Man. Trump is going to hit the roof when he hears this one. Both Rick Wilson and Ron Filipkowski are predicting that somebody is going to get fired from Team Trump for this weekend’s fiasco at the Libertarian Convention. I concur. It was so negative, especially on Saturday night. On Friday night a delegate moved the chair for a resolution to “tell Donald Trump to go fuck himself,” and that was as mellow as it got. By Saturday the boos were thundering through the auditorium, like a herd of acoustic cattle.

Trump was livid. He was turning magenta and clenching his teeth. He’s not used to standing up at a podium and getting booed. He’s used to the hyper pleasant, laudanum based cloud koo koo land dream world of a MAGA rally, where he does his stupid little dance movements and the crowd roars approval. Last night he asked for the Libertarian vote and they booed more than you’re going to hear on the next ten Halloween nights.

But nothing takes the cake like this gal. This lady, who is a Libertarian, said that she would sooner “eat my foot off out of a bear trap than vote for Donald Trump.” I know how she feels. I was severely anemic on Election Day 2016 but I told a friend that I would “crawl over glass to vote for Hillary and against that fucker.” And I looked so pale and weak at the polling place that a kind Democrat immediately got me a glass of water. But I voted, by God. What is comical about this is that Trump has no idea that this is how people really feel about him. He simply does not. But he will keep finding out if he actually goes to places where normal voters are present and not his worshipping cultists.

From Rick Wilson:

Trump’s instincts are failing. His performance was off. His staff didn’t read the room or the event ahead of time. It was terrible.

The night was a striking failure for Trump. Mike Lee, that oleaginous suet sack in a bad suit, tried to warm up the crowd for Trump and was roundly jeered. Vivek Ramaswamy tried to pitch a “Libertarian-Nationalist” movement, which, as a friend texted, is like a “Nazi-Jewish” movement.

The usual calls of “We Want Trump” were drowned out by “End the Fed!” within seconds. Trump did a mini-pander by offering to commute the sentence of notorious Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht and offering them a Cabinet seat. (“As what?” you may well ask, but I’m as stumped on that as the next guy.)

Chase Oliver, a Libertarian primary candidate, noted, “If he thinks he is going to win our nomination, he’s more delusional than I thought.”

Has Trump descended so far into senescence that his ego drove him to attend an event chock-full of people who hate everything he stands for in this life? Is the staff of his legal defense fund-cum-campaign that checked out? Who thought putting the most obvious authoritarian statist in American history in front of a room of Ayn Rand fanboys was a great idea?

Trump’s MAGA party loves the power of the state. The MAGA movement is all about making the American people bow to the will of a cadre of religious and nationalist zealots who deeply desire the monitoring, control, and punishment of anyone with a lifestyle at even the slightest variance from their imagined norm.

Project 2025, their roadmap to the future, is a roadmap to a hellscape for libertarians, with massive expansions of the power of government. MAGA doesn’t want a smaller, smarter, or less intrusive government at all. Their vision relies creating a constant, intrusive Panopticon of monitoring and control, just like the Chinese, but with flag, eagle, and Punisher skull branding.

Even libertarians believe the rule of law is a fundamental underpinning of liberty. If libertarians believe that the government’s role should be bounded and strictly limited to protecting individuals’ rights to life, liberty, and property by the most minimal state possible, MAGA, as the Gen Z kids say, ain’t it, boss. QED, every word from them about Donald Trump’s legal challenges. “We love the rule of law, but the divine right of Trump is our guiding principle” isn’t exactly libertarianism at its finest.

This was an egregious mismatch. I don’t know what possessed Team Trump to suggest this. The Biden-Harris campaign passed on speaking to the Libertarians. I don’t know the rationale for that decision and it may have nothing to do with the Libertarians. Needless to say, a lot of things are going on in this country and the world that command Joe Biden’s attention far more than speaking to their convention, no disrespect.

Trump may have only showed up because Biden did not, which is what I suspect. Right-wing media was running this as an *exclusive* story, an *historic* occasion. Whatever opium-induced dream Jason Miller, Sebastian Gorka, or some other staffer had which gave them the idea that the Libertarians would do anything but boo when Trump got on stage and asked for their vote is beyond imagining.

You’ve heard, no doubt, the classic line: “Libertarians are like housecats. They’re convinced of their fierce independence while being dependent on a system they neither understand nor appreciate.”

I’m not surprised that the Libertarian lady said she would opt for self mutilation of the most agonizing sort before voting for Trump. What I hope is that Lincoln Project or somebody picks up on this and makes an ad out of it. If Trump gets back in office, we will all be gnawing off our own limbs. And with good cause to do so.

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  1. In my weakest moments, I have contemplated ending my life before living in my country if tRump is elected. Chewing my foot out of a bear trap would only result in losing a limb but still having to live under tRump’s form of “Amerrka.” Or I would move to Canada.

  2. “Trump may have only showed up because Biden did not, which is what I suspect.”

    That will be it. In Dimwit Donny’s transactional world, if they aren’t for Biden, they must be for him.


    • and my pits have always been not only treated well (all animals should be), they’ve been trained well. Since dogs greet each other by sniffing each other’s ass-holes, it’s an ill-trained dog of ANY breed that becomes aggressive when another comes to say “hi”.

      Please do not spout garbage about Pitties-they have enough ignorance floating around concerning them so don’t add to it.

      There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad humans.

      Sorry Scott, I think Pitties are the best damned dogs, bar NONE, on the planet and I will not have ignorance spread about their behavior.

  3. “Reading the room” is not something Von Shitshispants or his staff do because they haven’t been required to do so before. When all you do is perform in front of friendly klan rallies you do not become adept at reading the room.


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