Do yourself a favor. Don’t stick a pin in this one, stick a meat cleaver in it instead. Because you’re going to be hearing a lot more about it in the next couple of months.

Earlier today The Washington Post broke a story that the DOJ Mar-A-Lago team, led by Special Counsel Jack Smith, had gone into a federal district court and asked that the entire Trump legal team be found in contempt of court. This is a nuclear shot across the bow by the DOJ to the Trump Florida legal team that there’s a new sheriff in town, and they had better straighten their shit up and fly right.

Here’s the 1st good news. The motion was not filed in front of Trump’s divorce court judge, it was filed in front of the qualified district court judge that approved the DOJ request for the Mar-A-Lago search warrant. The filing refers to a May, 2022 court order demanding that the Trump team take all steps to ensure that all government documents were turned over to the DOJ. What followed was fatuous excuses, and bullshit assertions from the Trump legal team that everything Trump had had already been turned over. Which led to a court ordered search warrant that uncovered tens of thousands of documents, and a day or so ago, the discovery of two more classified documents in a Trump rented storage locker.

Those last 2 documents were only uncovered because the DOJ forced an independent search by an outside company of all Trump properties, because the Trump legal team couldn’t be trusted. And it turns out that they couldn’t.

This is why I was so gung ho about Jack Smith from the time of his appointment. Attorney General Merrick Garland is trying to repair the tattered dignity of the DOJ after KKKeebler the Elf and Tubby the Ewok. As such he has disdained from getting too actively involved in the J6 and Mar-A-Lago cases, leaving it to the lead lawyers in the locations. And as a result, the Trump Florida legal team was able to piss away more than 18 months because of a local DOJ lack of resolve.

Not now. Not anymore. Jack Smith is a career prosecutor with history in public corruption cases, as well as RICO cases, and even international war crimes cases. But more important is Smith’s mindset. Garland has a whole department to run, but Jack Smith is solely devoted to two cases, the J6 insurrection, and the Mar-A-Lago documents case. And he has the full authority of the Department of Justice behind every decision he makes.

And Jack Smith just put the Trump legal team in Florida that he has no truck for bullshit. This is a serious motion. And if the judge, who seems as frustrated with the Trump teams bullshit as the DOJ is, and if she finds the Trump team guilty of obstruction of justice, then all bets are off. From what I’ve been able to research, a guilty finding could levy sanctions anywhere from a verbal reprimand, to fines, to judicial referrals back to the state bars of the lawyers to the ultimate sanction, criminal contempt, which could lead the judge to actually jail the attorneys until she feels that they’ve learned their lesson. And let’s not forget, the only reason that we have an independent outside team searching Trump’s properties is that there wasn’t a single Trump lawyer who isn’t already lawyered up that would swear the DOJ has everything. They don’t even trust their own client.

Jack Smith is like a nun at an orphanage. He has just cracked a ruler across the knuckles of the Trump team to straighten up and fly right. But it reaches farther than that. You can pretty well bet that every attorney representing Trump or his cronies in the J6 investigation just got the memo too. No. More. Bullshit. And while we may not notice anything different from out here, I can pretty well guarantee you that the behind-closed-doors consultations between miscreants and their lawyers in Washington have a totally new favor and urgency to them. Because the days of running-out-the-cock are over. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s kicking ass and taking names. Don’t touch that dial.


I love this. It turns out that it’s worse than I originally thought. Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word just broke the news that the DOJ wasn’t satisfied with spanking Trump’s lawyers. It turns out that they named Donald John Trump in their obstruction of justice complaint today. If that’s true, it opens up a whole new can of worms for Traitor Tot. Because if the judge decides that His Lowness is guilty of obstruction of justice, the judge can sanction him with any dollar amount fine she wants on a daily basis until he is in complete compliance. Which will hit Trumpenstein where it hurts the most, in his wallet. There’s a closed door hearing on the DOJ’s motion scheduled for tomorrow morning. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. What do you expect from a coward, grifter and a con man.
    When will the maggot crowd realize that he is a con and takes their donations to pay for lawyers.

  2. They need to haul tRump into that courtroom and have him respond under oath as to where the rest of the government documents are hidden. This isn’t a scavenger hunt. It’s a criminal investigation. It’s time the courts and the DOJ started treating it as such. No more games!


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