Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive

You know, the more I watch the slow motion dissolution of the Trump cabal, much like the melting of the Johnstown dam, I realize that Trump actually has a very special skill. With his persona, delusional world, and pure bullshit, Trump has the singular skill to make people forget just how stupid they are.

Today’s case in point, one Kash Patel. Patel started out in modest means, as an aide to CA GOP Representative Devin Nunes (Man! Talk about the low rent district). Patel moved over to the Trump White House as a flunky, then slavishly worked his way into the inner circle to the point that Trump promoted him to a series of national security posts he was abysmally unqualified for. And after leaving the White House, Traitor Tot made Patel his last point man dealing with the National Archives over the purloined Trump documents.

For the most part Patel has been a most useful mammal. Upon disclosure that The Trumpster Fire had taken classified and Top Secret documents to his McDump in Florida, Trump’s knee jerk reaction was the magical presidential power of declassification. Patel jumped on that bandwagon with both feet, espousing the wonders of declassification, and avowing Trump had waved a magic wand over warehouses of the stuff in the final days. Please note that no Trump lawyer has ever uttered the word declassification in a single court hearing.

The funny thing is that this whole kerfuffle over declassification is nothing more than a bullshit diversion. From the moment a President’s ass plunks behind the Resolute Desk, pretty much every piece of paper he touches that doesn’t say Charmin on it is subject to the Presidential Records Act. If Trump had never taken a single classified document, he would still be on the hook for criminal violations of the Presidential Records Act, as well as Obstruction of Justice for hiding them. But being hit with criminal violations of The Espionage Act sounds way cooler and sexier, and declassification was Trump’s way around that.

The FBI and the DOJ have been on to Patel for a while now. They hauled him in front of the DC grand jury last month, where he gave his 5th Amendment privileges such a workout that they thought they had run a marathon. But now the DOJ has taken a look at Patel’s potential liability as a criminal defendant, decided what he has to offer is more important, and have granted him criminal immunity in return for his testimony. Patel will once again go before the DC grand jury.

Make no mistake, the Rubicon has been crossed, we are no longer in the early stages of the investigation, as Merrick Garland tried to con us to buy time and breathing space. And we’re not in the middle of the investigation either. If you’re in the middle, you don’t offer a flunky shitheels like Kash Patel immunity in return for his testimony. You talk to everybody who ever knew Kash Patel to see if you can come up with heavy enough charges to make him flip on Trump in return for lower charges and a reduced sentence. In my humble opinion, the DOJ is in the dotting the I’s, and crossing the t’s of this investigation. And it’s laser focused on Trump.

Here’s why this is so damaging for Trumpelforeskin. When the DOJ called Patel in earlier to the grand jury, presumably, and that’s always a risk, the subject of the questioning was centered around Trump’s alleged declassification of documents. And now that Patel has immunity, he has no choice but to answer all questions honestly and truthfully. Which is going to blow a Grand Canyon sized hole in Trump’s declassification claims.

But here’s what puts The Cheeto Prophet into the soup. Patel now has full criminal immunity. Which means that he has to testify fully and honestly on any and all questions Patel is asked. And the declassification issue may well be the least of Trump’s problems. There has already been public reporting that Trump wanted to make Patel a senior management position so that he could scour files looking for items that proved FBI misconduct in the Russia investigation, so that Trump could declassify it and make it public to rehabilitate himself. With blanket immunity for Patel, all bets are now off. If I was Patel, and I’m glad I’m not, I’d pack a lunch for that grand jury testimony, he’s going to be there for quite a while.

And the walls come a tumbling down. His Lowness still has a faithful inside cadre that is willing to take the fall for him, but the way things are looking, the DOJ doesn’t need them. There is a whole cadre of second level employees who all saw and heard things, like Cassidy Hutchinson, and they’re cooperating with the DOJ.As I see it, Hey dipshits! The more the merrier! Come on in, the water’s fine.

