I don’t see how this ends well for Judge Cannon. I don’t know about you, but when I embark on a path where the ultimate outcome isn’t already known, I try to leave an out. Call it a contingency plan, or an exit strategy. I call it an out, and it’s meant to save my ass.

Apparently judge Cannon didn’t think that far ahead. She saw a chance to do a solid for her political Godfather, and jumped in head first. I guess she never asked herself why she, a totally inexperienced lawyer was hand picked in the first place. Nor did she ask herself why Trump’s lawyers were bringing her the case, some 70 miles from the proper court of jurisdiction. Does the word chump mean anything?

And now she’s in the soup. After the DOJ took her to the judicial woodshed yesterday with a scathing request for her to rethink her decision, she has given the Trump defense team until 10 AM Monday morning to rethink their position on the DOJ’s request to lift her stay on the FBI and DOJ prohibiting them from accessing the 100+ classified documents for their national security review.

This compromise that the DOJ proposed was about as moderate as you can ask for, and for her, it’s a gift from God for getting off this ledge. The DOJ will allow her to appoint a Special Master, without the Special Master being able to access classified documents, and the FBI can go back to work. This sweetheart deal allows her to save face by not having to reverse her original ruling, since the two sides reached a negotiated settlement.

Sorry judge Cannon, I hate to tell you this, but it’s a pipe dream. Because for Traitor Tot and his legal beagles, those classified documents are the only issue! Trump could give a shit less about all that other shit, it was all natural cover for the classified documents. For some reason, His Lowness has gotten it into his thick skull that those documents are his personal property, and he isn’t going to let you negotiate them away.

Trump’s lawyers will come into court on Monday and demand that you leave the original ruling intact, including the injunction against the FBI from accessing the documents. And to teach their puppy a lesson, my guess is that their response filing will contain a motion demanding the immediate return of the contested documents under executive privilege.

Welcome to Trumpmenistan judge Cannon. You are about to learn the hard way what other miscreants like Michael Cohen, John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani and Peter Navarro have already learned. When it comes to Trump, loyalty is a one-way-street. When you accepted that case, out of your jurisdiction, you showed loyalty. When you wrote that twisted, nonsensical ruling, you doubled down on that loyalty. And now that your judicial and reputational ass is hanging out of a 30th story window, the only loyalty you’ll get is when trump pushes you out of that window so you don’t have to suffer for too long. Hell, plenty more where you came from.

When the Trump team files their response on Monday morning, you’ll have 4 days to get your shit together. Four days because the DOJ has set a deadline of Thursday before they go over your flighty head. You can either do the right thing, or the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will make a judicial laughingstock out of you. I won’t say that the ball is back in your court, simply because the ball never left your court. Tick-Tock.


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  1. Just goes to show how corrupt judges along with the judicial system can be @ times especially for the racist old orange devil trump who continues to break laws while making a mockery of the courts,DOJ,FBI,law enforcement on all levels;local,state & federal along with the politicians mainly from his own racist republican trump flunky party.

    • Wait until we see what’s coming from the Senate Investigation Committee Investigating the DOJ for it’s affiliation with Trump in punishing his enemies and aiding his friends. Billy Barr better get ready to chime in with his rendition of I plead the fifth, fifth, fifth.!!!!

  2. The judge in question may have at one time had a promising career, ethics, principles, integrity! That’s all gone now as at some point she was seduced by far right idealogical zealots, probably with promises of a meteoric career if she would just see things as they wished her to. Now she has been outed! Now she will be seen as nothing more than a sycophant, even by her masters since her usefulness may well be at an end. The law seems pretty clear on these classified federal documents Drumpf stole and now tries to claim as his own property and the judge ruled contrary to those laws in granting his petition claiming them as his own under executive privilege. Did someone turn the thermostat up? Why is this shirt collar so tight all the sudden? I need a drink! She may be uttering any or all these statements might now because the spotlight is focused squarely on her purposeful miscarriage of justice right now!

