This is the only way a loser in MAGA world can stay relevant and continue to make headlines. S/he must allege voter fraud where none exists. That is true of Donald Trump and it goes across the board of MAGA candidates. No gracious concessions from these folks, it’s not in them. The fish, as they say, rots from the head down.

Kari Lake, as we speak, is trailing her Pence-endorsed opponent, Karrin Taylor Robson, by 6.2 points (48% to 41.8%) with 63% of precincts reported. it’s getting late in the Pacific Time Zone so the race may not be called until tomorrow.

Last week Lake laid the groundwork for the Big Lie she herself is about to tell. Daily Beast:

Donald Trump lackey and Republican candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake claims she is “detecting some stealing” in the upcoming election—a week before the actual vote. The Arizona Republic reports that Lake made allegations of fraud at least four times in a speech to the right-wing North Valley Constitutional Republicans this week. “I’m telling you right now, anybody trying to steal this, first of all, we’re already detecting some stealing going on, but you guys know I’m a fighter, right?” she was quoted telling the conservative crowd.

“We’re not gonna let them steal an election,” she said. The comments by the former Fox 10 news anchor, which echo the election fraud claims made by Trump ahead of the 2020 election, were not backed up by any evidence whatsoever, and they come as the race between Lake and her main opponent, Karrin Taylor Robson, has tightened. Robson called Lake’s comments “dangerous” and described the fraud claims as a “calculated narrative” that lays the framework for Lake to dispute election results if she loses.

She’s a Kandiss Taylor clone. We don’t know for certain right this moment if she will in fact lose or by what percentage, but Taylor lost by a whopping amount, 68% to 4%, in that ballpark, and she still claimed fraud.

The take away from this is that it’s all a song and a dance and a performance. It’s performative assholery, at its peak. Kimberly Guilfoyle calls Lake the “female Trump” and Lake is following his playbook, that’s for certain.


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  1. The racist fools that make up the GOP are nothing but lying traitors. They say they believe Democrats register the ‘illegal immigrants’ to vote and that is how Dem’s win. They have been spouting that for years. I suppose she will say her Republican opponent bought votes from a Mexican drug cartel and that Canadian drones were used to destroy her votes. It could happen!


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