As her 2022 election loss recedes further and further into the rear view, Kari Lake continues to floorboard her sputtering loser jalopy into her future as a bad fiction writer and election-denying collector of fraudulent lawsuit-enabling donations.

Yesterday’s installment of her continuing saga The Days of Our Grift was no exception to her new non-reality:

Huffington Post

“Kari Lake, the GOP’s failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate, was mocked on Tuesday for telling a story that critics suggested sounded just like something former President Donald Trump would say.

Lake claimed on Twitter that a UPS delivery driver “just told us he is ‘devastated’ that they ‘stole another election’ and asked how he could help.

“The Fake News may spin it… Officials behind the Sham Election may lie… But Arizonans get it,” she added. “They know our Elections are a joke.”

Uh, Kari, more fewer Arizonans don’t get why you are a such delusion loser than believe your crap that’s why you lost.

Here’s her Tweet, and some some pertinent replies:



Historian Kevin Kruse gave her some Candy…






Probably not, since it never happened.


🤌 🤌 🤌



I could easier believe that, actually.


If Kari spent half the time working on improving her campaigns and politics, she would be a force to be reckoned with…

But just griftin’ donations is easier, so I guess the Republic is safe just a bit longer.

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  1. So, Kari, inquiring minds really want to know is what did the UPS guy deliver to you? And why didn’t you mention that? You know–something like, “Just got my ______ and the UPS guy said (all the bullshit nonsense you expect your marks to believe).”

    THAT could’ve possibly moved your story from the world of fiction to that of non-fiction.

  2. Time for a botox touch up sweetie. Sorry, there’s nothing we can inject into you to save your sorry soul.
    You keep thinking butch. That’s what you’re good at.sundance kid

  3. Who exactly was this delivery driver? I can say “the UPS guy”, “the Fed-Ex guy”, the whatever guy all day long and ascribe all kinds of shit as coming directly out of their mouths. Give us a name Lake. Give us a name of an actual UPS employee. Give us a name of a UPS employee who was doing your route on that day. Then and only then will we begin to believe what you are saying. Oh, and get this delivery guy on video saying he did actually say what you claimed he told you.

    Without proof I can tell you I have ocean-front real estate for sale in your state Lake. You’re probably a dumb enough twat to believe it so I need to prepare to take your money.

  4. We’ll see the delivery guy’s name as soon as her campaign gets to audit the ballots. They really want, nay, demand to see the ballots! (I lurked around the twitter thread and it’s like they copied and pasted the 2020 election denier threads).

    I think there is an equal chance of either happening.



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