Friends, it has been a strange day. I have the symptoms of COVID-19 and I called a young friend who is a college student in Waco, Texas and who had the coronavirus in the summer to ask her if my symptoms matched. She said that unfortunately they did (dry cough, congestion, trouble breathing, severe headache) but she also counseled me to wait a few days because a coronavirus test, if taken at too early a stage, will come back with a false negative. So I guess I’ll attempt to keep it together and monitor this situation, at least for a little while.

Now the call did have the benefit of much needed comic relief. I’ll call my friend Nicki so as not to dox her in the unlikely event anybody in her father’s information bubble would see this post. I’m pretty sure her anonymity is safe.

Nicki’s father informed her that Donald Trump is going to stay in office using the military. I asked where he gets his information. She said, “from his militia buddies (some of whom went to Washington to riot in the Capitol) and from Newsmax, Facebook and Parler. Not Fox News anymore, it’s too liberal.” The plan is that Trump will remain in the White House and troops from the Pentagon will be dispatched and Joe Biden will be physically prevented from entering the People’s House and assuming his duties.

Now that is Plan A. In the event that that plan is thwarted by “backstabbers” like Mike Pence, the three Supreme Court justices Trump appointed and others, then there is Plan B — and that involves Trump going to Texas.  Lin Wood was tweeting about that before his account went dark. He said, “the military has his back” and according to Nicki’s father, Trump is indeed coming to Texas, if he can’t hold the White House physically, and he will rule from there as the True President. People will “do what he says” and “not what Joe Biden says.” Trump will effectively “start the Confederacy” in Texas.

It actually makes a lot of sense where the MAGAts are coming from. The GOP hoped that Trump would be the second coming of Ronald Reagan. The MAGAts have always seen him as the second coming of Jefferson Davis. And the goal was never to go back to the 1950’s at all, no sir, the true golden age to return to was the 1850’s.

So I inquired, “What about all the laws on the books? Will they still apply in the Confederacy? For instance, if Texas wants to get oranges from Florida, will all the laws of interstate commerce still be in effect, or will Trump seal off Texas when he lays claim to it as the seat of the Confederacy and they sign a treaty? Or would Trump invite Florida to join the Confederacy?”  I also asked if there would be another White House — and I mean “White” — in Texas.

Nicki said, “they haven’t gotten that far. They don’t think about practicalities.”

This is America today. Right-wing media, radio in particular, has literally brainwashed a good portion of the populace, particularly in rural areas.

I asked Nicki to write a first person piece of her own here on the site and she said she would do so in a couple of days when she returns to school. We’ve got our own correspondent from Wingnuttia, friends.

We used to have two Americas, now we have three. We have blue America, and red America has forked into red and orange factions. The traditional GOPers are making their stance, trying to hang onto some semblance of carrying on the party, and the Trumpers are making theirs, trying to stay in power. They don’t understand it’s all hot air, psychosis and bluster and that there has never been a chance, since November 7, that Trump was going to stay in the White House. Where the GOP made it’s fatal error, is they should have all insisted on ratifying Biden’s win from the get go. This stringing along of Trump’s followers has only sown the seeds of destruction that we saw manifest last Wednesday.

The handwriting about what a powder keg this has become has been on the wall since the Biden-Harris bus was forced off the road  Former Texas state senator Wendy Davis said that law enforcement didn’t take things seriously enough then and that’s why they got what they got in Washington on Wednesday.

“This is a symptom of a broader problem that is not going away. This truly is the birth of a domestic terrorist unit. And I think that the FBI and local law enforcement need to see it this way,” said Davis, who spoke publicly about the October incident for the first time on Monday to The Texas Tribune. “It’s no surprise that we see things like Wednesday of last week in our nation’s Capitol, when people who are behaving aggressively like that are rewarded and praised by their quote-unquote leader for that kind of behavior.”

