Jared Kushner Still Can’t Get His Disclosure Form Right Even After 40 Revisions and Now He’s Mad


That security clearance that slumlord Jared Kushner needs in order to sell out the country serve his father-in-law properly is like the horizon, the closer he gets the further away it is. Plus, the bookkeeping is a little funny, with Kushner Companies claiming that the interest that it made in a given year on two loans exceeded the value of the loans themselves but bear in mind there is the law of finance and there is Trump finance and ne’er the twain shall meet. ProPublica:

The newly revealed errors center on a pair of loans that Kushner Companies made to projects at 215 Moore Street in Bushwick and 9 DeKalb Avenue in downtown Brooklyn.

Kushner’s disclosure suggests that these loans could have generated more income from interest in a roughly yearlong period than the entire value of the loans themselves. […]

A Kushner representative confirmed the errors, attributing them to data entry and accounting mistakes. The representative said the figures will be revised in the next annual filing, which is due soon.

The form has been updated at least 40 times since Kushner first submitted it in March 2017. Each update can contain multiple revisions.

Kushner companies took umbrage to the “updated at least 40 times” comment and offered this explanation:

Update, May 4, 2018: Kushner’s representative sent an additional statement explaining the updates to Kushner’s disclosure form.

Mr. Kushner has not filed 40 revisions of his disclosure report. He filed his report twice with the Office of Government and Ethics. The initial report was made on March 31, 2017 and, following the OGE review process, a second report was filed and then certified by OGE on July 20, 2017. An addendum to the report was later filed on January 3, 2018. Revising a report during the OGE review process is not uncommon, and the Integrity database will note a “revision” for each day in which a change has been made to the draft. The other 30-something revisions referred to in the ProPublica article merely refer to revisions to the draft working document that were being made in consultation with OGE so that the second submission could be certified.

So, he hasn’t filed 40 revisions of the report, he’s only filed 30-something revisions to the draft of the report, is that right? Whew, we feel so much better now.

This is not the first time ProPublica and the Trump administration have crossed swords. Then White House press secretary Sean Spicer categorized ProPublica as a “left-wing blog” in early April, 2017 when it published a report, stating that an unreported clause in Trump’s trust document allowed the president to draw money from his 400 businesses without disclosing it.

ProPublica fired back at Spicer, noting how they have always spoken truth to power and confronting Spicer with a few facts which apparently make him uncomfortable.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive and this administration doesn’t know how to do anything else.

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