At least he didn’t wipe his a$$ with it, I suppose that’s something. Matt Gaetz — we presume it’s Matt Gaetz, it could have been somebody else — left a draft of a resolution to remove Kevin McCarthy in the men’s room beneath the House chambers. Now this is a brilliant stroke, actually. If you read this in a novel, you would appreciate the writer’s gift in using the image of leaving the H.R. resolution in the bathroom of being indicative of two things: a subtle commentary that the resolution is of the same value as the other paper products that are found in lavatories, and that Matt Gaetz, by leaving it there, is a careless person, not focused on his tasks.

But this is no novel, this is the ongoing reality TV show, The House 2023, and Gaetz — or somebody — actually did this (even if it’s a plant.) I guess this is a new GOP thing, classified documents and confidential records are kept in bathrooms. Good to know.

And no I don’t know what that white powder in the lower right hand quadrant of the above photo is. Must be baby powder, right? This is a changing station, right, and men always take their kids to work and then change their diapers, particularly rich Republican men. Right?

Now naturally, there are people saying that this document was planted. And that makes sense.

It could be just that. Friends, it’s one or its the other. Gaetz, or another GOPer left it there, or somebody planted it.

Matt Laslo is a credible political reporter. If this isn’t real, then he’s putting himself out on a limb and why would he do that? With all that has happened in the past seven years in Washington, there is precious little that would surprise me, but right now, this is the controversy du jour, was it there or was it not and if it was, who put it there?

Now here’s another spin. Maybe Gaetz didn’t drop it or plant it, maybe McCarthy did.

That’s true enough. Trying to shame Matt Gaetz is like calling a cat to come to you, good luck with that.

That is a statement of wisdom. We will end on that note.

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  1. Occam’s Razor folks–the simplest answer is most likely the correct one. Gaetz is not very bright and like other people who are not very bright he forgets things in the restroom. Important things. Things that should not have been brought to the restroom unless said restroom is out of toilet paper-then paper of any kind would be pretty handy.

    The boy is just not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • Either way it works, is what I find comical. if Gaetz is that spaced out to leave a document like that lying around anywhere, let alone in a public place like a john, it’s absurd. If, for some reason, McCarthy drafted it and left it there, that too is comical.

      Or, maybe there’s somebody else playing the two of them. We can play this game of palace intrigue all night.

  2. One thing is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, Gaetz has shown that there is really no one other than the orange shitgibbon that can be loud and annoying, wasting everyone else’s time, boring everyone else to the possibility of standing or sitting naps …

    He attacks people on a daily basis, drumming the same illiterate statements with cruelty like Ted Cruz but the insane stupidity just floats around the room and flies back into Matt’s P-brain for another launch at the person he does not allow to speak, with his own babble constantly dribbling out of his face …

    • It’s said that Gaetz might run for Governor of Florida next. Have you heard that? The poor Floridians. They’ve got their hands full with DeSantis, wrecking rents, insurance policies, you name it. This is the last thing they need, Gaetz to succeed DeSantis. Kind of like a killer earthquake coming right after a devastating flood.

      • The thing IS we ALL have a stake in the Florida mash up, DeSantis, and NOW Trump have decided to mow down the drug dealers and traffickers’, they just don’t present the actual procedure, will they set up machine guns on tripods, or have our best shooters, chase them around an old abandoned race track with their long range rifles with huge scopes on them until one of their shots gets into the driver’s windshield …

        But, most importantly, they have NOT MENTIONED how they will positively identify the drug cartel members as targets AND ABSOLUTEY not harm legal attempts to seek citizenship and find sanctuary here, maybe that’s the idea, shoot ALL of them and THEN they will get the right ones?

        DeSantis started with his STONE COLD DEAD in big letters, and Trump thinks it will draw more attention to him as well … What if the nutty Maga’s whip out their many AR-15 assault weapons and line up on a hill, just North of the border to target practice on innocent walkers with babies in their arms, trying to carry water and food for the family with them?

        It’s ALL Ludacris stupidity, BUT they DID wreck our Capitol …


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