Laura Ingraham got herself in a heap of trouble when Fox News was sued by Dominion Voting Systems. That concluded with a huge, $787.5 million settlement, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why this obnoxious woman wasn’t fired alongside Tucker Carlson. As the host of The Ingraham Angle, she just seems to say whatever pops into her head and has allowed guests on her show to lie as well.

She just seems to think she can get away with whatever she wants. She tried that gambit Tuesday on day 17 of Donald Trump’s hush-money trial in a Manhattan courtroom. She’d brought a pair of binoculars and her phone to the trial. While binoculars aren’t banned in the courtroom, they are not supposed to be used when evidence is being shown to legal counsel before being shown to the jury. But Ingraham brought them out right at that moment, The Daily Beast reports.

Court officials tried and apparently failed to get her attention as she remained glued to the binoculars for a good 10 seconds as they implored her to put them down. When she finally returned to earth she acted annoyed and threw the binoculars down.

Ingraham, 60, kept busy most of the afternoon, perhaps preparing her opening monologue for Tuesday’s evening broadcast. And with the way she is, the more negative or nasty something is, the more she loves it. She’s discussed “Jughead” Michael Cohen’s testimony, lambasted President Joe Biden for daring to be old and pretty much done her usual shtick. The woman rarely deviates.

And maybe Ingraham is either more forgetful or she’s just plain ballsy because she had to be reminded time and again to not openly use her cell phone. This has been a key bone of contention over these past two weeks in Justice Juan Merchan’s courtroom. Merchan has generally allowed journalists to use their laptops and phones inside an overflow room. A couple of reporters have been bounced for taking photos on their phones.

Tuesday was the second day of former Trump fixer/attorney Michael Cohen and I’m sure Ingraham managed to part with her phone long enough when lead defense lawyer Todd Blanche approached Cohen and asked him if he had gone on TikTok to call him “a crying little shit.” Cohen started to respond that this sounded like something he might say but prosecutors jumped in, objecting at this point. That little contretemps led to a hastily called sidebar.

So, it looks like Ingraham will have plenty of material for her program Tuesday night. I wonder how she’ll skew, or should I say misrepresent this, tonight? There is just no way in hell that I believe she didn’t know she was not supposed to use binoculars when legal counsel is reviewing evidence. I don’t believe this for a second. She managed to keep her job at Fox News after the Dominion Voting Systems dustup, and I think Ingraham believes she is somehow special.

But that’s just me.

Oh, and one last thing: I’d hoped Fox News would can Hannity in the aftermath of that huge settlement. Guess you can’t have everything.

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  1. The woman “rarely deviates” because deviation from her set list takes work, imagination, intelligence, etc. She has none of these so she must be spoon-fed garbage so she can spew garbage. What? Surely you all don’t think she is an actual journalist who does her own research do you?

    When the term “karen” enters the dictionary I hope they put her picture next to it since she is the thing brought to mind whenever that term used for an entitled bitch is uttered.


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