I think Davis is right. Things are not going away in nine days. There is going to be a lot of violence in this country. What remains to be seen is how Trump is going to play it, if he’s going to keep doubling down or if he’s going to put his attentions on his own legal woes and leave the troops. This is spiraling out of Trump’s control now. He created a monster and he doesn’t know what to do with it.

And one thing is certain: January 20 will be a tipping point because it’s going to become evident to the MAGAverse that they’ve been lied to — or right wing radio and Trump will actually try to foment a revolution in this country and that seems to be cost ineffective. What good is it going to do to get a lot of MAGAts shot and imprisoned?

Here’s one fellow who’s learning about reality the hard way. He was just kicked off a plane because he’s on the airlines’ s*hit list.

“They’re trying to ruin my life.” Hey pal, did it ever occur to you that you’re ruining other peoples’ lives, not to mention ruining government property, not to mention killing and injuring people, and that ruins families and communities’ lives? What you do is like a stone thrown into the lake, the waves ripple out, have you thought about that? And now you’re crying at the airport about the milk — not to mention blood — that you spilt yourself?

I guess this is what it’s going to take to wake these people up that actions have consequences and this is not reality TV. What will be wonderful is when their Dreamsickle Deity starts facing some consequences of his own. That will illustrate conclusively that this isn’t all fun and games, this is life. I think that will happen but I despair of what violence could lie ahead for the country before then if this second, delusional narrative of reality that has taken over these peoples’ minds is allowed to continue unabated. That is where the focus will be, in the weeks and months ahead, unless I miss my guess. The problem needs to be addressed at the root source.

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  1. Oh no! This is horrible! Please keep me informed of your progress if you are able. A text is fine, then you wouldn’t have to talk. My very best to you.

  2. Ursula – so sorry that you might have been infected with this dreadful disease. Certainly hope that if it’s true, you have a mild case and recover quickly. Keep your fan club updated, please.

    • I hope this is some other kind of cold or flu. The winter always has some strange new surprises. And this is my first winter in Nevada, so maybe the pollen, whatever is different. I have no idea.

    • I need to time it right. I’ve been feeling ghastly the past few days, and so if this continues another couple of days, I’ll probably be able to get the test done at the most propitious time. No sense to get a test done if it might not be right. That was a good tip to get.

  3. Republican politicians have been feeding their uninformed supporters with lies and propaganda for decades. Now it’s blowing up in their faces and they don’t know what to do.

        • Who knows how long… some have been forever but they were the fringe and deep. But getting more vocal and in power little by little. Even as state got more diverse… aha… and had imports from other states.

          Funny how folks railed against carpetbaggers and scaliwags (sic) but didn’t mind Phil Grahm from Georgia. Dan Patrick… not from Texas… Baltimore MD. Dubba … Connecticut. Hmm. But they are more “Texan” than po’ me born in … Texas. LOL

          Waco in 1992 under Clinton showed that the fringe was dangerous. Heard talk about Ruby Ridge (and grievance… never mind that the guy was selling sawed off shotguns ?). Than OKC bombing. And folks kinda disappeared until 9-11. And Obama getting elected drove folks out into the open.

          The loudest and most idiotic & demagogic (sic?)… got Texas concealed then open carry (and hasn’t really helped). Now folks … wanted to really open carry AR-15s.

          And now Gov Hot Wheels and Lt Gov Kill the old Folks along with AG Boss Hogg (have no idea for nickname that just makes fun of being “illegal” and crooked while … being the chief lawyer in Texas) will be in charge of Texas Capitol.

  4. I think the temporary put in charge of the military are going to have their own troubles with the legal system. The army won’t help. Some of Tx is going to be mighty disappointed when when he gets back on his plane-for-a-day and goes back to DC.

    • I think that’s the sad truth they’re going to see, that Trump is not the uber god that they think he is. He’s just an in debt faux billionaire with a lot of legal problems, who lost the election. That’s the plain truth and I think people are going to see it.

  5. These domestic terrorists need to be placed on the No Fly List like any other suspected terrorist…..there is no burden of proof needed, just suspicion (see Cat Stevens)…..that would put a stop to the terrorist groups from congregating in a particular city on short notice.

