Here we go again. Lincoln Project brought out this recurring series Last Week In the Republican Party a while back. The episodes are always a scream but this particular last seven days have been truly one for the books. These are all actual clips, which have been mashed together. Separately they’re all strange. Together they form a humiliating collage. Unfortunately, this is who the GOP is in this day and age.

That was seriously in one week. And oh, what a week it has been and continues to be. Matt Gaetz is huffing and puffing and he’s going to blow the House down around McCarthy’s ears, you bet. Except that he can’t.

Here’s more that happened last week. Maybe the Lincoln Project should expand their Last Week series to be a half hour, they could more than fill the time. Politico:

The pair also traded shots last week after McCarthy accused Gaetz, who has been investigated for ethics violations multiple times, of colluding with Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) to work against him.

“Matt is working with Eric Swalwell, but let me be very clear,” McCarthy told CNN. “Matt is upset about an ethics complaint. I don’t care what they threaten against me. I’m not gonna interject into an independent committee like ethics, and I’m not going to put Swalwell back on the intel committee. So, they can do whatever they want.”

Gaetz, in turn, accused the House speaker of “lying like a dead dog.”

“I am the most investigated man in the entire Congress, and right there you saw Kevin McCarthy lying like a dead dog because I have never asked him to interfere in any ethics matter,” Gaetz told MSNBC last Wednesday, adding that he’s “a sad and pathetic man who lies to hold onto power.”

They are all sad and pathetic people who lie to hang onto power. That’s the tragedy of all this.



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