When it landed with a THUD!, it landed almost exactly as I said it would a week or so when this nonsense started. Almost as if wishing to fly under the radar, in the middle of the televised J6 committee hearing today, The Supreme Court issued a brief statement announcing that they would not take up Traitor Tot’ emergency appeal of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturning Judge Traffic Court’s original ruling. The appellate court’s ruling stands.

The decision was a slap to the face for Trump on a couple of fronts. First of all, the decision not to hear the case was announced as without dissent. Not even Clarence Thomas could defend this blivet. And it makes perfect sense. As I wrote, Thomas was the natural one to make the initial cal, since the 11th Circuit is under his stewardship. And there’s no way that Thomas would want to arbitrarily shoot down Trump’s motion himself. That would put him in the immediate crosshairs of Hair Twitler and his insane mob. Better to let the entire court shoot Trump double barrel birds, and take safety in numbers.

The second slap is much more dangerous for Trump legally. Trump’s appeal to the SCOTUS was laser tailored. The main thrust was that Trump wanted the court to overrule the appellate court, and force the DOJ and FBI to give the 103 classified documents back to the Special Master for inspection and perusal. This would have delayed the DOJ and FBI from continuing to use those documents in their criminal investigation and damage report. The court’s ruling leaves the documents in the government’s possession, and available for use.

Here’s the 2nd part. After getting the emergency injunction for the classified documents, the DOJ went ahead and appealed the rest of judge Family Court’s ruling, asking for expedited treatment under national security. The court took the case and agreed, and filings were due today. And now that the SCOTUS gave the 11th Circuit a thumbs up on their initial ruling, there’s little risk that the 11th Circuit from cuffing the ambulance chaser judge like a cat with a ball of yarn, and have the SCOTUS overrule them on the more minor issues.

This is the critical takeaway from today’s decision. The DOJ is bombs-away for full use of the classified documents. Possession was the only issue in front of the court, the DOJ, or the Special Master? That is now settled. The other appeal is just overturning the entire decision and giving the DOJ possession of all 11,000 documents. But there are no other appeals that can take the classified documents out of the DOJ’s hands. Game. Set.Match.



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  1. It’s a BFD that DOJ can move on the classified documents investigation. However I think the bigger takeaway is something else you mentioned. The 11th Circuit slapped Trump down and hard on the classified documents, and while they were (to me at least) rather generous in their time frame when the granted the request for an expedited appeal on the broader case that might have been in part because they couldn’t be sure of what SCOTUS might do. With even Thomas going along with the one sentence order telling Trump in the politest of legal language “Are you fucking kidding? Fuck off and don’t bother us with any more of your shit because if you do we’ll at best make a show of waiting a few days to slap your ass down again!” I think from here on in the 11th Circuit is going to make like Special Master Dearie and move at a rapid pace. And politely tell Trump and his lawyers that engaging in the usual delay tactics he’s gotten away with all his life ain’t gonna fly anymore. Maybe even toss in some comments for the record about wasting the court’s time and sanctions if it doesn’t stop! SCOTUS, including the Federalist Society Fascists are secure in their lifetime appointments and don’t NEED Trump. In fact they (with the exception of Thomas) want him GONE! I think they are telling everyone everywhere, including at the state level where their jurisdiction doesn’t actually reach to stop putting up with Trump’s lifelong tactic of delay.

  2. I thing this rejection also sent the wind for clear sailing to issue a warrant for Bedminster too, and possibly the exhumation of cremated Ivana’s greatly oveersized coffin. Let’s see if DOJ goes for the extra point in this touchdown. Trump will keep as much as possible until the very end, if he can do it.


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