James Carville, or “Snake Head” as he is known both at home and among Democratic fans elsewhere, is the immensely talented political strategist – perhaps the best since FDR employed Louis Howe – who helped propel Bill Clinton to the Whitehouse with the simple four word message “It’s the Economy, stupid”.

Last night he appeared on the MSNBC show The 11th Hour Without Brian Williams to dish some free advice to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

To paraphrase: Quit worrying who uses toilets that don’t work, teach your state’s children something useful like what effect of 87 degree seawater has on Florida, push away the fried chicken and mashed potatoes, get your ass to South Texas, hire some immigrants and bus them back to Florida where they are needed to clean up and rebuild post-Ian, and… you wind your watch and scratch your ass – not the other way around.

Oh, he also came up with a new mantra for Democrats “It’s the stupidity, stupid.”

Take it away James…

The full version here:

And here are some reactions to Acyn’s tweet:

Me too, April.






Ya think?


The consensus seems to be President Biden should hire Carville and make him the messaging Czar.

James and his Carvilleisms, with an able assist from Transportation Pete… I think those two could make a compelling case for Biden and us Democrats.

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  1. Well looks like James Carville, or “Snake for brains” is on TV stirring up shit he has no business or expertise commentating on. The guy is nothing but a paid democratic plant trouble maker.

    • Don’t you have anything useful to do with your time. You’ve got a better chance selling tooth brushes to chicken farmers than you of convincing people here to change their minds.

      Plus you do not offer alternative facts. What subjects is Carville wrong about? That 87 degree sea water is disastrous for Florida? That you need migrant labor to clean up the mess Ian left?

      Go do by something useful like putting wheels on miscarriages. You’re as welcome here as we would be at Trump rally.

      • Carville’s an idiot. It’s not too hard to figure out what’s he’s trying to say except maybe for you. I bet you there’s a million local and experienced people looking for work right now in and around that area. We don’t need illegal aliens taking up food, shelter and money for work. Try to figure things out before you post.

        • Again red, two words: roger stone. I haven’t seen you say boo to a goose about his…work, which is the same as Carville’s but from the other end of the political spectrum. Granted, Carville doesn’t walk around looking like a dumb-ass but they both do similar work. Carville also stays within the law which is quite unlike his ‘pube counterpart.

    • Must be hard using the few neurons rattling around in your empty skull to defend a,man who hates every Biden does but who demands the man he hates to hand over billions with no accounting for how it’s spent. He will likely take credit for that money, though. Typical.R.


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