    • FYI she joined The Federalist Society during law school. Probably developed an interest in them well before that. But joining in law school meant exposure via their “mentoring” to a view of what she was being taught by her professors at Michigan (which has a highly regarded law school) was filtered through The Federalist Society lens. She isn’t stupid in an objective sense. She got into Duke without any favors, and did well which with what I assume were good LSAT scores got into Michigan to get her J.D. She then clerked for a federal judge (not everyone gets such a clerkship, not by a long shot) albeit an undistinguished one. She’d then go on to work as a prosecutor although she (from what I can tell) didn’t lead any prosecutions in court, and wound up being transferred to work on the prosecution side of cases that were at the appellate level. Basically she was a fairly bright person with a strongly conservative ideology, the latter being evidenced by her early (and ongoing) membership in The Federalist Society which was formed specifically to infiltrate both the government (at all levels), academic institutions including and especially law schools, and ESPECIALLY the courts up to and including SCOTUS with judges and Justices who would MAKE LAW from the bench and usurp the power of legislative bodies to do so. Rather devious when you think about it because The Federalist Society was conceived, funded (big time) and set in motion in the 1980s. Those of us old enough can remember it was during this time that a key, constantly repeated GOP refrain was to complain of “Activist Judges” and judges/Justices “legislating from the bench!” Yet, all the while it’s was conservatives were creating a vast network to do, only to do in the manner they wanted things to happen. To strip away rights from individuals, and to gut regulations and give as much power as possible to business owners and corporations to do as they pleased.

      Authoritarian, even Fascist is a fair way of describing their agenda. Some, not many and certainly not enough have wound up on the bench and secure in their lifetime appointments have moderated away from the Federalist Society fold, or at least tempered their benefactor’s more extreme positions. At first glance, it’s easy to assume Cannon is firmly with The Federalist Society. I keep saying I’m not so sure. While they are far from being cursed under the glare of the national spotlight they have become lit up enough that they have, since they’ve gained control of SCOTUS and rammed through all those judges under Trump wanting to slide back well into the background. I do so wish Sheldon Whitehouse had become Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee instead of Durbin even though I spent my first 26 years in Illinois. Anyway, I think it’s plausible if not likely that Cannon’s Federalist Society handler “suggested” to her she take a pass on this case, and kick it over to the Federal Magistrate who issued the Search Warrant or even, since the Presidential Records Act is in play follow THAT law and transfer it up to the DC Circuit where the law says such thing are to be adjudicated. Basically, it was easy enough to predict (accurate) charges that Trump went judge shopping and while there was no guarantee that the case would have landed in front of her there were decent enough odds to file it in the area where she was one of the judges who might hear it. Trump’s bet paid off. But knowng the shit-storm this would all generate I think The Federalist Society didn’t want THEIR organization and its name linked with her. And they’ve been furiously “working the refs” with media contacts (not just at Fox but other network honchos) to try and keep her Federalist Society connection OUT of stories about whether she’s a “Trump Judge.”

      Look, they got what they wanted from Trump. More than they hoped for in fact with the death of RBG giving them a THIRD appointment to SCOTUS and decisively altering the makeup of the Court. But these people ARE old-school, establishment Republicans and once Trump was beaten they wanted (and still do) him off the stage. The whole relationship with him was every bit as transactional for them as it was for him! If, and I admit it’s an if she defied her handler(s) and went all-in with Trump if as I suspect she might actually be angling for a much higher paid gig on Fox I think she’ll find she’s more screwed than she realizes. Oh, they will let her make the switch and grease the wheels but they will make sure she’s set up to fail and that Fox will have grounds to dump her. She can maybe join the club headed by folks like Rudy G. and Sydney Powell. At least she’d have people Trump used and dumped to sit around and whine with!

      • The old school Republicans included a traitorous Nixon who started a war on cannabis to get protesters off the street. A president making secret deals with the Iranians to submarine Carter & then he set up a cocaine/arms deal to fund raping murderous juntas in Central America. He also signed laws where any lie can be called news & the ultra rich can buy politicians. It also included a liar who toppled a government & destabilized the middle east. So on & so on. The old school smells like dung to me.


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