We forgot about Lin Wood. Not that he isn’t memorable, but with all the other MAGA fruit flies sucking the oxygen out of the room, it certainly hasn’t been on the forefront of my mind lately what Lin Wood has been up to. Turns out, he’s been appearing before the Georgia State Bar. They demanded last year that he undergo a mental health exam to determine his fitness to continue to practice law. Wood appealed that determination and lost. Now he’s back in front of them again. And it doesn’t look promising.

Here’s his entire commentary. You don’t want to miss a word.

I wonder what Georgia “B.A.R.” means? The State Bar is the State Bar and Bar is not an acronym for anything, last I knew. But it means something to Wood, obviously. “Barbarians And Rabble?” Maybe?

Let’s hope that we can get our hands on a transcript of the disbarment hearings. It’s got to be a scream if this is a sampling of it.

I wonder what Lin will do after he’s disbarred? He’s got bigger problems than disbarment, believe it or not. He managed to pi$$ off his MAGA cohorts, Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, those folks, back in the day and he’s not on the roster for Awaken America anymore. That’s been the case for a couple of years now.

Ergo, the career that former Trumpers have after they have flamed out in the real world, that of being part of right-wing media and extremist activism platforms, is closed to Wood.

Does he still own that plantation in South Carolina? Maybe he can pick cotton.


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  1. Amazing how these xtians claim to have such personal knowledge of what G_d has in mind for others. More amazing is that these plans are absolute copies of the xtians’ wishes, hopes and dreams.

    How does anyone call themselves xtian anymore? That has to be the most embarrassing label on the planet these days. Glad to see young people are avoiding it like the plague.

  2. Lin…this is Jesus. Please keep my name out of your mouth. I am NOT with you. I said over and over only those who follow my teachings are my disciples. You don’t, so stop pretending. If you’re confused about who you follow, read the story John wrote, chapter 8: 42-47.
    Spike…I’m afraid my people, the jews, are just as hypocritical. Just ask the Palestinians. As the saying goes, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

    • I’m a Jew as well Scott. I scratch my head, and cease any and all donations to Israeli causes, every time that country elects a RWNJ (think Bibi) to run the place into the ground. There are worthy causes that don’t kill, discriminate, ghetto-ize a population because they are of whatever persuasion.

      I have no answers regarding the Arabs living in Israel/Palestine. None at all. I can see what doesn’t work and shouldn’t be practiced in a supposedly democratic country-and it is supposed to be a democratic country. What I’ve seen for a VERY long time is never going to work and eventually the planet will turn against Israel if what they are doing continues.

      I have bupkis for answers but I have stones. Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture.

  3. Note that “a follower” snuck a photo of him. Not a friend, or a fan, or a family member, but a “follower.” Step aside, sweet Jesus, I suspect ol’ Lin’s about to proclaim himself to be a prophet. Fundraising will now ensue.

  4. Spike, I never blame a faith or individual people for what a government does. My first wife was a Jewish lady from an old family in Springfield MA. I officially joined a reform temple in 1979, and have a beautiful official certificate. I’ve have three ex-wives. The kindest and most fair was my first wife. My second was a catholic woman I was married to for 12 years. She was an actress through and though and was the worst, a liar and narcissist. My third was a black lady from Chicago, who got blinded by her rich friends and left one day. That was 17 years ago, and we’re friends, but she hasn’t given me a reason to this day. She got remarried and divorced again. The only one I have nothing bad to say about is my Jewish ex-wife. In my dealings with people, I have found most Jewish folks to be very kind. I did lose a very good friend over the Palestinians. He’s a wealthy Zionist and thinks all Arabs are evil. We were friends for years, and he was even my best man for my third wedding. He just stopped communicating with me. It’s a shame really. I don’t follow any organized religion. I guess Groucho and I don’t want to belong to a group that would have me as a member.

  5. Cittern…George Carlin for president!!! If the magat crowd can bring back JFK Jr., let’s give George the reins!


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