Does anybody remember Criswell from Plan 9 From Outer Space? He made predictions about the future. Now the Trumps have moved in on his act. Actually, it’s a great idea if Don Junior does Criswell while Kimberly is doing Elvira, frankly I see some potential in that combo. Ivanka Trump said that politics was “a dark world.” Maybe it wouldn’t be so dark if her flaky brother wasn’t loaded and on the airwaves telling people things that are simply not real and not going to happen — when he isn’t busy killing endangered species and pretending to be a macho man. But I will give one plus to Junior: in the course of the series of film clips you’ll see, he does at one point admit that he’s possibly even more hated than his father. Kudos for that. I wouldn’t have thought that he would have had that much self awareness.

And that raises another interesting point: if Junior realizes that he’s hated, do the rest? And do they know why they’re hated? Lara, in particular, intrigues me because everything about her schick proclaims, “I’m one of the beautiful people. This is how the beautiful people live.” No, Lara, you’re third rate trash but you believe yourself to be both a musical talent and a major business mind. That’s why people are falling over laughing. Anyhow, back to Junior and his strange admissions.

Yes and Tom Fitton’s sources told him Joe was resigning Monday. Does anybody know what Mike Lindell’s sources are saying? We need to check with him, he’ll have the complete scoop.

Junior’s not a journalist. You know who’s a journalist? David Farentholdt. He won the Pulitizer Prize several years back for exposing what a complete liar Donald Trump was, bragging about all the money he gave to charity. And in point of fact, that’s what real journalism is, is finding out “facts that people don’t want published. The rest is public relations,” to paraphrase Mark Twain. By those standards, Junior is not a journo. Junior is a talking head on his own podcast with that awful, nasal voice he’s got from doing too much blow.

As stated, I’m surprised that he’s got that level of awareness. And I wonder if Marco Rubio is in the running. Last I knew it was Doug Burgum and J.D. Vance, neck and neck. Vance would be a *great* running mate for one reason: he has the toxin down. Vance presents everything Trump does in a manner which justifies the worst of it. He really is a complete snake in the grass. Burgum will go along with the game plan and play up what Trump is doing as wonderful but Vance really embraces the darkness. Vance is MAGA poison. Nobody can make the normal world or the status quo sound so twisted and bleak that only Trump can fix it better than Vance. I don’t think he’ll get Trump a single vote he wouldn’t have had otherwise but he will be the perfect voice of Dark MAGA. And that may work against him. Burgum would be non abrasive and traditional and Rubio might even lend some credibility to the proceedings.

And I don’t even know if Elise Stefanik is in the game anymore. I hear Rubio, Burgum (because Rupert Murdoch wants him) and Vance. If Stefanik is out there, maybe the dog killer, Kristi Noem is, too.

We don’t have long to wait folks. July 15 the convention begins.


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  1. The “inside sources” being his latest bag of nose candy.

    As for being more hated than his father, even that is way off-base. He is probably considered to be stupider than his father which is quite an achievement-one I did not believe was possible in fact. As for the other fatuous fools-self-awareness, as opposed to self absorption/self centeredness, isn’t one of their strengths. Surely usay’s wife wouldn’t have allowed the video of her total lack of musical ability if she had even a minute amount of self-awareness-a normal person would have been mortified to release that shameful mess to the public.

  2. When Lara kicked off her singing career with a Tom Petty song lyric about being stood up at the gates of hell, she was talking about Jr’s front door. The talking beard SPEAKS!


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