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How many times do we have to keep saying, GOD-DAMN! Now that oughta do it!? If cats have 9 lives, Trump is on what, 12 by now? But this time I think he inadvertently made an offer that even Merrick Garland can’t refuse.

First a brief precis. Following his electoral humiliation and failed coup attempt, Traitor tot started dropping some 10 gallon hints he was thinking of taking presidential papers back to Florida with him. Every single lawyer in the Trump west wing told him not to be an imbecile. Pretty much every piece of paper he touched, other than Charmin and picnic plates were the sole property of the National Archives. And they had a pretty good idea of what there was.

Of course, being an imbecile, Trump did it anyway. And the National Archives caught him of course. First they politely asked for their documents back. Then they involved the DOJ and FBI, who negotiated. And finally, in January of 2022, Trump returned 15 boxes of documents, advising the DOJ that that was everything. Of course it wasn’t. And at long last the FBI raided his schlock Mar-A-Mansion, and came out with multiple boxes of documents, including classified documents.

Ignoring the 4 separate criminal violations involved, Trump’s legal reptiles insist on calling the theft of classified information A paperwork storage dispute. There is no dispute. The documents belong to the National Archives, not The Mango Messiah.

But here’s where the wicket gets sticky. Trump’s K-Mart legal team has claimed that it’s basically a misunderstanding. Trump thought he would stay President, and as a result the packing took place in a matter of days, not weeks. Trump himself had no idea of what was even in the majority of those boxes. Kind of hard to have Criminal Intent when Presidential Stupidity will do just as well.

Not anymore. The Washington Post has broken new reporting in the last few hours that states that, in January of 2022, it was Trump personally who went through the boxes of documents, deciding what to return and what to squirrel away, and personally handled the packing. The report went on to say that in late February of 2022, The Cheeto Prophet requested one of his McLawyers to send a letter to the National archives, attesting that all documents covered by The Presidential Records Act had been returned. This particular lawyer had 12 functioning brain cells, and declined, stating he was uncomfortable sending such a filing with no personal knowledge of it’s authenticity.

Goddamnit, Now this oughta do it! The Trump defense team has repeatedly argued that His Lowness himself was ignorant of what was actually in the boxes. But the reporting shows that Trump knew full damn well what was in those boxes, since he personally went through all of the boxes, deciding what to return, and what to try to keep in secret. And the simple fact that Trump requested one of his lawyers to send a false document to the National Archives, stating that all documents had been returned when he knew that was false, indicates willful deception, which goes to prove guilty knowledge.

But here’s the keystone. The hardest part of proving a non violent crime is in providing Criminal Intent. Which is hard because the prosecutor needs to get the jury inside the head of the defendant, and show that he knew what he was doing was wrong, but went ahead and did it anyway. A perfect example is NY AG James civil suit against Trump and his company. She has to convince the jury that Trump knew that what he was doing was wrong, but went ahead and did it anyway, out of personal greed.

But in this case, Trump has gone out of his way to give Garland and his busy little legal gnomes a personal guided tour of his psyche. Despite the claim of ignorance of what was in the boxes, the simple fact is that Trump’s decision to personally go through the boxes to decide what to return or not return of the laundry list of documents the National Archives provided, is clear legal evidence of consciousness of guilt, if not when he opened the boxes, then sure as shit when he closed them. Trump was in violation of US criminal law, and knew it.

But more importantly, Trump’s personal perusal of the boxes of documents makes the issue of ignorance under the law a moot point. Even if Trump went into those boxes thinking that some of the documents inside contained Wendy’s receipts from long past Double baconators and fries, even a village idiot like Trump has to know that Wendy’s never stamped a receipt with Top Secret Secure compartmentalized Information on them. Trump didn’t create a single one of those documents, his National Security agencies did, and he has no proprietary right to them.

The Trumpster Fire has just given Merrick Garland his greatest gift since his Daddy slid 2 quarters beneath his pillow in return for a lost tooth. Because Donald Trump is a purely transactional, marginally functional village idiot, he goes through his days simply trying to survive the next news cycle, with no clear long term goals in mind. And if the DOJ and FBI are able to track down and bring to justice actual intelligent, well planned criminal masterminds like Ivan Boesky, Charles Keating, and Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump is like hunting tethered goats with a howitzer. Don’t touch that dial.


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    • Hopefully, the last idiotic meeting with, “Maga followers”, having people walk out because of his usual, “Poor Me, look at ALL the stuff we did”, antique, dusty, rotten 2-hour rants of insane, millionth time repeats … boring stuff for everyone that comes close enough to hear his whines and rubber face put-downs …

      This, “Donald Dumb-Ass”, crap keeps rising in more people’s GI tract, looking for explosive release …

      The Don-Con is self-destructing at an almost sound barrier breaking speed … His obvious errors have always been his folly of involving so many people in his massive web of lies, that he built into one of the most fragile tall building scams EVER … The Fakir’s pet cobra is lining up for a horrendous strike against his rotund being … so many loose ends of first-person witnesses, all arranged into charts of days, time of days, weeks, months and years, a sad display of self love, only a cruel, mental midget, malignant narcissist could generate and even believe his own lies …

      The giant bells of Christmas cheer are at a loss for power until this shit head gets his own stack of bright orange jump suits, rubber shoes and access to a polished stainless steel mirror in his own designated keep … It cannot come too soon at any rate …

  1. Perfectly summarized, with clear intent and purpose… J. Murphy’s malice is as potent as Trump’s was in stealing gov’t docs. One can only guess at Trump’s true motives, greed? revenge? blackmail, maybe all three?, but suffice to say, he had malicious intent when he “packed up the truck and moved to Magalago”

  2. Trump is a complete Idiot the American people fucked up to even Elect this man president.Trump belongs in jail to rot the rest of his life.

  3. He needed to be in jail with his crime family a long time ago.

    Where was the IRS, NY state and city tax dept. with his machinations???

  4. Why not sell ukranian secrets to putin? It’s a perfect plan. Perfect. Like the perfect phonecall to Georgia. The perfect traitorous plan to withhold weapons from Ukraine unless they participated in his fraudulent scheme. Like the perfect plan to get Russian help to steal 2016. As vonnegut wrote: so it goes.

  5. “Trump’s K-Mart legal team has claimed that it’s basically a misunderstanding. Trump thought he would stay President, and as a result the packing took place in a matter of days, not weeks. Trump himself had no idea of what was even in the majority of those boxes. Kind of hard to have Criminal Intent when Presidential Stupidity will do just as well.”

    A “K-Mart legal team?” Really? They don’t even qualify for that level. Have they never heard the old maxim, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse?” Also, a lack of “criminal intent” doesn’t really absolve anyone of their having committed a crime.

  6. More importantly than the updated evidence of the orange man’s guilt this was a well written and enjoyable read. Almost every paragraph had such witty flare that I was smiley and chuckling throughout the article.

  7. Still waiting Merrick, I’m still waiting. I’m wondering when you are going to drop the proverbial ton of bricks on former guy’s clueless head in the form of charges, etc. and when he is going to do the perp walk into the appropriate facility. And getting his ass in a jail cell is the only acceptable outcome–none of this bail crap since everyone on the planet with at least one working brain cell knows he’d skip town as soon as his shoes hit the streets if bail is posted.


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