    • I think a no-fly list is the very beginning. I find it comical that this guy never thought about this possibility. I wonder how many of them will continue to fly blind about supporting Trump — and then literally find out that they can’t fly at all.

    • There’s a move to do just that – if they’re identified as having been at the Capitol, verify with records (they never think about their phones as locators!) and then ban from planes.

    • Whatever is going on has been gradual and I’m watching for symptoms. I just took more tylenol for the headache a few minutes ago. Bottom line, I have had chronic sinus problems and thought that might be what this is, and maybe it is. I’ve got humidifiers going and that helps enormously. If it gets worse than it is right now I’ll see where the nearest ER is or just call 911.

      • Reportedly you should have an oximeter to check your oxygen level, which is more of an indicator of danger than waiting until breathing becomes more difficult.

  6. I don’t remember any Antifa or BLM being blacklisted like this during the summer riots. I don’t remember them being rebuked, humiliated, or condemned. They burned up cars, police buildings, 30+ people were killed. Stores were looted, Statues broken, and buildings graffitied. If I remember correctly they were bailed out of jail, and everyone got to get on a plane, keep their jobs, enjoy posting pictures of their involvement on Facebook and Twitter. Do you see the hypocrisy here? Ask yourself why truth are now lies, and lies are now the truth? You might find in the not so far future, that you might also become a victim of this hypocrisy. Now is the time to stand fast in your faith, and if you don’t have faith or religion, then stand fast in righteous values.

      • Of course the ‘fine people’ who counter-demonstrated had absolutely nothing to do with it. I mean, “I just found this rock lying around and when I picked it up, it slipped in my hand and went through that window and this isn’t a molotov cocktail – it’s fuel for my car in case that burning gas station hasn’t any left”

        Oh and you mis-spelt the tile – it should read ‘Just in from Whacko’

    • Strange…..I don’t recall BLM and Antifa, (which doesn’t exist BTW…….you’re welcome), breaking into the United States Capitol and attempting to kill members of Congress which is the issue rapt hand…..

      See the difference Mary???

    • What you don’t remember and what actually happened are two different things. The very few rioters out of the millions and mullions of protesters were roundly rebuked by one and all including Democrats and specifically Joe Biden. Of the many who were arrested, most of their cases were dismissed by the judge. None of them had the goal of executing a coup over fictitious “concerns.”

  7. First, I hear it from my longtime client (who’s been down with a confirmed case for the last several days about 20 minutes ago) and now you too, Ursula? Dammit…! Look, do whatever you need to get better first. I, for one, will still be here when you do and I’m sure the others can say the same.

    • I don’t plan to go anywhere, I will just write less if I actually get sicker. There’s so much to write about right now, but I don’t have it in me, beyond what I’ve already done here.

  8. I am distressed to hear you’ve got COVID; it’s really out of control everywhere. And most people don’t get the kind of concierge medical treatment that the undeserving orange shithead got.

        • I don’t even do THAT much. No car, so no gas station. I’ve had a neighbor and Amazon delivering my groceries for the last ten months. The furthest I go is the edge of my complex. And I always make damn sure that I’m 12 feet away from people unless unavoidable (which isn’t often). Every scary story I hear about this damn disease reinforces that pattern.

  9. I think that one is a maskless wonder – there are a lot of videos of them in airports and on planes, that are being passed off as from this last week.

  10. Sorry to hear about the health issues! Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.

    As a caregiver for a transplant recipient, I’ll get all nurse-y. Take extra care of any individual symptoms. If you’re having congestion, consider a regimen of phenylephrine (Sudafed) as a decongestant, but also guaifenesin (mucinex products) as an expectorant. We use this combo in my immunosuppressive friend to help him ride out viral infections without getting secondary issues. Tylenol is good for pain and fever reduction.

