We’re seeing a confluence of strange elements coming together right now, forming an alarming kind of political conjunction. MAGA is seeking to become more powerful as Donald Trump seeks to return to the White House. MAGAs’ “power” comes from right-wing media, and as we speak, Twitter has pledged itself to be the most powerful right-wing media organ on the planet.

Oh, yes. This is no exaggeration. Elon Musk has decided to reinstate the accounts of people previously banned under the old regime for hate speech and disinformation. Those same people are not only returning to Twitter on Monday, some of them partied this Thanksgiving holiday at Mar-a-Lago with the presumptive GOP nominee.

You saw the footage that Kanye West posted on Twitter Thanksgiving night, claiming how Trump “screamed” at him, and called his ex-wife filthy names. The tape also claims that Trump was “very impressed” with hate monger Nick Fuentes. Do you remember this guy?

He’s in Dallas this week. This is Nick Fuentes, ladies and gentlemen, who will soon return to Twitter. Get ready.

Is this how the GOP primary is shaping up, already? In the last days of 2022? WTF is going on?

Fuentes is a Nazi. He makes no bones about it. So now Trump is openly entertaining Nazis at his home over the holidays? And a mere week after he made his speech announcing his run for a third term?

You see what I mean about “confluence of strange elements?” We are all painfully aware that Mr. Pussygrabber, Shoot ‘Em On Fifth Avenue, got elected to office. Is this how he intends to conduct his last run for office, by utterly abandoning even the slightest pretense of decency or humanity and inviting the scum of the earth, accompanied by the mentally ill, to his Florida home?

Is the GOP going to do anything? Because if they don’t, then they are complicit. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. So if the GOP does nothing, in the face of this, then they are in fact ratifying it and saying it’s okay to be racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, holocaust denying etc.

If this is supposed to be a joke, it’s not the least bit humorous. It is a joke in terms of being ridiculous but it is not the least bit funny.

Silence is deemed acceptance. I want to hear what the GOP says. Right now all I hear is crickets. I would ask, “Where the hell is Ronna McDaniel with a statement?” and the ludicrous answer to that could well be, she’s too worried about Mike Lindell to do anything.

What is going on in America? Because on its face, it appears that the GOP presumptive nominee is running on the white supremacy aka Nazi ticket and I would like to have that clarified.

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  1. Call trump out? Turn a blind eye? Why would they? Despite the fact the red tsunami did not materialize, they still got the H.O.R. They still are calling the shots in more states than the democrats. They had all it all in 2017. They rode the kind of shit trump is doing, and have been doing, for a long time and have had some success with it. Take a real good look at the H.O.R. Tell me they have changed in some way besides saying the quiet things out loud. And doing the quiet things publicly. Sure, McConnell is whining but I’m not sure anyone in the party gives a shit. The shittiest people in our country have been given free rein to speak their shittiest thoughts and do the shittiest things. We’ve discovered there are millions of these shitty people in our country.


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