Don Junior does not have the greatest analytical mind. When Joe Biden was photographed eating an ice cream cone, Junior wailed, “When my father had two scoops of ice cream everybody complained!” Yes, they did, Junior. And it was because everybody else was served one and Daddy was being a jerk. But Junior couldn’t discern that.

Not that we can blame him. You fry enough dendrites and grey matter with drugs being an animated guy, and your reasoning faculties get impaired.

Here’s another fallacious notion of Junior’s.

That is like saying it must be a good thing, an exculpatory thing even, when:

  1. The shell casings are empty;
  2. The candy wrappers are empty;
  3. The safe where documents are kept is empty;
  4. The store’s jewelry cases were found empty that morning.

Umm….Professor? We beg to differ. Yes, he can be that dumb. They are all that dumb.

The folks are trying to tell you that “empty” is not a good thing, Junior. Not in this context. We know that empty is the state of your mind and it’s very normal to you, but in the intelligence world an empty classification folder is a really.bad.thing.

Still, I guess you have to give it to Junior. He tries. He knows the MAGAs need assurances, at least enough to where they’ll keep donating, and he’s trying to keep that ball rolling. God knows we don’t want the bank accounts to be empty, now that’s really scary.

Let’s hope that the gun he’s got aimed at his foot is empty, too.


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    • His cousin Mary said that he never became his own person. I believe her. It’s also been said by people who knew Junior in school that he hated his father. I believe that, too. It’s got to be hard toadying in the service of a parent you hate. I’m glad that I don’t know.

  1. I truly believe that 1..the documents are hidden away in one of his other properties, or 2. He has given them up as a payment for help with the 2024 elections, or for monetary gain to help with all his debts and lawyer fees. I don’t know how or if any of this can EVER be proven, but knowing the Trumps, either would be a good guess

  2. When your only defense is denial, but no one else believes it’s plausible, that’s Delusional Denial. Fascist is as Fascist does!

  3. As Rick James once said, “cocaine, its one hell of a drug”. Millionaires prefer the million dollar diet and the entire family of assholes prefers coke. How come you get drug tested to drive a truck but not to be TEMPORARY President? Also, in business, temp employees are not the people that you accept everything that they say as “for the company” so why do we give these government “temporary employees ” so much leeway? Take that punk light loafers Lindsey for example. Regular folks reply to subpoenas all of the time. Why not this fucking two bit asshole? People get shot for shop lifting all the time. How is it a so called “judge” hops in and defends a Russian financed thief? I see a massive conspiracy to overthrow the government going on here.


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