    And stay hydrated! Pedialyte if you start to experience dehydration, and Ensure if your appetite drops off. My friend does NOT like it when a crate of Ensure arrives, but I mix PB Fit into the chocolate to make Reese’s PB cup ensure and…he still doesn’t like it, LOL. But the actual professional nurses trained me well, and I can guilt trip someone into drinking the whole serving like a pro.

    Again…feel better!

    • I am waaaay from the Ensure level. I’m a gourmet cook. There’s plenty of food in this house so unless something really severe happens, I won’t be where you’re talking about. But the medicinal information is good. Thank you.

      • Well I certainly wasn’t criticizing your cooking, lol.

        Hopefully if it’s Covid it will be light and you will recover quickly like most people do. I was just thinking about some who report being so tired that a walk across the house feels like a marathon. If that happens, I was just suggesting a caloric intake plan.

        I’m also shilling for PB Fit…which is peanut butter that’s had all the oil pressed out of it and turned into peanut powder. You mix in a little milk and it becomes peanut butter with 1/3 the fat. It’s a modern miracle, lol.

    • Me. Cranking the vitamins. D E. Finally got some fish oil. And just eating. And yard work in shorts. Barefeet in rain and cold. But now layer more. Lil sis and nieces think I might be a tad strange in the old noggin. But mask and sanitizer. The other folks… no mask and the nose peckers folks… well.

      Take care. Ensure is good. Vanilla. Was my liquid diet in the mornings when I had to unload a trailer by myself. And then got an appetite.

  11. Ursula, so , so sorry to hear you are sick with this virus(?). Get the test done, get treatment early, be advised what you need to stock up on. Look after yourself, I know you do.
    You are in my thoughts, all the very best to you. Much Love.

  12. I hope that you don’t actually have COVID-19 or if you do that you will be okay. I love you and always enjoy reading your articles. You are one of the best at what you do.

  13. I have been predicting a new civil war since Reagan took office back in 1981. Having lived in California during his first years as governor, I got the picture and it was so right on when he became president. Even through the Clinton and Obama years, all the clues were there. As long as we allow the right to control and interpret our message, it will only spell disaster for the country. The cold war and racism were all the had to divide thinking of folks in the USA, and these tools have been quite successfully used to demonize democracy and that first little part of our constitution that suggests a government that says the government (not just the left wing of it) has the obligation to “promote the general welfare.” Can’t be done when one party is considered “the enemy.” That notion REALLY took hold when Nixon’s mob decided that there was a danger to national security if Nixon lost his bid for re-election, and – God forbid – a LIBERAL – got into the White House. By then, of course, the South had already been lost, when Lyndon Johnson put his name at the bottom of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  14. Please secede Texas and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Also, don’t forget to take fools like “Turd” Cruz and Louie Gomert (can’t make up a name funnier than that).
    I’ve often said I agree we need a wall on our southern border, I just disagree on the latitude on which to build it.

  15. Hi Ursula. Im sure you dont know me, but I’m a fan of your writing. I lurked on Dkos and started reading your work in 2016 I think. When you were pointlessly booted from kos I followed you over here. So glad I found this place. It’s so much more relaxed here. I am truly sorry to hear that you’re sick. It must be very frightening, to say the least. Please do all you can to get healthy again & come back to us soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you my friend. I’m glad you’re here. Please participate in the threads more often. And thank you for your kind words. I’m feeling better today than yesterday, so things are not getting worse at least. Not feeling “good” but not as bad, so it’s an incremental improvement.

  16. The original video states that he was removed because he wouldn’t put his mask all the way on. Just because he wouldn’t wear a mask doesn’t make him one of the rioters.

  17. Sending healing thoughts to you Ursula. I hope you’re going to be ok. Rest, drink lots of water and take zinc and vitamin D. Those help the immune system.😘

    • A friend of mine in L.A. sold a stereo to Vernon Howell, who later became David Koreah. He invited her to come to his place in Waco. She didn’t want to go because she was having sex change surgery and that’s a good thing. She would have been a statistic. She saw Howell on the TV and said, “OMG! That’s the guy I sold the stereo to!” Another entry in the You Can’t Make This Shit Up file.


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