Here’s how I see it. The midterm elections are six days away. After that it’s all bets off. Trump is already in the bag for the Mar-A-Lago charges, and the DOJ is in endgame on the J6 investigation. If Trump skates until Thanksgiving, My odds are that he is federally indicted before Christmas. And Fulton County DA Fani Willis has already signaled that she plans on wrapping up her investigation by the end of the year, especially now that Leningrad Lindsey found out who his SCOTUS friends are, and has to go and have a chat with her.

The thing to remember is that the Fulton County investigation is going to drag on into next year. While Willis may wrap up before the holidays, her special grand jury cannot vote true bills of indictment, they can only recommend charges be brought. Which means that Willis will have to convene another grand jury, and present evidence to them in order to return indictments against Trumpenstein and his miscreants. I don’t mind. A December Trump perp walk on federal charges will more than hold me over until a late January or early to mid February Georgia Trump perp walk. It’s taken 50 goddamn years, but the end is near.

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  1. Patel might try to do a Manafort and fudge what he says. Didn’t work out so well for Manafort and but for Trump’s pardon his ass would still be where it belongs – in prison. But for Patel there will be no pardon because despite what Trump tells him former Presidents can’t pardon people. I saw a prosecutor on MSNBC earlier who was asked the obvious question – what if Patel lies? The answer was that prosecutors would probably breathe a sigh of relief. Because then they’d have him dead to rights on both perjury and obstruction charges! Patel ain’t cut out for prison any more than the rest of Team Trump and he will be BEGGING to cut a cooperation deal.

    I think you hit on something important – feds have already got the goods on Patel from lower level staffers so they will be armed and waiting for him to lie, and hit him with evidence proving he’s lying right then and there. Witnesses can’t have their lawyer in the room but they are free to step outside and consult with their lawyer. After every damned question if they want. If Patel has a lawyer with even half a brain he’ll wind up going back in and “revising” his testimony and no legal harm will come to him. But he will have to correct himself with the truth right then and there. Otherwise he’s fucked.

    In the end, he’s one of the last if not the last witness I think the feds will wring dry before filing charges. The cherry on top of the prosecution would be someone as close to Trump as Patel offering damning testimony. And if he’s got records too? Oh my!

  2. “slow motion dissolution”? If by “slow” you mean glacial then sure, yeah ok. It is unbelievable how long it is taking to put criminals away for crimes any and everyone else would have been sitting in prison after committing them. This is obscenely slow.

  3. prison shouldn’t be a problem for someone who likes to wear orange on their skin as much as Plump does. it would be extra pleasing if he was stripped of any and all money before you went off to have his ass checked by his roommate… who may not be a doctor but did play one in jail.

    • Cue up Sinatra:
      “And now, the end is near
      And so I face the final curtain
      My friends, I’ll say it clear
      I’ll state my case of which I’m certain
      I’ve lived a life that’s full
      I traveled each and every highway
      But more, much more than this
      I did it my way.”

  4. So what? Trump lied to Mueller & was cited for multiple examples of obstruction of justice. Crickets. Kavanaugh lied under oath. Crickets. Barr lied. Crickets. So on & so forth. Expect an army of crickets. Patel is no guarantee of anything. By the way, if the only reason Trump isn’t being charged is to wait for the elections then it again shows the law is full of shit on the equal justice hypocrisy. ITS POLITICS. Well…of course it is. We average folks always have the law wait until the time is right. Hahaha.

  5. “Trump has the singular skill to make people forget just how stupid they are.” (Trump = Patient Zero of the Republican Dunning-Kruger epidemic; of course they were already at very high risk.)

  6. If DOJ is going to do something – do it after the midterms. If we loose the House or Senate this whole show is moot after January. IMO. This country is deeply divided by this sociopathic, malignant narcissist – it’s going to take a shitload of time to adjust the divide. I won’t be alive when that happens. Sick!

  7. Didn’t Patel.get only limited immunity? There are probably things not covered by the deal they can charge him.with.
    But,yes, Patel and second tier types know that they can and will.go to.jail.for their own roles in the cover-up. It is always the cover-up that lays them.low.


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