Well, yeah, KellyAnne Alternative Facts, if by that you mean we don’t want kids going to schools without great books, where LGTB kids aren’t welcome, but the teachers are packing heat, I suppose you are right.

Kellyanne has been compared in the past with Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Hannah and this is yet another outing that will go that direction because of its level of divisiveness.

All she’s doing is pouring gasoline on the culture war, nothing else.

She won’t go until the grift is over, Jo.



🙌 🙌 🙌












Exactly, it always projection with these people.

Thanks, as always, to Acyn and his peeps!

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  1. Just look at the R’s push to take more and more funding from public schools and re-direct it to charter, religious, and private schools. Who has been calling teachers pedophiles and groomers? Who is banning books and pushing to keep the populace dumbed down and incapable of critical thinking? Who doesn’t want their children mixing with the masses? R’s, that’s who. You’re right Dino, it’s always projection with them. If they’re saying it’s Dems, it’s actually THEM.

  2. Well KellyAnne, since you made all that effort to swim down to the very bottom of the waste pit of the outhouse I have no choice but to look down at your sorry ass! Oh, and that goober in that tweet – wow. It’s depressing to think this dumbass’s vote counts the same as mine. I wonder what would happen if every four years someone had to pass a real, substantive civics test that included some questions on world history and current events to be able to vote. Personally I think it would make a helluva change for the better.

  3. Kellyanne…I hate to bother you, with your self importance and all, but your broom is illegally parked in the space marked for Democracy.

  4. “I just want your viewers to know they think they’re better than you… They look down upon you. They don’t think that you’re like them. They don’t want their kids to go to school with yours. They don’t want you to live in their neighborhoods.”

    Wow. For once, I actually agree with Kellyanne Conway!

    I DO think I’m better than Trump supporters.
    I DO look down upon them.
    I DO believe they’re not like me.
    I DON’T want my kids to go to school with theirs.
    I DON’T want them living in my neighborhood.

    Good call, Kellyanne!

  5. Well, it’s a day ending with “y” so kelly ann has pulled yet another p.o.s. statement out of her ass. Of course she is incapable of doing anything else. How in the f*ck George has stayed married to this moron is beyond me.

    • Come on spike. You’re a guy. You know we sometimes have an insurrection south of our belt line that leads to ruin. Have you seen george?

  6. I tried to listen to this clip but I simply cannot stand listening to this shrew and the non-stop flow of lies and BS spewing forth from her fat trap. She will say ANYTHING! if she thinks it will make her pointless point. She needs to just go away, far, far away.

  7. Looks like she’s using Cher’s fantastic plastic 1 trick pony surgeon to me! Kiss ass skank kelly will never look as great as Cher! Cher has inner beauty and k-a is a ugly skank on the inside!

  8. What is wrong with these clowns. If you don’t believe what they do they are going to beat it into you. And these clowns say they are patriots. I ask you if these have ever seen the constitution. The first line starts with, We the people. It doesn’t say we the thugs that will beat the crap out of you if you disagree with us. Matter of fact I don’t think that’s anywhere in the constitution. Get your heads out of your ass and tell that moron criminal in maralego to take a hike.


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