose own rhetoric was largely responsible for destroying his SCOTUS chances and whose loss was indirectly responsible for Kavanaugh–Bork’s rejection led to Anthony Kennedy’s appointment to the Court and Kavanaugh clerked for Kennedy and was Kennedy’s replacement).

    As for Graham’s appearance here, doesn’t that just offer a little more ammunition in the effort to get his ass into a Georgia courtroom to testify? I mean, he’s got the time to go to Georgia to stump for Walker, something which has even less bearing on his “official” Senate duties than calling the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” votes for Trump but he believes the latter provides him some “immunity” from testifying. If I were Fani Willis, this little visit would be shown as part of my evidence to get Graham into court immediately.


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