You know which Orwellian quote I’m going to begin with. Put it on a post it note if you haven’t already memorized it because this is exactly where we’re going for the rest of the summer and fall until we are blessedly released from this bondage either on the night of November 5 or as soon thereafter as the election can be called, like in 2020. Yes, once again the party is requesting that we ignore the evidence of our own eyes and ears. Kellyanne Conway wants you to believe that this photo you’re seeing is 8,000 Black people. And so is this.

The camera pans quite fast and dizzingly, but you can pause it, as I did, and you’ll see that that crowd is predominantly white. And there is no way on God’s earth that this is 8,000 people, unless we’re talking about people in alternate dimensions who happen to be in the room but aren’t visible. This is definitely alternative facts time here, folks.

One Black man that was in the church was Byron Donalds. He’s all revved up this morning about the possibility of being in charge of the country with Trump.

Now this begs the question of who Trump will pick as a running mate. Ron Filipkowski has said Elise Stefanik. I think that’s a possibility but there’s no way Stefanik can deliver New York or any voters to Trump, really. Which is why I’ve leaned to Tim Scott, because as least Scott theoretically can deliver Black voters. In reality, I think Scott delivering Black voters is like the stork delivering children, but at least in theory Scott and Donalds will be capable of doing that. Or, I guess Ben Carson. Man, would that be a Bizarro World ticket, Trump/Carson.

Getting back to Trump’s VP pick, Stefanik is a glib liar. She also has the advantage of knowing how things work and would be instrumental in getting things done in a second Trump term. But she’s not a glamor girl and that might make it difficult for Trump to have her on his ticket.

Kristi Noem fits the MAGA profile visually and she’s a hard core sycophant but she is so unpopular on both sides of the aisle that I can’t see Trump going that route. Although he might, just for visuals. Again, the man thinks of all of this in show biz terms. This isn’t politics, this is reality TV.

Doug Burgum’s name comes up a lot because he’s rich and has a lot of rich friends. Trump desperately needs money so he’s a natural to be a pick. Burgum also looks the part of VP and could lend a kind of old school GOP status to the ticket. He also would blend into the background and be non controversial.

There’s a strong possibility that Trump would go that direction. Stefanik would be called out for her consummate lies, whereas Burgum has played the staid, old school Republican so far and so that, with the cash infusion that would happen, could be what swings the bat for Trump.

It’s a bit soon to tell, but on the other hand, it’s less than one month away from the GOP convention and that’s the deadline. He has to announce somebody by this time next month. Maybe it will be the near invisible but rich Burgum.

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  1. Having worked a lot of Faires, I’d say 120-150, 3-5 Black. Lot of Magacultists who haven’t been in church in years.

      • The video pans the entire church. Total seating capacity is about 800 (20 rows x 40 total in all three sections), about 200 are visible, and at least 65% are white.

        • It also appears that the photo was taken either at another location or only part way down the aisle – no where near enough rows to be the entire church.

  2. Listening to the sh*t that came out of kelly anne’s mouth on a daily basis when she worked for the Von Shitzinpants admin, I’d say she saw, or rather hallucinated, a lot of shit. Her seeing 8000 when there were likely less than 100 is pretty much par for the course, maybe even a bit below.

    Wasn’t she the one who came up with “alternate facts”? It takes a special kind of stupid to say that sort of dumb-ass b.s.

  3. Ursula, I agree that out of all the ones he put on the short list it will be Burgum. Trump will never share the spotlight with a woman or a Black man. He also believes he can win those voters with his charm and con without having to share the spotlight and power with one of them. And always it will come down to the $$$!!!



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