This didn’t take long to get ugly. Fox News contributor Charles Gasparino is labeling Kamala Harris as the “First D.E.I. President.” Wow. Interesting way to say that she doesn’t deserve anything that she has, that it’s all been “given” to her by dint of a system that “gives” away jobs, degrees, titles, etc. to POCs whereas if equity existed in the world, these boons would all be the property of white men. This is from the New York Post and it doesn’t pull any punches.

There is a raging debate in corporate America on the future of DEI, aka Diversity ­Equity and Inclusion, because it is literally destroying businesses that go there.

And yet the American public may soon be subjected to DEI writ large in the next president of the United States, if Kamala Harris finds her way to the top of the Democratic ticket while Joe Biden wilts away as the party’s presidential nominee after his horrific ­debate performance.

Yes, maybe the most irrepressibly fatuous politician in America may become the leader of the free world because the Democratic Party is unable to break its DEI stranglehold.

Harris is already being hailed as the president-in-waiting as her boss Sleepy Joe — despite his defiant TV vow to George Stephanopoulos Friday night to stay in the race — increasingly faces reality that his chances of besting Trump are slim.

Calls that he should step down are mounting, paving the way for his VP to land at the top of the ticket.

Even if does stay and achieves the near impossible by pulling out a victory, you can bet he won’t survive four years.

Harris becomes the nation’s first DEI president by default.

For the American people it would be such an unfair and odd coronation.

Remember, she’s part of an administration that gave us inflation, world chaos and an open border that literally invites terrorists to enter the country and kill people.

She has spent nearly four years as Biden’s No. 2 flubbing every assignment given to her, including the border mess.

It goes on from there and it gets worse. These are the highlights. Harris is depicted as utterly without ability, which is sheer nonsense. She proved her ability as a California attorney general and senator. Those are not jobs that get doled out to people of zero ability. Even in sparsely populated states those are not jobs that go to woefully unqualified people but in California? Where the competition in all businesses and endeavors is so high because so many people want to live there? And so many major industries are domiciled there? Sheer madness to think that people who get high positions like that do so because of some DEI mandate. Sheer and utter madness.

Writer Molly Jong-Fast said it was a “real mask off moment here for right wing media.”

@LadyKnute added, “Racist garbage.”

@Sophie7VWs also chimed in, “bro just say the n word already we all know thats what ‘DEI’ means when you only use it for POC.”

@Jillie38 added on Saturday, “Absolute trash, but I guess not surprising since you work for Faux news, who had to pay $787 MILLION for all of the ‘stolen election’ lies.”

@MF24601MF asked, “Isn’t it easier to just call her the slur?”

@702_steve said, “Just use the ‘N’ word Charles. You’re practically there.”

Criminal defense attorney Janet Johnson said it was “breathtakingly racist.”

Again, I’ve taken my stance on this entire Biden recusal issue and I’ll take it once again: if Joe Biden steps away from the race at this point, it will result in utter chaos. Utter and complete meltdown. Insanity like you don’t want to know about. This is just a sampling of the idiocy to come.

Fox News and everybody else will have a shot at Kamala Harris not only over the next four years but depending on where she goes in American politics heading forward. Maybe she’ll be the front runner in 2028. I don’t know and I don’t care. Right now I think we need to keep our eyes on the 2024 prize.


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  1. One ‘bad’ debate?

    Obama had three of them.

    It’s fair to say they didn’t matter.

    Meanwhile Trump continues lying.

  2. I wasn’t aware V.P. Harris “flubbed” anything while being V.P. The border “crisis” isn’t. Corporations are finding they need to actually please their customers and not just with products and services and the smart ones are doing this and running away with non-DEI business/revenues. And as for the inflation issue, which is becoming less an inflation issue and more a a corporate greed issue, inflation has been decreasing steadily for months and months. the post forgets who was in office when inflation shot sky-high. More importantly they do not know why it was there in the first place: not enough product due to things like supply chain problems. If you have buyers but you have only a limited amount of a product, the price of the product goes up. Translate that into all those products made overseas and sold in the U.S. not being able to either get to the U.S. or having gotten here, get to the stores so the products can be sold, and you have the perfect recipe for inflation. Much as I like to blame all the covid fuck-ups on Von Shitzinpants, the inflation caused by covid and the supply chain problems can’t be blamed on him.

    Not sure who wrote this piece of shit article for the post but they need to go back to high school and attend their consumer science class again. This writer is abysmally ignorant.

  3. The black gop/nazi candidate for governor of my home state supports prison for abortion, thinks women shouldn’t have the right to vote, has a wife that has scammed the system for big bucks, and stood in a phucking church saying some people,(democrats), should be killed. I wonder when the nation is going to wake up to this threat of violence???? Do you think they’re kidding? I don’t. They proved that in Charlottesville!!!!!!

  4. Funny how they never seem to include Clarence Thomas in the discussion of DEI when that man is ONLY on the Supreme Court because George H W Bush HAD to name a Black man to replace the inestimable Thurgood Marshall. And, correct me if I’m mistaken, but when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and had to be replaced less than 6 weeks before the 2020 election, Trump nominated and McConnell pushed through what would be rightly considered a DEI candidate in the person of Amy Coney Barrett.

  5. I am disgusted by this. White supremacy has always been a part of our country’s history. But Donald Trump, in his words and deeds, brought it to the surface again. Believing the United States is the greatest country in the world when people feel this way is the height of hypocrisy. Inciteful attitudes like this will be defeated.

  6. Trump’s now more than ever before, verbal threats to anyone/every one, that does not place his rather large ass on the pedestal of a King in Name Only, with brown shirts like Hitler’s that delivered life-ending solutions for him, anywhere, anytime as ordered, their history of hangings, shootings and church burnings with townspeople locked inside has turned the truth of Nazi horrors into a storybook dream for the Orange, Von Shitzinpants …

    His gleeful grins as he made fun of a disabled Congress person, his continued and nauseating verbal attacks on a sitting president, various Judges, prosecutors and variety of media reporters and other named/imagined enemy’s to his wonderful self, shows an entirely unacceptable so-called president, not even mentioning him being a convicted criminal … His cruel intentions are a direct example of his mental short-comings …

    Hitler slipped through the cracks of a non-vigilant country, one beaten down by wars and various mouthpieces of propaganda put in place by Hitler, took away books, news media, education, radio broadcasting – everything pointed to a Hitler’s government-run education, no place for free-thinkers, just whatever was released in the newspapers, government run radio broadcasts …

    If you wanted to self-publish a neighborhood newspaper with sane editorials, the brown shirts were likely to show up, burn down the press rooms and hang the local publisher from a nearby tree or lamp post … Hitler’s grip on the people of Germany was a common fear of his un-limited power to torcher, beat to death or simply kill outright anyone, along with their whole families …

    I cannot remember any example of Biden lying to the public, and yet, Trump continues to lie over 30,000 times to you and I, what kind of dumb-a** would want this sorry piece of poison trash as our president?

    The best thing for us and our country, would be his Judge would release his sentence for 4 years on the scheduled 11th, a sentence He would have available, to be started immediately after the announcement court appearance … The silence from this creep-a-zoid would be incredible to NOT HEAR CONSTANTLY …

  7. Fat Donnie Donuts made racism and misogyny and religious bigotry not only acceptable but fashionable again.

    To quote Tom.Leher: “I wanna talk with Southern gentlemen/And put my white sheet on avain/ I ain’t seen a good lynching in years.”


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