The Sturmabteilung, or “brownshirts,” were formed as the Nazi Party’s first paramilitary group. They protected Nazi officials, including Adolf Hitler and Erich Rohm, fought with the paramilitary groups that opposed them, and intimidated Romani, trade unionists, and especially Jews.

Donald Trump, who is known to be a fan of Adolf Hitler, apparently believes this is a great idea. Check out the email he sent out “exclusively” to his “fiercest and most loyal defenders:”

TL;DR version: the Trump campaign wants to sell the aforementioned “fiercest and most loyal defenders” of His Royal Orange Ass a camo MAGA/KAG hat for $35

(this may not be the exact hat offered in the email), that they can wear to Show Their Loyalty and Proclaim Their Allegiance. But here’s the kicker:

The President wants YOU and every other member of our exclusive Trump Army to have something to identify yourselves with, and to let everyone know that YOU are the President’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB.

Take a minute. Roll the idea around in your head.

Trump wants to recruit and create a “Trump Army,” all wearing easily identifiable hats, to “figh[t] off the Liberal MOB.”

I’m guessing that this is part of the “liberal mob” that Trump is agitating against:

What exactly does it mean for the “Trump Army” to fight off this ravening, slobbering mob of peaceful liberals? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m thinking it will start off something like this:

They already know how to give the salutes:

Trump 2020 is recruiting its own private army to engage in street fighting with, well, whoever they’re pointed at.

Naturally Trump and his cadre of press flacks and liars, which we can call the Goebbels Brigade, will sneer and poo-poo the meaning behind the email. Kayleigh McEnany will laugh and say the “hysterical left” is taking the email far too seriously. Kellyanne Conway, whose continued status as being married to George Conway never fails to mystify me, will label the call to violence “metaphorical.”

Sure it is. But the Trump 2020 campaign isn’t alone in calling for violence against Americans.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Vermin) wants to send in our military’s most elite units to slaughter Americans.

“Slaughter”? Absolutely.

Cotton is a military veteran. He says,

No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters, and looters.

“No quarter” means shoot to kill. It means blood and bodies in the streets. He knows what he means. He wants it.

“Pastor” Rick Wiles, who is as crazy as a shithouse rat, says that protesters should be rounded up, taken to Guantanamo, and tortured.

This is where the Trump administration/campaign (screw campaign law, they are the same organization) is taking us in 2020. A Trump Army, wearing hats to identify themselves, going out in angry, gun-wielding mobs to attack anyone they think isn’t loyal to Trump.

Hell, it’s already started. Three idiots in Nevada were arrested for plotting to firebomb protests in Las Vegas and — key point here — blame it on “antifa” agitators. Two days ago, an idiot in Los Angeles was arrested for impersonating a National Guardsman. He was heavily armed, and ready to protect stores from looters” according to his Facebook page.

The LAPD says they don’t believe he intended to hurt anyone. Riiiiight.

Masha Gessen has called out Trump on what she calls his “fascist performance.”

Donald Trump thinks power looks like masked men in combat uniforms lined up in front of the marble columns of the Lincoln Memorial. He thinks it looks like Black Hawk helicopters hovering so low over protesters that they chop off the tops of trees. He thinks it looks like troops using tear gas to clear a plaza for a photo op. He thinks it looks like him hoisting a Bible in his raised right hand.

She’s right. And bloodthirsty fascists like Cotten, Wiles, and so many more, intend to take this as far as they can go.

What happened to the Brownshirts, by the way? Well, Hitler feared Rohm would challenge him for leadership of the Nazi Party, so in 1934, during the Night of the Long Knives, Hitler had him and others executed, and Hitler’s Schutzstaffel — SS — became the primary Nazi paramilitary force.

A lot of naysayers and blind optimists will say this can’t happen. Americans won’t stand for it. Trump wouldn’t dare go this far. The institutions of democracy will prevent anything less than a peaceful transfer of power after we vote Trump out in November.

Well, maybe. I don’t think Trump has any intention of relinquishing power, or going peacefully if and when he loses the vote to Biden.

If we plan on making it to January 2021, we’d better plan on doing something more proactive than just toddling off to the voting booth on November 3. As critically important as that is, we’re going to need to do more than that.

Be prepared. And, always, stand together.

(H/T to Hunter of the Daily Kos.)

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  1. This is their last, big push. They have nothing else to offer but fear and hate. Trump can’t last much longer, he has walled himself off, and put himself in prison.

    • And they’re spinning rescue fantasies to brace for the inevitable impact. I did that a lot too when my economic prospects were disintegrating a decade ago. Never helped.

  2. The idjit in LA may not have intended violence – he may just have been stupid. But the ones in Las Vegas knew exactly what they were going to do.

    (I’ve read that this hat is available in the campaign storefront. For less money.)

  3. “No Quarter” in military history means much more than shoot to kill. It means no mercy and no prisoners. Kill everyone, even those who are wounded and/or attempt to surrender. That’s what it means. And it’s not some anachronistic order of the long past, such as when Santa Ana issued the call at the Alamo. That type of fighting has happened in much more recent times, and on a far larger scale. Hell, even if not a formal policy (at least on our side – the Japanese were another story) the initial ground confrontation between Marines and the Japanese on Guadalcanal established a pattern that would continue until the end of the war in Marine/Japanese battles and even towards the end when some of the large operations included Marine and Army units fighting on the same island.

    Basically, since almost all the Japanese refused to surrender our side and theirs would fight it out until all the Japanese had been killed but a handful who did actually manage to surrender and live through doing so. That kind of fighting has happened since around the world sometimes, even if as I’ve noted a formal “no quarter” order wasn’t given.

    Put more bluntly, when I made the transition from civilian to Marine (a lifetime ago) I was trained to kill. Shoot to kill, whether with a rifle, pistol or the anti-tank rockets that were my infantry sub-specialty. The same philosophy applied to any circumstance in battle that got down to hand-to-hand fighting. The only “rule” was KILL the other guy by any means necessary before he got the chance to kill you. I’ll never forget one troop handler in grunt school at Camp Pendleton we nicknamed Sgt. E-tool (like most of our troop handers/instructors he was a Vietnam vet) because he gave some long and detailed lessons on how useful an entrenching tool (it’s short handled & folding miniature shovel with a miniature pick for digging fighting holes/positions) in hand to hand combat.

    “No Quarter” is as I said much darker and more intense than just shooting to kill. And I fear some of the goobers just might decide they have license to go out and put it into practice against unarmed protesters. The vast majority of them are in fact afraid of consequences, even now but some of these militia groups that you DON’T see out there on TV are in fact out there and they’re dangerous as hell.

  4. A “lot of good people”, supposed “christian” people looked the other way while the crematorium burned truckloads of children. The surviving Germans were so deep up Hitler’s rectum, the allies had to march their arses to the camps to see for themselves what they had participated in while remaining compliant & silent, you know like the republicans, the 2million black folks who were gerrymandered out of the system or just didn’t vote, the 93 million brain dead citizens who didn’t vote, and those idiots who voted for hill stein, etc. Stupidity has a cost. Fascism will be there to collect your lives, your children & your very soul.

    • Why do you think I’m no longer a Christian, Scott? Fascism is ultimately a self-destructive ideology. It needs an enemy to work and contrary to Eric Blair AKA George Orwell, there are moments it runs out of external enemies. That’s when the hunt for such becomes internal and NO ONE, however high, is safe at such moments. See the Twilight Zone episode The Obsolete Man for details.

      • I know nothing about anyone here. Just pointing out Germany was 90% “christian” & a democratic republic…ended with the holocaust. Of course the Jews went through that & now run an apartheid system since 1948, imprisoning & killing Palestinian children. As the book says, believe it or not, we are caught in the “devil’s bargain” as Joni Mitchell would sing. Keep up the dialogue. It’s when people go silent we are finished.

        • Silence is the worst thing that could happen right now, agreed. Thankfully, I doubt we’ll be hearing too much of that from here.

  5. All I have to say to the above is this, Max: what they want and what they can deliver have proven to be vastly different things. Vigilance on this front? Of course…it was, after all, a lack of vigilance that got us here in the first place. But we should NEVER mistake our worst fears getting the better of us for clear sight, which all of us, myself included, have done far too often these last three and a half years. THAT, I promise, WILL deliver us straight into their hands because we will no longer be able to see the danger. Look to Lafayette Square if you need a reminder on where courage remains.

    • Two things. One, I’m a believer in the “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” aphorism. Two: “Look to Lafayette Square if you need a reminder on where courage remains.” Don’t throw that shit at me again. I hope you’re VERY clear on that.

      • Wow…really, Max? I make a generic statement at the end and you take it as a personal insult? All I was thinking about when I wrote that was the fact that despite the tear gas, the flashbangs and the buzzing of that helicopter from the previous day, the numbers in Lafayette Square swelled to even bigger numbers the next day. Empty intimidation got beat back by people calling the bluff…that’s it.

        By and large, that’s what most of Trump’s “volunteers” will likely be. Las Vegas proved some will be serious (a point already made well over twenty five years ago with the Oklahoma city bombing) but most will be as inept as their idol. If talk is cheap, theirs come with a group discount.

  6. It pisses me off we had many patriotic soldiers die to keep that filth over there in Germany. Now if this bone spur coward they will have free run over here, he’s sadly mistaken. It’s time to trash this POS.

  7. This article is not for real, is it? It just cant be. Or youre DELUSIONAL. In fact, itd prove you racist. And downright stoopid.

    • If you were smart enough to actually click the links, you’d know it was real. Now fuck off, brownshirt. Your mommy needs her computer back.


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